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April 19th, 2009
Important friends @ MAL
no order

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January 24th, 2009
Today I practiced a bit with my new Canon EOS 1000D. So I set-up a little photo studio with some cheap table lamps, a big sheet of construction paper and kitchenfoil to take photos of some figurines.
I think these are no pro results but hey, I'm a newbie in photography with DSLRs.
And I'm satisfied with my first photos.

Fate/hollow ataraxia - Ilya Swimsuit Version 1/6 by ALTER

Fate/hollow ataraxia - Saber New Costume Ver. 1/8 by Kotobukiya

Peace@Pieces - Hikaru Death Cloth Version 1/8 by ALTER

Himekuri 1/7 by Kaiyodo

Me109E-3 Luftwaffe Maschenung Fighter 1/9 by Fox Shuppan
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Since I haven't had a nice place to store my figurines, I went to Ikea last week to look around for a nice cabinet. I instantly found one. It's called DETOLF. That name sounds stupid... whatever. Who cares about the name as long as it complies with the demands.
Matter of expense: 39.90€


Took me about 20 minutes

I put all my big figurines in there
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January 20th, 2009
A list of concerts that I plan to go to this year.

  • 05-02-2009 Mindless Self Indulgence + Big Boy
    Ticket: Yes

  • 12-03-2009 Eagles Of Death Metal + Black Box Revelation
    Ticket: Yes

  • 16-05-2009 Robin Gibb
    Ticket: Yes

  • 18-12-2009 J.B.O.
    Ticket: No

    That's everything for now. :P
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    January 13th, 2009
    My long awaited Touhou - A Summer Day's Dream DVD arrived today.
    I was so lucky that I didn't had to pay any customs. That's pretty rare here.

    Front Cover

    Back Cover

    And here's the content:
    - DVD
    - Soundtrack CD
    - Illustration Booklet (including Background & Character Artworks and Storyboard)
    - 8 Postcards

    There are no special features on the DVD.
    As you may have seen on the back cover, the DVD is codefree and features optional English subtitles.
    So if you're able to get your hands on this DVD you musn't worry about the compatibility with your DVD player.
    Oh BTW: You should willing to pay a nice amount of cash for the DVD though. The cheapest DVD I found was 6900 Yen. But mine was a bit dearer. ^^"
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    January 11th, 2009
    Yup, I got new stuff to enlarge my collection during the holidays. I bought the most by myself but a few things were given to me by friends. Thank you for that.

    Canon EOS 1000D SLR Camera
    All the pics except of this one were taken with it.

    Companion Cube Plush Toy
    Given to me by a friend.
    It WON'T get incinerated.

    Lot's of japanese pastries
    Melon-Pan, An-Pan and Chocolate Coronets.
    Bought from a Japanese bakery in Düsseldorf.

    sola pencilboard
    Also given to me by a friend.

    Nagato Yuki - Metamo Figure 1/8 by Bandai
    Fuck, she changes the color when it's cold or warm!

    Nagasarete Airantou Vol.8 L.E. incl. Ayane Figure/Kamina Collectible Figure/Haruhi storm lighter
    Kamina and the lighter were given to me by friends (again)

    G's Magazine Festival! Vol.1 - ef deluxe box
    + Miyako 3D mousepad (LOL!)
    + Miyako Cellphone Pendant (w00t! You can clean your cell phone's display with the rear side)
    + Miyako & Kei Whateverthisis

    My updated Little Busters! Collection
    - G's Magazine Festival! Vol.3 Little Busters!-EX
    - Solid Works Collection 2.5 Little Busters!(with bonus figure. Fuck yes!)
    - Card Game
    - Poster
    - Opening
    - Kudryavka 3D(lol!) Mousepad (holyshit, that's Loli...)
    - Jigsaw 23x32 cm
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