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Jan 18, 2011 11:32 AM
Anime Relations: Akira, Tenshi Kinryouku, Fruits Basket, Tsubasa Chronicle, Mushishi, Chocotto Sister, Sugar Sugar Rune, Nodame Cantabile, Detroit Metal City, Toradora!, Ga-Rei: Zero
I have a horrible anime backlog. By ratio I have an even worse manga backlog with nearly just as many titles On-Hold as I have Completed. And sadly more than half of the titles in my Reading and On-Hold categories have finished publishing. So this is pretty much a list of my personal top 20 manga that I need to go ahead and finish reading.

20. Batting Female Doctor Saori
Starting off with something that’s pretty obscure. A series about a female doctor who beats up her patients to cure them. Pretty amusing and it turns out that it is finished with only 2 manga volumes. I should just finish this thing off.

19. Chocotto Sister
A little less than a year ago I finally got around to watching the anime version of this series which was On-Hold for a while with only one episode watched. Now I should get around to doing the same thing for the manga. I really like the manga art a lot more, anyway.

18. Tokyo Akazukin
This weird disturbing series depicting a very twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood held my interest from the first chapter well enough that I decided to import all four volumes of the series. Sadly, I’ve still only read that first chapter.

17. Akira
One of the most well known anime movies back in the 90’s, I’ve always wanted to read the original source. Again, I’ve only read the first chapter.

16. Sugar Sugar Rune
A very interesting take on the magical girl sub-genre. I’ve read two of its 8 volumes so far. The rest lay unread on my shelf.

15. Girlfriend
One of my earliest scanlation reads, two out of the five volumes of this interesting almost-hentai series have been read so far.

14. Land of the Blindfolded
I read the first volume of this nice shoujo series a long time ago, like about 8 years ago. I borrowed it from the library and really liked it but never got around to reading any more. After it was announced that CMX was going down, I decided to go ahead and get all 9 volumes of the series. Still need to actually read them.

13. Heaven!!
Why the hell have I only read one of the three volumes of this short series when I have the whole thing on my shelf in English just waiting for me? I have no idea. I loved Power!! and really want to read more from its creator. Too bad Love Attack may never be finished in English. >_<

12. Nodame Cantabile
Another series whose future in the English language is uncertain. Nodame was one of the few series that I’ve actually been able to read and keep up with every time I got a new volume in English. But sadly Del Rey began delaying the series heavily and now that they’ve handed most of their titles over to Kodansha USA there has been no word on if they will be continuing the series, from what I remember. So yeah, maybe I’ll have to start picking this up in scanlation. -_-

11. Fruits Basket
I got a little more than half way through this 23 volume series before I ended up putting it On-Hold. It’s on my shelf just waiting for me like so many other manga.

10. Dragon Head
Here’s another series that I read from the library (the first two volumes this time) and ended up buying later so that I can read it all. Again, I haven’t even started reading my books.

9. Angel Sanctuary
Much like Fruits Basket, I read half of Angel Sanctuary before it went On-Hold.

It’s only 2 volumes!! I really should knock this series out. Even worse, I actually did copy editing for the scanlation of the first volume released by Kotonoha.

7. Nononono
Holy crap Nononono is finished?! I didn’t even know that until I was going through my list today to see what I should finish! Glad it didn’t go on forever. I wonder what the man behind Elfen Lied will be doing next?

6. Detroit Metal City
Go to DMC! I started reading a good amount of this series with the scanlations but now I’m buying it in English. Volume 8 of 10 is due out in March so I’ll probably just finish the series in English as it finishes.

5. Yumihari
Poor Yumihari. Such an unloved series. The series started in 2005 and wasn’t added to the database until last year. And it’s actually finished at four volumes but no one has updated it on the page. Personally I love Hitoshi Tomizawa’s stuff, but it seems like a lot of people don’t. Anyway, Yumihari was a casualty of Web Comic GENZO and I’m not sure if anyone ever cared enough to do a scanlation of what wasn’t released in English. Makes me sad.

4. Ga-rei
Ga-Rei: Zero was a pretty good anime and I wanted to continue the story. So far the original manga has been pretty cool.

3. Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
This is a bit of a tough one. I was reading Tsubasa as it came out back when its release first started. But as I read I realized that there were references to a lot of CLAMP series that I hadn’t read yet so I was going to try to read all of CLAMP’s old manga before I would continue with Tsubasa. I got one or two volumes into [url=[/url]RG Veda[/url] and fell behind. Pretty sad. So this spot isn’t just for Tsubasa, but for every CLAMP manga I haven’t finished which came before it. And with xxxHolic ending now that might as well be part of this, too. =P

2. Mushishi
Mushishi is a wondrous and beautiful series. Since it ended I’ve been trying my best to read it whenever I can. It has become my official travel manga for whenever I’m flying somewhere or whatnot. But I’ve still only finished the first 4 volumes? Lame.

1. Toradora!
And my number one isn’t even technically manga!! I’ve been wanting to read all of the original Toradora! light novel series ever since I started watching the anime. I need to know the author’s original ending to my number three favorite anime!!

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed my little list. Laters!
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spazirae | Jan 19, 2011 7:42 AM
Well, you know if you didn't have a g/f you would probably be able to watch more anime and read more manga!! I would like to read some more manga too! But where do we find time for that. Especially when we are so behind already on anime for last season and probably going to be the same for this season. >_<