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February 23rd, 2009
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February 6th, 2009

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January 11th, 2009
Anime Relations: Princess Tutu
'Princess Tutu' is probably the cutest anime I've watched last time. It's so sweet and magical, just like a fairy tale! Maybe bcuz of all the short stories at the beginning. But there is a special climate in it, too. I had no idea I would love an anime about dancing but the ballet is so nice.

I started to watch the serie after reading an article about it and seeing one of main characters - Mytho. Yeah, he's pretty cute! He seemed to be very nice and I decided to see how he was. I was right, he's so fine. And poor, too. I mean, it's so sad when you don't have your heart and know absolutely nothing about human feelings. And the Ahiru appeared! Oh my, she's so damn funny! xD I love how and what she speaks, I laugh out loud everytime when I hear her voice. As far as Fakir is concerned, I didn't like him at the beginning but later I just loved him! He's my very favourite character from the serie. Maybe bcuz of his green hair. I mean I noticed I love green hair male characters. XD But yeah, I really love him, he's so cute and smart. And also so amazing, so brave as the Knight!
I'm sure I hate Drosselmeyer. Man, he's horrible! Actually I'm scared of him. His stupid laughing makes me much scared, it's not nice for my ears. And Rue... Umm, well, Rue is a moron, so you know... ^^

Yeah, I really like the anime. I would rahter there more dance were bcuz I mainly see only frames of it. But it's okay, too. I like the story and music as well. I like all references to 'Swan Lake', it's makes the anime much cutest. I love it, I just love it.

In the future - this year, hope so - I'm going to cosplay Princess Tutu. I'm so excited bcuz my sister will be my own Prince! My little dream is finding anybody who could cosplay Fakir as Knight for me. *_* And Princess Kraehe as well, it would be so cool to be part of a cosplay group of characters from the serie...
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November 1st, 2008
Anime Relations: Hikaru no Go
I've never supposed I could like an anime as much as I loved 'Hikaru no Go'. I had no idea about the game and still don't remember all the rules and names of all the moves etc. But it doesn't matter! I'm charmed by the anime and this is the point!

Actually, I've always liked animes like that. I mean, about various games which I didn't understand or they were totally crazy and a kind of strange for me. There was a time when I watched every episode of 'Beyblade' (Kai was absolutely awesome; and he still is) or I wanted to know what happened next to Shobu from 'Duel Masters'. Yeah, I really liked such animes. That's why I'm not surprised I got like 'Hikaru no Go' so much.

Every next episode of 'Hikaru no Go' makes me much interested in the serie. I wonder what happen to Hikaru and how everything goes with Sai. I can't wait to see what Akira does and how Mitani behaves. Yes, they are my favourite characters in this anime. Mitani is just awesome! I like his style and how negligent he behaves and wears. He's so cute and so self-confident. That's why I love him so much!
The next one is Akira. Actually, he should be the first one, cuz he's the best! xD I love him from the first episode! Honestly, no idea why, but he's made me interested in him. I like his attitude to Hikaru/Sai. He wants the rewange so much! He'd do everything to understand why things happened like they happened! And his funny clothes make me smile, too. Yep, he's a very awesome character.
And of course I love Sai so much, too! He so crazy, he's so funny, he's so happy he can play go with Hikaru! I love his happiness, his smile and his childish behaviour! It's so sweet. But sometimes he can be reallyirritating when he becomes so serious...
So what about Hikaru? At the beginning I just liked him. He was a nice guy who learned to play go. But later I noticed how great he is, too. Maybe bcuz of his attitude to all the things connected to go. I love his relation with Akir. They both are so amazing as rivals. Oh yeah, I love Hikaru as well as others. But Akira still is my first one. ;)

I haven't even noticed when 'Hikaru no Go' bacame one of my very favourite animes. Who knows, maybe the serie is my very favourite one...?
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October 5th, 2008
Anime Relations: Naruto
10th of August 2008. That day I started to watch the anime 'Naruto'. I've never supposed I would like it. Me? Being fond of the serie? But that's exactly happened. Actually I've seen a few episodes earlier but haven't really liked them. Only two months ago I started watching from 1st episode, later saw 2nd, the next one and so on. I didn't even notice when I liked the serie. Now I spend my money for the manga. Yeah, that's very unbelievable. Me - a fan of 'Naruto'! I just can't believe.

My favourite characters? Oh, I really like a lot of them. Before watching the serie - just by hearing aboiut it and seeing trailers, pictures etc. - I liked Ino. Actually I have no idea why. But now I still really like her, she's so funny. Later, when I saw the 'a few episodes' I wrote about, I started to like Shikamaru. Oh my, he's totally awesome! I very, very like him, he's just amazing!
And then was the day when I started to watch the anime from the 1st episode. And now I can say my absolutely favourite character is Sasuke! I've always loved such characters like him. Such a mysterious, evil in a good way character. I idolize characters like him.
Later Gaara has appeared. And I love him so much, too. Because he's also so mysterious, so gloomy, so fantastic! Yeah, I like him as much as Sasuke. But Sasuke still is my very top one.
Well, I can say I like Naruto, too. I've always thought he's so stupid and foolish. But now I think he's just funny. Yeah, I like him for sure. And another fave is Kakashi cause he's also makes me smile when he appeares.

Yes, I'm gonna watch the serie to the last episode. There is still a lot of time to the end. And I'm a little scared of 'Naruto: Shippuuden'. I've seen photos from the serie and I'm not sure if I like the appearance of characters. By the way, Sasuke has awful clothes in the serie. Bleh.
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