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Jan 26, 2011 1:55 AM
Weeellllllll......what should i say about me?:
I am:
- a very funny person *i laugh at almost everything*
- a sociable girl <3
- using a dictionary right now to be sure i'm writhing things ok
- thinking about what to write :)
- whilling to help everyone who ask me politely :D

I like/love/adore/aime XD :
- musicccccc :X <3 ♥-♥ i'm kind of addicted to it XD.....nanana dududu lalala :)
- manga/anime of course :) :P
- pets.....i have a hamster *spritzy XD lol you won't know how to pronunce his name :))* (i had 2 parrots, 1 dog, 4 other hamsters XD...and still adding to the list:) )
- dancing *but just a hobby*
- applessss XD -red and veryyyy green apples- *drools*
- frills.... and flower patterns (on clothes)
- sunglasses ♥ *well in this enters all the accesories and stuf like that*
- small piercings and tattoos:)....*i own piercings for now XD*
- off course sooo stupid to forget the most important thing- JAPAN,CHINA....and their culture,things and traditions:) O_o
- this sign >x< & XD they look like hamsters:)).....sounds like i'm a hamster addict XD
- sweets :) who doesn't like it :)
- my friends XD love you guyssssss ♥
- my family <3....they are mine so of course i love them:))
- bubbles XD
- chasing
- beeing a small realy doesn't bother me ok I'm a lier XD sometimes it bothers me...just sometimes:)
- nail polish ♥ & my nails when are long :)
- girly stuf ;;)
- doodles notebook is full of them *whistle*
- writing passion & poetry ^-^
- other languages like: french,spanish, italian?, german:) etc.
- my Lg Touch Screen phone ♥
- the fact that highschool changed my life^o^

I hate/disgust me:
- annoying people X(
- bugs....kyaaaa *runs away* XD
- dust *bleah* because i have to clean my room if my mom sees dust XD
- mosquito bites T^T ... it's realy itchy
- people who talks too fast O_o *damn man i can't understand you lol*
- when my parents/friends don't understand ME XD
- when I have to repet myself X( annoying...
- when my mommy says somthing like: -"What will you do when you will be at your own house without have to understand already that you will have to cook, clean the house, wash the dishes,scrub the floor" XD....blah blahh blahhh blah XD.....ahhhhh X( and she doesn't stopppppp XD
- my chemistry teacher :( *i realy don't understand a thing from her X( *
- when I don't look how i want....ufff
- eating food that i don't like bleahhhhh :P
- onions XD
- breaking ups with my boyfriends X(
- that my parents don't buy me a new hair straightener XD

My fav. quotes♥:
-"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb..." ♥-♥
-"Live as if you were to die tomorrow
Learn as if you were to live forever..." :)
-"Take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lime, and a shot of tequila!"
-"Don't touch what you can't afford...":>
-"Smile with all you have!"

~Still adding~ :)
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