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October 27th, 2010
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February 4th, 2010
The Military Club - Lots of Military based Anime and Manga out there, so a place discuss them could be good and it would also a good place for people to debate the relative merits of military equipment, tactics, etc. I was just in the Ecchi Squad club and for some reason people there were discussing the the relevance of Main Battle Tanks on the modern battlefield.... In the Ecchi Squad... So clearly there could be a need for a place where such topics wouldn't be considered "off". Club relations of Military Anime would be easily set up as it is a search category, and recruitment through members who rate those shows highly would also not be difficult.

The Motorcycle Club - There is one, but the admins never put any effort in and have basically abandoned it. Based around shows that feature Motorcycles and characters that ride them, it pretty much puts itself together from there. As a start, for character relations, you can copy my entire list from the Scooter Girls Club, since as I'm sure you know, all Motorcycles are not Scooters, but all Scooters are Motorcycles. Recruitment through people who favorite Motorcycle riding characters and highly rate motorcycle themed anime would surely gain you quite a lot of members. Plus the club would be a good place to discuss real would Motorcycles.

The Space Opera Club - Legend of Galactic Heroes, Macross, Heroic Age, Seikai no Senki and more. All big, epic, grandiose, melodramatic Sci-Fi works. People who like one are likely to like one or more of the others. A club dedicated to these shows would promote debate about which is the best, what deserves to be in the club, and in fact what exactly a Space Opera is. If you read the Wiki, you'll see it's been kind of a moving target. Recruitment through members who rate the shows highly should be successful.
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February 3rd, 2010
I have all these ideas for clubs, but unfortunately having created three clubs and administering another takes more time than they need devoted to them already, so I present these ideas for anyone to take and run with.

The Cool Car Club - A club celebrating characters with cool cars. For example, Speed Racer with his Mach 5, Claudia McCunnen from Phantom with her Ferrari F40, Kitsurubami from FLCL with her FIAT 126. The characters would have to have more than a passing attachment to the car, a sense of real ownership, or that it is theirs to use on a regular basis. Just a quick joy ride in in something nice wouldn't really count. Whoever admins the club would have to be a person with an open mind because a cool car is in the eye of the beholder, so it can't be someone who would deny say, Gunsmith Cats' Irene Vincent's Shelby Mustang because they think Ford sucks. It should be left up to the members to suggest characters with cars they like and then the comments area or forums could be used to debate their relative merits. Recruitment could be done easily by inviting people who have favorited the characters in the club relations.

Musician Clubs separate clubs collecting characters who are musicians with specific instruments. For example a Bass Players Club featuring Mio from K-On!, Haruko from FLCL, Nagato from Haruhi, Shin from Nana, Taira from Beck, ect. I mean how cool is that list just off the top of my head? And of course you could do the same for guitarists, drummers, pianists, singers etc. A good number of the people who play the instrument that the club is focused on are likely to play it themselves, so the forums could be a good place for like-minded people to discuss their real-world adventures in musicianship. Again, recruitment through the favorite character makes getting membership easy, and you could also search profile pages for people who play those instruments (example).

The Manga Coloring Club - There kind of is one, but it's pretty much dead. Lots of people like to color Manga as a hobby, so a club where people could share their work and help each other with techniques could be a very good thing. Plus to keep activity up, there could be a monthly coloring competition where members could compete in coloring the same Manga Page. Members would make submissions and vote on which one is best, and the winner of each round could choose the next page to be colored. I think well led, this could be a very active and fun community. Recruitment can be made through searching profiles and the forums for references to Manga Coloring. It's not unusual to come across people who use colored Manga as profile pictures, so they become obvious targets for recruitment as well.

I've got more and I'll post them as I can.
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