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Dec 30, 2010 11:22 AM
Okay, so this isn't anime related, but it's something that has taken up a lot of my time lately. During my breaks at work or free time at home I've been thinking about and working on trying to convert the Eberron D&D class, the artificer, into the Pathfinder RPG system. You see, one of my favorite D&D campaigns was ran by my friend Dan. I played a crazy gunslinger girl named Anna who multiclassed into Artificer. I really enjoyed the class. Now we're playing our games using Pathfinder because it's awesome. But there has been no artificer class released for the system. So I've been trying to make my own. I can't tell you how many times I've re-written this damn thing. Its latest incarnation uses the Advanced Players Guide's Alchemist class as a base and I made adjustments from there. I think it's the closes I've been to making the base class correctly but it still has a lot of problems with it. A major issue is that it references the Eberron book a lot. I also think there are still a lot of balancing issues. Spell Imitation is probably a little too crazy, but I needed something that would make the artificer cool outside of crafting. Anyway, here's the class:

I'm actually thinking about giving up on this. I was searching the Paizo Messageboards for artificer tips and I think I remember someone suggested to just make a Sorcerer Bloodline instead of making an actual Artificer base class. I tried that, and it was alright, I guess, but still lacking. Then it came to me in a flash and I realized that an Oracle would make a much better Artificer class! So I made an Oracle Artifice Mystery. I think it's pretty good. It will be the next thing I post, along with the Sorcerer thing just for fun, I guess. =P

(Sorry to the anime people for all the tabletop RPG stuff that you may or may not understand)
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