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January 9th, 2019
Anime Relations: Magic Kaito


I saw that someone made a spreadsheet for the 2019 Anime Watching Challenge and I wanted to try my hand at making one too.

How this spreadsheet works:

  • 'Useful Links' - I've added the links to various different challenge posts for ease of access.

  • 'Hyperlinks' - I've made links for each level of the spreadsheet. If you click each one it should take you to that level if you don't wish to scroll through.
    Note: If for whatever reason you add/remove rows in the spreadsheet, the level hyperlinks will not work anymore because they are tied to the cell they're in now. You can go into 'Edit Hyperlinks' and change them though.

  • Orange cells at the top - these must be filled out to be used in the top of the BBCode section. Remember to update these as needed.

  • The tables - this is where you enter your challenge information. Pay attention to the column titles; if you put information in the wrong ones the BBCode won't be created properly. For criteria that require information to be listed in the post, use the "Criteria #1" and "Criteria #2" columns - for many of the criteria, only one of these will be necessary, so you can leave the other one blank. For criteria that don't require extra information you can simply leave these blank.

  • Columns (G + H) - these are purposely hidden because they are optional and do not affect the BBCode; they are there only if you want to keep track of the # of episodes and episode length for the anime.

  • Column N - this is what you will eventually copy and paste into your challenge post, and it takes its information from the tables. I've colour-coded the BBCode sections to help identify which code is for which level and numbered it so that it's easier to find what code goes with what criteria.

    If you are posting all the challenge levels, simply copy and paste column N. If you are not posting all of them, copy and paste the BBCode for the levels you want, AS WELL AS the three rows of BBCode in column U. Don't forget to remove the criteria that you are not using for each level.

    PLEASE double check your post periodically if you are using this spreadsheet, and especially before you turn it in; I am not perfect, and there may be a few errors here and there.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me. If something isn't working properly, please let me know and I will try to fix it.

    Hope this helps some of you ^^

    Got any suggestions for templates you'd like to see? Let me know!


I'll keep a list here of updates that I do in case you have an earlier version of the spreadsheet with some errors:

Edit: 01/21/19 - Hyperlinks were broken for challenge levels, so I updated them.
Edit: 01/26/19 - When no information is entered into the spreadsheet the url part looks a little clunky, so I cleaned up the code a little bit.
Edit: 02/21/19 - The extra information for N.27 wasn't formulating properly, so I tweaked it.
Posted by Aeradae | Jan 9, 2019 9:14 PM | 3 comments