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May 22, 2011 5:56 PM
So this is my second blog on anime music and this time it's a favourite anime ENDINGS list. I hope you will like the choices I made.
I will be refreshing the list every now and then to make new adds or change positioning of the songs.
Always feel free to leave your comments about it!

Enjoy! :)

No 1
Kuroshitsuji II ED 2
Song Title: Kagayaku Sora no shijima ni wa
(In the Stillness of the Shining Sky)
Artist: Kalafina

Since I love this song so much and the lyrics I found translated weren't
exactly correct, I thought I could try out translating them myself.
It might not be 100% right, but at least I tried to share the feeling of the song,
staying accurate as much as I could. Hope you'll enjoy them! :)

This is by far my most favourite Ending of all!
The lyrics are BEAUTIFUL, I love the emotions coming through them!
I play this all the time in my electric piano, it's such a sad and deep
emotionally theme! <3
It actually played only in two episodes of the show,
in the end of ep8 and the last episode. This one is taken from episode 8.
The character depicted on the animation is a very troubled one,
with the name of Alois. I came to like this character no matter his many flaws,
because behind all his spoiiled brat facade, he was just a small,
troubled and unloved kid.
Kuroshitsuji II is so different from the first series, introducing two new main
characters, but at the same time it's so great in many levels!
And this particular episode, that the certain Ending played, is probably my most
favourite anime episode watch till now!
I'll just say that at the end of this episode I felt like I had watched a small anime
version of a Greek tragedy, I was left shivering and crying..
I love it when anime can bring out so many emotions from me, and that's
my answer to those shallow people saying anime is cartoon for kids.
Well watch this episode and then dare say it again!

No 2
Kuroshitsuji ED 2
Song Title: Lacrimosa
Artist: Kalafina

*goosebumps* I don't know.. this show just has the best music EVER!
I mean this is MAGICAL!! I'm posting the whole song,
simply because the whole song is SOOO worth it, and the audio quality of the video
is much better there!
As soon as this ED kicked in I was extatic, it fits this anime's darkness and creepiness,
mystery and despare! Sorry if I sound too emo now, but I admit that
I love everything that digs far below the surface.. deeper and deeper and touches the soul..

No 3
Shiki ED 2
Song Title: Gekki Reijin
Artist: Buck-Tick

Now, this is what I call ART! This ED has so many symbolisms concering the anime's story!
The flowers going from red to white.. coloring the water.. everyone sinking inside..(ok i won't say more)
This is just genious! And Buck-Tick have this unique sound to them that sets them
apart from all the mainstream norms.
For some reason their sound reminds me of music from the 80's and
specifically a song called "Everything is Coming up Roses" by Black.
It has this same feeling of nostalgia in it, which makes it so appealing and mysterious!
Loved this anime, adored its music (it's BGM too!) and this definately deserved
a place here!
(it's so hard to find the actual ending video on youtube.. :/ )


No 4
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette
Song Title: Houseki
Artist: Marina Inoue

A beautiful gothic love story!
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette is an anime consisting of 3 OVA episodes.
There were enough to win me..
This ED is just a picture and credits floating, but all the "visual orgasm"
of the OVA just "asks" for a simple setting in the ED theme.
It lets you listen more to the song and picture again what you just saw
on the show.

I love depressing songs, they talk to my heart more than
all the happy, lovey dovey stuff together.
This anime is dark, multi-layered, depressing, mysterious, artistic,
uncommon, so not for all tastes. Watch with the knowledge of that!

No 5
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Song Title: Magia
Artist: Kalafina

Bittersweet as the anime.
Yuki Kajiura together with Kalafina created magical music.
This ED though is a tad different from their usual sound, which I love.
The violin gives it a beautiful vibe.

No 6
Song Title: Yasashii Yoake
Artist: See-Saw

Sit back, close your eyes, remove all bad thoughts and simply enjoy!
Since I haven't watched the anime yet, and the ED sequence
doesn't ring a bell to me, I'm posting the whole version of the song, which is
TONS better than the cut version. This song holds some traditional elements
of japanese music, it's both calm and dynamic and makes me dream on..
It has sooo many instruments and so many different things going on in it,
it's so fascinating!

No 7
Song Title: Michiyuki
Artist: Kaori Hikita

Beautiful animation and voice!
I didn't enjoy this anime much, mostly cause I disliked one of the main
characters, although I'll admit the story as a concept was interesting and
I do enjoy BL most of the times.
Still, this ED song and animation alone are beautiful!! The water effect,
the butterfly, the floating japanese letters, together with the singer's voice
and the calm piano playing, makes this, one of my Top favourites.

No 8
Song Title: Wind
Artist: Akeboshi[

Naruto... aaw!! This ED has this childish, inoccent feeling in it!
It's the only one I really enjoyed from the series, and it's the most true to it!
It fit the show at that time so much! The animation of it is amazing,
like a child's drawing or a world through a child's eye!
Also it reminds me of japanese music again with the beautiful music from the
wind instrument and the rythmic wooden tap. It's both motivating and moving!

No 9
Gosick ED 1
Song Title: Resuscitated Hope
Artists: Komine Lisa

Nice visuals and magical tune!
I have only watched the first 2 episodes of this anime. The setting is great
and the premise of the story too, but the characters tend to cliché..
In any case, the animation is beautiful and so is this ending song!
I love the melodic sound of it, and also the singer's voice which,
although female, it is deeper than usually (yay!).
Overall the ending alone as a watch is very artistic and nice!

No 10
Vampire Knight
Song Title: Still Doll
Artist: Kanon Wakeshima

Like a music box..
I was never a big fan of this show, mainly for how stupid I thought the
main female character was.. her course of thought, the choices she
kept on making, her whole behaviour *argh*...
Anyway, the ending is so beautiful, like a music box.
Kanon Wakeshima is the same singer-cellist that covered my favourite
Shiki Opening, she's just a really talented artist!

No 11
Death Note ED 1
Song Title: Alumina
Artist: Nightmare

Lonely trickster..
*wow, this is really hard to find on YouTube..*
This is the ending by Nightmare (I love this band!) I think this song fits
with the mood of the show perfectly!
It has a feeling of sadness and regret, enhanced by the lyrics.
The animation is cool, showing how all things have two sides-worlds,
here Light's true "colors" through reflections, being the "lone trickster"
as the lyrics accurately point out. Well, literally they say "the trickster
that doesn't know loneliness, but come on!
We all know that this is the one world, not the true reflection!
Light IS lonely..!

No 12
Angel Beats!
Song Title:Brave Song
Artist: Aoi Tada

What a calm, sweet song this is!
I love how it fits the mood of the anime!
The background is a picture of the characters appearing
one by one and I think it's perfect! It highlights how they started
all alone and how they created all those bonds with each other.
A great anime, with lots of actions, clever humour, drama and love.
I think it has many things for every viewer to watch and like!

No 13
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
Song Title: Ashita, Boku wa Kimi ni Ai ni Yuku
Artist: Wakaba

*BL WARNING! ;D* <33
Aww I know this anime is full of cliché, but as the song says..
"I came to love it!" What can I say? I'm guilty of enjoying my BL!!
The song is very light hearted and so sweet!!!
I love it, and I like the animation for it too, mostly the soft colors
and some blurry transitions of the clips. (lol.. the video editor
inside me speaks now! xD)

No 14
Darker Than Black
Song Title: Tsuki Akari (Moonlight)
Artist: Rie Fu

So sweet and peaceful!!
I love how the animation is just some flowers moving and
the main female character on the background just standing
there staring to the horizon or whatever she's looking at..
It's just such a calm song and view, I love it!!

No 15
Bleach ED 17
Song Title: Hitohira no Hanabira
Artist: Stereopony

Let's pump it up a little, shall we!?
This is the ending of Bleach that played (for those of you who might know)
in a part of the Huecco Mundo arc, and the only one I left playing
after the end of each episode.
Those episodes had this as an ending, "Velonica" as an Opening
and for me Bleach back then was at its very best!
*brings back exciting memories*
I love this song, it has japanese elements in it, you can hear it
in the harmonies of the melody. I love that mix of old and modern.
The animation is funny, with all the characters presented like that,
floating around the scene. I don't like Ichigo's stupid face at the end,
but that's a small minus..

No 16
Song Title: Don't say "Lazy"
Artist: Yoko Hikasa

Woooh!! I luuuurve those beats.. YAY!!
I didn't like the anime much, too much silly fluffiness for my liking.
But this Ending is cool! I like how the characters are "introduced"
throughout the song, like we're watching an actual rock show.
The song is KICKASS!! Love the bass, drums, everything music-wise is yummy <3

No 17
Kimi Ni Todoke
Song Title: Kataomoi
Artist: Chara

What a voice!
I am NOT a fan of this anime. Don't let the "kind" smile of that girl
fool you, cause she is plain stupid, so much that feels unreal!
...can't stand her! The rest were pretty much ok, but only average.
BUT.. this song is amazing, I love its sweetness, and the warm voice
of the singer! It's beautiful!
I couldn't find the ED version, so I'm putting the whole song.

No 18 ED 1
One Piece
Song Title: Memories
Artist: Maki Otsuki

So positive and calm!
I love this melody and the simple animation. It reminds me
of the good things of friendship, making dreams and
travelling around, staying young.

No 19
Song Title: You Won't See Me Coming
Artist: Jean-Jacques Burnel

Like a painting..
I love the animation of this. It's like so many paintings in one frame,
same feeling as that of the whole anime. I also like
the music, it has many elements in it, it makes it exotic and
adventurous, as the anime based on the story of the
Count of Monte-Cristo.

No 20
Song Title: Danzai no Hana
Artist: Riyu Kosaka

Epic dark metal themed Ending..
Although I've watched half of the anime so far and I found it only
average, its music I must admit is amazing. Proof is this song,
it's a mix of some genres, mostly reminds me of some
gothic-metal bands, which I usually like listening to,
and it has come out amazing as a whole.
The animation is also good, I like how the petals flow through the sceen.

No 21
Code Geass R2 ED 2
Song Title: Waga Routashi Aku no Hana
Artist: Ali Project

My Beautifully Elegant Flower of Evil...
Ali Project also did Rozen Maiden.. they have a very distinct sound,
I just love their music. It's like the title say.. elegant, beautiful, like
a magical spell. The first picture of the ED is simply amazing! With
Lelouch as a demon, curved in the arms of an angel CC. And that
bright red in the background creating such intensity!

No 22
Gundam 00 ED 2
Song Title: Friends
Artist: Stephanie

Friendship and bonds..
That's what I feel this song is portraying.
I haven't watched the series yet, but I plan to soon. I think this song might
play higher on my list when I do that..
I love how positive this song is, the power of the singer's voice is amazing,
the guitar playing sounds great, and the anime looks very interesting
through the video! I know it's mecha and all, but the video is cool.

No 23
School Days ED 4
Song Title: Waltz
Artist: Itou Kanako

bittersweet.. like the anime
I liked this anime, a lot! Was it irritating?...yes it was tons! Did I want to punch
the main guy sooo many times? YES! That bastard!
Did I want to break something while watching it? yes I did..
Still.. this anime behind all that, was very true! Sorry to all the guys
out there, no offence really, but i'm afraid that it depicted how an average guy
thinks of relationships and girls nowadays. I'm not saying everyone is
like that though, no! And I hope I'm generally wrong, but yeah... good anime. ^.^

No 24
Bleach ED 24
Song Title: Echoes
Artist: Universe

Starts sad, ends bright...
I like how it's all kinda sad in the beginning and then it turns out
more positive. I also like the opening scene with Inoue walking
slowly towards Ichigo and the camera's movement. I'm not so
fond of the "scan" thing in the rest of the scenes, but overall
it's nice..

No 25
One Piece ED 2
Song Title: Run!Run!Run! [TV Version]
Artist: Maki Otsuki

I really love this ending, for how happy and positive it is.
I love how it shows the characters when they were small,
moving forward and all. It is a very positive and funny song! :)

Thank you for watching!

Posted by JusticeUndone | May 22, 2011 5:56 PM | 8 comments
Alter_Entity | Mar 9, 2012 3:57 PM
Oh yes, how can I forget - the ending song for Steins;Gate - Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku (刻司ル十二ノ盟約)" by Yui Sakakibara (eps 1-21) - unbelievably good, and again fits perfectly with the anime and its mood. Also all the ED's for School Rumble are good as well. Cheers!
Alter_Entity | Mar 9, 2012 3:46 PM
Again a nice post, I'm surprised that the ending song for Ano Hana isn't on your list - it was a perfect song for the anime, the Access/Nowhere remix for it is really phenomenal. My other favourites ED's are "Mayonaka no Orchestra" (Aqua Timez) - Naruto Shippuden - one of the best songs I have heard and by far the best Naruto song (opening or closing); also "Waltz" by Suneohair in Honey and Clover - awesome song! Cheers!
Arthur | Jan 16, 2012 8:12 AM
Whoa, first of all, it must have taken time to write this as it has over twenty EDs and all with long descriptions + visually really nice post!

About the EDs: great picks. There's a lot for me to dig (sadly many of them are deleted and I'm too lazy to go find them from YT right now :P), esp music-wise great choices. I love Kalfina and it's nice to see them to take the first place. :)
JusticeUndone | Jun 15, 2011 10:01 AM
Thanks so much gilas and Camellia!!! I'm happy you enjoyed my choices and my comments! hehe ^^
YukiTsubaki | Jun 13, 2011 7:09 PM
O.O Really nice list! I haven't watched most of the anime, but the music is awesome! You can tell you put a lot into this, because the choices are amazing!
gilas | Jun 10, 2011 7:38 AM
There are really good and impressive endings among them, I especially enjoyed the Gosick, Bleach, hack//sign and Code Geass songs, which are under my favourites, too. It must have been a very hard work to select and order them, and the comments beneath them are very nice. Congratulations!
JusticeUndone | May 30, 2011 3:53 PM
Thank you so much Bill-kun!! :) I'm glad you liked my choices and I agree with your comment on each song. I'm also happy you like the style of the list, truth is it took lots of hours to make, but no need to feel bad or anyth, it's not so hard to do the BBCode thing if you practise a little, it only takes time! :)
billmurderface | May 29, 2011 10:50 PM
fine choices, as you always make. i especially enjoyed kuroshitsuji (fuck i really need to start watching that show), shiki, .hack//sign (good choice to post the full version), gosick (so dramatic!), vampire knight (could be in a tim burton movie), angel beats (rocks!), and claymore (i wanted to go to a concert when hearing that).

damn you put a lot of work in these. i'm jealous of how good it looks =D great job again.