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Apr 28, 9:55 PM

The anime community has become larger than it's ever been. With the rapid growth of anime's popularity worldwide, more and more people are becoming part of this already huge community. 10 or so years ago, no one could've imagined that anime would become this massive and well-known all around the world. But unfortunately, there are a few negative consequences to this aspect, as well.

Since the community is gradually growing larger and larger, the number of toxic and hateful people in the community is also increasing. For this reason, the anime community is considered by a lot to be really distasteful. But in my opinion, although some people in the community do show obnoxious behavior in some cases, the same thing certainly can't be said about all of the community. There are a lot of admirable and delightful aspects about the community that are generally overlooked and neglected by the majority of the people. These aspects include but definitely aren't limited to:

👥Creating Friendships👥

The anime community certainly is a great place for creating friendships with people who share the same interests as you. As I said before, not all the members of the community are toxic. There are a lot of friendly people out there in the community with whom others can have a nice chat and discuss about their favorite topics without arguing. It's a great way to create genuine and long lasting friendships.

💬Discussion on Different Topics💬

The anime community is also a place where people can discuss about various topics with each other very passionately and wholeheartedly. People sharing the same interests can talk about their favourite topics and have a lot of fun doing so.

💂💃Diversity of the Community👳👱

People from most parts of the world are members of the anime community. As a result, the whole community is very diversed. Their preferences and other aspects are quite different to each other. I consider this diversity to be a positive aspect of the community. Because of this diversity, we get to know and learn different things about each other.

🎨The Abundance of Talented People🎨

This community is full of talented artists, authors, cosplayers, voice actors etc. These talented people get to show their talents on the anime community. This encourages them to try harder and helps them develop their skills and attributes. This also helps in developing the anime industry and providing it with lots of wonderful talents.

These are only a few beautiful things about the community that I appreciate a lot. There certainly are a lot more. People may call the anime community toxic and annoying as it has a few negative aspects, but it also provides us with a lot of optimistic things as mentioned above, and a lot more. That's why I really love this community and earnestly believe that it doesn't deserve the hate it usually gets.

Posted by IrrelevantGuy | Apr 28, 9:55 PM | 12 comments
nyugvo6 | Nov 9, 7:13 PM
I fully believe that arguments are part of the discussion. you can't meet this many people and expect to hugbox things out with everyone. how you handle the situation is the important part. as long as it doesn't result in calling names and whatnot, disagreement is welcome. people get fired up when it comes to things they love.
the only toxic people are those who don't like anime, therefore have no passion for it. you can spot them easily by their behavior. anime is a vast ocean of different genres, with something for everyone. yet they insist on bashing everything remotely japanese about them, only ever focusing on what they hate about it.
UnlikeTower | Nov 1, 9:50 PM
Love this
BannedAkko | Nov 1, 12:34 PM
Thumbs up to that!

Janeel | Oct 28, 6:37 AM
Good read, thanks for writing this
nerdgirl42 | Oct 7, 1:20 AM
Thank you for reminding me why I joined this site :)
ThatOneSpriter | Oct 6, 3:01 AM
Taking the time to read this, I think it's important that although this is ultimately simple--it serves as a reminder that there are people on the other side of the screen that has the potential to lift others up. You didn't have to make this blog post, yet you did--and I commend you for shedding some positivity. Basically treat others the way you want to be treated--and that's cool.

A lot of people can learn from having this sort of mentality.
JeForceX | Aug 27, 9:47 PM
Nice article and faith in the MAL Community has been restored! 😇
Hikki_Senpai | Aug 6, 10:11 AM
i am moved ^^
MourningDreamer | Aug 4, 8:11 PM
hi there irrelevant guy! i am on your blog and i am posting a comment! just want to show my support for you. i think this is a good blog. soooo cool! sonofabitch!
basileus03 | Jul 9, 5:28 AM
Ah it's ironic that even tho ur username is 'IrrelevantGuy' uve talked about sth really relevant here :)
Thanks for spreading ur optimism and shining light on the bright yet unappreciated side of the anime community.
TadanoMari | Jun 25, 4:11 AM
Thank you for being one of the more positive people in this community! You're really cool and I respect you LOTS!!
You showed me the good side of this community and made me feel glad I became a part of it. You even nudged me to check out the creative corner on the forums and I really liked it!! We had a nice and chill discussion about a topic I didn't think I'd get to discuss and you patiently read everything I wrote. Chatting with you is also fun.
I share your opinion on all you said. And you are also the biggest example of great side of this community. Thank you for being here. Thank you for writing this. Stay cool man.
funnystuff97 | May 11, 11:52 PM
I don't remember how the quote goes or who said it, but it goes something like "Look for the bad and you will find it. Look for the good, and you will surely find it." It's all a matter of perspective, and kind-hearted people like you are what make this community great. In every big community there will be a few sour apples, but that shouldn't detract how great the rest of them are!

Thank you for staying positive and for spreading the love. Stay awesome!
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