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May 17, 2011 3:23 PM
I'll start keeping track of this since I got better at Photoshop (CS4.) They certainly aren't anything to brag about, though.

Profile Pics

I didn't do much with this. In fact, I can't really take credit for this since all I did was crop and add a border. Still, I had it as a DP.

This one I can admit to be pretty proud of. I guess you could say it's my first real DP that I made from scratch (well, I used a Kid Buu render and I didn't make the brushes.)


All I did here was feather the edges of a portion I cropped from a photo and add my user. I think it looks pretty decent for something that required so little work.

This is a big step up from what I'm used to doing. So, at the time I was pretty proud of it. I was just happy that I managed to add a few white boxes and lower the opacity on them. I know it may not seem too hard for people who are extraordinary at photoshop, but at the time I was still a little wet behind the ears.

I worked my tail off on this one. I'm certainly the most proud of this one seeing as it isn't just a simple rectangle with stuff inside. I've just got the hang of the pen tool and as you can see I've put it to work with Gohan and Kid Buu. I guess it was pretty simple when you think about it. It was just time consuming.

I'll add more when the time comes to update and what-not. If you like, drop a comment. Critique them if you like, I'd love to hear it.
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