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Mar 7, 2011 9:24 AM
Okay, so this is a bit of a weird blog post. I'm actually going to rant a little about another person on MAL. I just think they're kind of dumb. Said person goes by the username paganjihadist and he is a 30 year old "regular joe" on MAL. I would call him an anime fan, but he might get offended if I did.

Now, I randomly came across his profile from a thread about anime fans over the age of 25. I thought his comment was interesting (mostly because he was 30) so I checked his profile and saw this line in his "About" section:

i'm very picky about my shows. i also think that 99.99% of all anime is complete garbage.

Now this bothered me. I didn't really care that he called most anime crap. I can deal with that. Everyone has their own tastes. Whatever. What I did have a problem with was the percentage he gave. I ended up writing this on his profile:

Okay, I'm sorry to nit-pick and take things literally here, but you said you "think that 99.99% of all anime is complete garbage" in your profile. Do you realize what that percentage is?? According to the Encyclopedia on Anime News Network, there are 12329 anime in existence right now. Sure, there might be a few things that aren't in the Encyclopedia, but the list also includes entries that haven't even been released yet, not to mention some VERY old anime that modern fans wouldn't ever watch. But even so, do you know what 0.01% percent of that number is? Rounded down, it comes out to 1. According to your profile, only one anime in all existence is not complete garbage. Yet, you have 8 entries in your anime list which you have rated a 10, so at least 0.065% of anime is also Masterpiece material? And that's only out of what you've seen....

Sorry for the random comment, but your statement kind of bothered me from a statistical standpoint. Good day sir.

Yes yes, I get long winded sometimes. But it just bothered me. According to this guys list, he has actually seen at least part of less than 30 anime. That’s about 0.25% of the anime in existence. And out of what he has seen, he has only rated 24% of his entries below a 5. It just doesn't add up mathematically and it bothered me. Anyway, he then writes this on my profile in response:

i see that it bothered's obvious from your paragraph about my 99.99% thing.
i can't apologize for things i do or don't like. i also can't apologize if my 99.99% rating is an inacurate percentage . i see that we share some anime....some being the key word here. i also see that most everything i hate about anime is also in your favorites.

i don't think there is any reson to continue discussing anything further.

have a nice day

So this comment is the reason I'm even doing this blog post. He said he didn't think there was any reason for us to continue discussing anything, but it's just so dumb that I had to get it off my chest. If he didn't say that, I would have given him a counterargument on his profile, but he obviously doesn't want that so I'll just put it here. And I'll also go ahead and delete my comment from his profile and his comment off of mine after I post this. If he doesn't want to talk anymore, no reason for those comments to remain.

But yeah, I don't understand why he starts talking about "i can't apologize" and such. Did I sound like I wanted him to apologize?? I just wanted to point out that his comment was dumb. Oh, and it also bothers me that he has the statement "i am open minded" on his profile. Really?? He's easily one of the most close minded anime viewers I have ever come across. And also how he said, "i see that we share some anime....some being the key word here." Really?? Out of the stuff he's seen (29 entires), there are only 6 that I haven't seen yet (yet being the key word here). So I share 79% of his list. Yeah, we only share some anime.

But whatever. This guy is dumb and he'll probably never read this. Now time to go delete those comments and go on with my day. =P
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