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April 2nd, 2019
Anime Relations: Inuyashiki
Hearts - An anime/manga I love and treasure. Of course, some titles are of greater importance than others, but the feeling is still present.

Star - An anime/manga I deeply respect for its themes, messages, symbolism and overall "depth", even though I might not have enjoyed it.

Japanese goblin - An anime/manga I despise with every fibre of my being. I wish it had not been created for it always manages to make my blood boil.

Thumbs up/down - An anime/manga I enjoyed/didn't enjoy from start to finish. A title without the "thumbs up" had periods and components which didn't sit with me well, reduced my enjoyment by quite a bit or outright bored me despite the previous engagement.

Zzz - An anime/manga which, at best, bored me to tears and put me to sleep at worst.
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October 7th, 2018
Anime Relations: Inuyashiki
Inuyashiki - 1 time.

Ping Pong the Animation - 1 time.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - 1 time.

The End of Evangelion - 2 times.

Kenpuu Denki Berserk - 1 time.

Boku no Pico - 2 times.

Pico to Chico - 2 times.

Pico x CoCo x Chico - 2 times.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - 1 time.

3-Gatsu no Lion - 1 time.

Kill la Kill - 1 time.

Houseki no Kuni - 2 times.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - 1 time.
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