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October 30th, 2018
Anime Relations: Lost Song
Grandiosity is a real problem when it comes to comparing apple to apples. One may be more rotten to the core than the other, but even a seemingly good apple can have a worm in it.

We can have good qualities to our character, that are held valuable and acceptable to ourselves and each other - or we can hold negative qualities, or "worms" in this analogy, that can be damaging to everyone involved. Sometimes, the worms rot the apple from the inside; or someone, in turn, takes a bite of the desecrated apple and spits it out. Or maybe, they'll get sick and die with you. Either way, the apple rots. It's memory is not forgotten, but it isn't a good one to those who have tasted it.

Good apples can feed a village, or make full the belly of one. An apple with good intentions can spread their seeds, and make trees out of them for others to feed on. People who eat good fruit continue to strive forward with newfound taste in what is good and satiable. Although, sometimes the good apple is left to hang on its branches until it falls unto the ground. Either way, the apple rots. It's memory is not forgotten, but it forever strives on in the memory of those who have tasted it's goodness.

We're all the same, but the branches of morality we hang off of are different...but even then, what could be said about the fate of the apple who hold unto those morals?
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August 30th, 2018
Anime Relations: 91 Days
It is the superior flavor. Prove me wrong, son.
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August 28th, 2018
Anime Relations: 91 Days

I was totally unsure of what to call my first blog entry, but Afroman saved the day.

Anyway, now for the opportunity to shower my thoughts. Well, my weekly thought bubble for the day would have to be on how big whipworms are. You know, the little parasites that infest your household pet? The lethal kind, yeah.

Our dog just got diagnosed with that, but he's cool. We got the meds. But seriously though, those things are the size of a match...that's crazy. To think those bastards were feasting on the innards of our sweet pupper.

Like, I couldn't fathom having worms like that. I mean, pinworms are something but longish worms are eh.

Aside from that, I've been procrastinating a ton. Need to apply for financial aid and re-enroll in my classes. Clean my room. Not to mention finish 91 Days. I don't get it. I can sit here and listen to Ludacris and have the time to make me a bologna sandwich with a side of chips; but not the time to continue my eduction and finish an anime that would literally take me an entire day to finish! My priorities are not straight - I'm a fraud!!

Whatever, man.

Welcome to my world, motherfrickers. Good luck to ya.

Bee tee dubs, the whole relating your blog to an anime is ridiculous. Not every entry is about anime, bro. Maybe, I want to talk about my life every now and again, son. But nah, I ain't gettin' that. Ya hoes. I literally thought I lost all my thoughts. I was not gunna write another blog entry! >:[

No, but seriously. peace out.
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