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Feb 1, 7:22 AM
Anime Relations: Mushishi
Hello MAL traveler~

This is just a place for me to answer some questions I get often or to reply to some things I see on the forums. There's a limit of how many times I can answer the same questions over and over again so I'm just just going to do it this way. This is not 100% serious and since I do not control the time yet: The information here might be wrong by the time you read it and I might not have had time to update it. Maybe I didn't feel like updating it too! Who knows! This will also contain some of my opinions that might not represent the entire team and I'm not planning on writing like a robot so a bit of my personality will be mixed in here so don't take what I write badly. Even with all these disclaimers, I very well know that some of my words will be misinterpreted or used for situations they were not meant for, but that's fine as long as this little space can help a few people.

I'll start with just a few questions then add as I go. I may sound grumpy here, but I do like getting questions and helping people so if there's anything: Feel free to send me a message, I swear I don't bite.

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- How to...? -

- Moderators/Staff -

- Website Issues -

- Personal-ish Questions -

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