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Mar 26, 7:04 AM
Anime Relations: Fate/Grand Order
This is the five-hundred-and-ninety-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We return to Topaz where we left him last week. He's in front of his house with Ririchiyo and Cure Lovely, with Abigail Williams sitting on a throne made out of tentacles.*

: So your readers HAVE returned. I had thought that they would have escaped this hellish blog.

There's nothing hellish about my blog! Well, except for that one time that I transmitted it from Hell in Gensokyo but other than that.

: That's right. Topaz isn't going to give up just because you turned on us!

: I still can't believe that you were the one who was after Topaz the past month or so. Didn't living with him fill you with happiness.

: Do you really think that this loser could fill ME with happiness? He never even made pancakes!

Hey now, I'm too lazy for that. You're on your own for breakfast.

: Quick, win her over with a plate of pancakes.

: That will no longer work. It's too little, too late! For now I feel like crushing you and ending this blog immediately.

N-no! You can't do that! People look forward to these, and you'll never know what your score will be!

: Do you really think that I care about that? You'll probably just score me poorly for dumb mamocentric reasons!

Nonsense! I'm not as bad as I once was, and you'll be treated fairly!

: You can't honestly think that. Besides, you're the one that made me into a villain! Ygnaiih ygnaiih!

*With a snap Abigail creates portals filled with tentacles, writhing as they grasp at Topaz. He is able to evade, somehow, and they return to nothingness as the portals close.*

: What strange powers. We've got to watch out, as that looks extremely powerful!

It certainly is!

: I thought that this was a PreCure month, but now we've been invaded by a strange cosmic horror!

Well, I suppose that happens with a lot of their final bosses. Gods, beings from the creation of the universe, or some other powerful figure.

: But Abby was your friend! How could she turn on you!

: I was merely using Topaz, observing him in his natural habitat.

That and she's like a movie boss in that way. KYAH!

*Abigail sends more tentacles at Topaz, who barely avoids them.*

Hey, my readers don't want to see that sort of fanservice! Geez, at least pay Evard for the use of those!

: W-what?

: Topaz! This is no time for obscure references!

Then what is it time for?


You're no fun. But thanks to her being a villain I can introduce this week's blog by saying...

Today's girl is:

Abigail Williams
Fate/Grand Order

: Grrr, to think that I would have a page on this stupid website! And a link to the manga, even if you don't read it!

Being fair I still played through your singularity. Though as it's been a while it's possible that I've forgotten quite a few things...

: But that happens with most girls Topaz looks at, so you should be fine.

: No. I know that Topaz only does awful blogs! That's what... SHE said...

*Lightning flashes even though there's not a cloud in the sky.*

Nice effect. Very ominous.

: Thank you for noticing-wait, stop complimenting me! You're my enemy, so prepare to be destroyed! Oh Father, my god....

*Abigail raises her hand, but is soon knocked off her throne by a blue girl.*

: So this is where you are, Lovely. I've been looking for you ever since you transformed!


: And not the terrible Princess PreCure either! The good Cure Princess!

: Hearing you say that makes me feel really good, even if I know it's not THAT big of an accomplishment...

I suppose, but you're still amazing and deserve a lot more love than any terrible girl with Play-doh hair!

: Away with you! It seems that I'll have to take care of you first, before I deal with Topaz... Now, how about I send you to an infinite despair by-MMMPHH!

*Once again Abigail is interrupted by another Cure coming through, though this one is Yellow.*

: Sorry it took so long. I suppose that I was dragging my ass a little!

I can certainly understand why, what with how massive it is!

: Certainly!

*Abigail pouts cutely, at least for her current form, and waves her arms around.*

: ARGH! Stop interrupting my Noble Phantasm! I'm going to get you, Topaz! And all of these annoying Cures too!

Sorry, you must be thinking of most other modern Cures. These girls are awesome.

: Thank you for supporting our series as always.

Of course! You deserve a lot more credit!

: Please, you're honoring us too much.

: It's good to be humble, but if you keep saying how great our series is people might get underwhelmed.

But I just want you to get more people to watch your shows!

: Far too many people haven't seen our series, as it's not officially subbed. Such a shame, as then we'd at least get reliable times...

: Enough talking about the superiority of subs! I'll destroy you by-

*A Purple Cure interrupts Abigail's chant, knocking her to the ground. The young girl possessed by the cosmic terror has spiral eyes.*


: I'm surprised you didn't call it “Fortune-ate” that she arrived...

: It has been a long time, Topaz. I'm glad you were able to do all my friends' blogs, but now it seems that you're against a powerful elder god. I only hope I can help.

: I don't know. She does look unconscious...

: She's just stunned for a short time. Topaz, take advantage of this and start the blog!


Abigail has long beautiful hair, which I really like. It goes past her hips, and even the sides that hang from the front reach her waist or so. She does have a kinda wide forehead, lacking bangs due to the A-shape hairline in front. I like how straight the cut in the back is as well, showing that she likes having long enough to maintain a trim. Abigail is usually blonde, though in the last ascensions she has white hair instead which matches her paler skin tone as well. Of course, we can't forget about all of Abigail's decorations as well. She starts off with orange bows and black bows, as well as a cute small hat. As she ascends she gains a dark-colored witch's hat with bows and two plush bears on it and a blue brim. The brim turns red in her last ascension, and instead of bears she has a big orange bow instead. Abigail's various headwear look quite nice, and the Halloween-like colors fit with her estimated release as well as her witch-inspired real life counterpart. In various craft essences, which show the Servants in other situations, Abigail has other hair styles. These include a tall bun not completely unlike Rin from Yuru Camp, twin buns, twintails, and a maid headress and bun. Overall while blonde hair is a little overrated (especially as it's one of Abigail's signature features it seems) I do like how her hair turns white when powered up, the length of her hair and style is quite nice, and I like the variety both with hairstyles and headwear.
Grade: A-

Abigail has really lovely eyes, though unfortunately she doesn't wear glasses. Still, I do like how she starts off with half-closed eyes that slowly become more tsurime as she becomes possessed by an elder god. Her eyes also start out as blue, showing her American nationality it seems. However, in the second ascension onward her eyes turn red, and with the shape of her eyes becoming more aggressive it looks really sexy. I really like the red as it suits her pale colors and white hair really well. This might be more “face”, but the further possessed she becomes the more you can see her “third eye”, meaning the one in the keyhole in her forehead. I suppose I can count it here, as it is cool-looking, but I'm not big on the burning effect even if it doesn't seem to affect Abigail much. Still, I like how it only half-opens and it's a cool way to show how possessed she is. Overall I do like Abigail's eyes, mostly her later ascensions as the color of her red eyes are really great and I like the aggressive shape of them too. Such a shame that the craft essences don't show that version too much.
Grade: B+

Like many Fate/Grand Order characters Abigail has a lot of really cute expressions, which always help. She is a little quiet and possibly kuudere, at least before she's possessed, and thus doesn't show emotion in big ways but isn't exactly emotionless either. I like her small nose as well as her small mouth, at least most of the time (other than when she's shouting). She has a very cute smirk and perhaps has fangs in her third ascension (though due to being so possessed her final ascension shows her with pointed teeth). As mentioned in the “eyes” category she gains a keyhole in her forehead from her second ascension onward, which has some Lovecraft references that I don't fully get (it has to do with turmoil being the keyhole while Abigail herself is the “key). The keyhole becomes bigger in the later ascensions, complete with a burning eye, and it is also featured in her Noble Phantasm as bringing people to a realm without humanity. It's cutely bandaged in some artwork, such as her April Fool's version and the traveling outfit. Overall Abigail is really quite cute, though the main issue I have is that the big keyhole in her forehead; it not only brings too much attention to her exposed forehead but being used in her Noble Phantasm only brings it out more (though it is a cool Noble Phantasm, the first of its kind as it changes due to which ascension she's at).
Grade: B

: I'd rather you not talk about my third eye in that way, Topaz!

Really? I would have thought you'd be alright with it.

: I'm guessing that she's self-conscious about her “burning third eye”.

: It sounds painful!

: I'm reminded of that one time I ate the super-spicy curry. Zettai had to lick me clean and-

: Enough of that! No one wants to hear those types of things!

I bet Zettai does...

: That's not important!

: You're right! You have to explain to the people at home what “ascensions” is.

I suppose I should. It's kinda like evolving a Pokémon. Only instead of gaining stats their level cap goes up and they occasionally get more skills. Servants have “four” ascensions, though most free servants have limited options (only having a base and a “final” one), and they have different designs in each. I think I described it well.

: I can only hope...

Oh, and Craft Essences are things in the game too. They show the servants in other outfits and you can equip them to Servants to improve their features like they do more damage or gain more things. There's some that are useless, only good for decoration, though.

: I suppose that's a fair, if very basic, overview. But that's not important!

*Abigail raises up with her tentacles again.*

Oh no! Now she's out of reach!

: If only we had the Long Range material or a hidden ability Decidueye!

: I don't know. I can probably still LOVELY BEAM her from here...

No no, this is obviously a plot based battle. We need to defeat her minions and she'll lower back down!

: This blog's mechanics have changed so much since back in the day...

: Stop your complaining and allow me to bring out my allies! After all, you've outnumbered me, even if you don't out strength me! Come forth, the Demon Lord Raum!

*Abigail opens a keyhole in the air and brings out a bird-headed man.*

: So you would call upon my power once again, Abigail...

: That is correct, so defeat these heretics! They curse the name of our god, Iä ! Iä ! Yog-Sothoth fhtagn!

: What sort of call is that? English... Spanish... I'm not the translation Yellow Cure...

: She's talking in tongues! She's praying to some sort of elder god!

You sure know your Lovecraftian lore, Hime...

: Heh, I read a lot of books in my time away from the Blue Sky Kingdom!

: It matters not what knowledge you have. Isn't that right, Raum?

: But of course! Fear the might of my incredible powers!

*The bird-headed man transforms into a demon pillar.*

: Prepare to be defeated by my true self!

: So big!

: That may be true, but nothing is too big for teamwork!

: Princess...

*Cure Lovely slaps her face.*

: You're right, this is no time to be intimidated!

: What are you talking about? This is the PERFECT TIME to be intimidated! Do you not know the might of what you're facing! This is a GOD!


: I've fought against gods before, and came out ahead.

: So be afraid of the true might of our friendship!

: What sort of preachy thing is this? I heard that you Cures are more like therapists now, but this is ridiculous!

: You're thinking of other ones...

: As the only prescription is MORE DAMAGE!


*Lovely and Princess use their attacks against the demon pillar, leaving it reeling.*

: What sort of power is this... To think I would be defeated so easily...

*He disappears into dust, which makes Abigail shocked.*

: W-what?! What sort of idiotic plot just happened?! How could two little girls like THEM take care of one of my allies?

You need to learn better teamwork.

: A shame that we did not join in that time.

: We'll just have to wait for the next one...

True, but be careful. Abigail is a Foreigner, and you know what they're weak to?

: Please don't make a racist joke, Topaz.

I was going to say Alter Egos. Like in the game. But don't go crazy, as they're effective against Berserkers. Just keep your sanity and you should do well!

: Wait. Keep their sanity, against an ELDER GOD?!

Well yeah. Just like in Call of Cthulu.

: Only this is no game. And Raum was just a decoy anyway...

What do you mean by that?

: THIS: Qliphoth Rhizome!

What the?!

*Abigail's tentacles attack Topaz, but Cure Lovely knocks him out of the way.*

: You'll never defeat Topaz that way!

*She's drawn into a keyhole, with Topaz reaching for her. But it is too late. Abigail laughs at her success.*

: WAH HAH HAH! It looks like you've failed at saving all of your friends, Topaz. But do not worry. I understand that... sacrifices have to be made. Don't worry, as she'll be put to good use...

No.. It can't be...

: That's right! Bring Cure Lovely back this instant!

: No can do... She's already been consumed by the Elder Gods! Do not worry, as you shall join her soon...

Oh no!

: I know, this seems really dangerous!

I've ran out of commonly used Eldritch phrases! Now what am I going to have Abigail say?!

: THAT'S what you're scared about?!

: How dare you cause Lovely to get consumed so easily! I'll avenge her by taking you down!

*Cure Princess leaps at Abigail, only to be sucked into another keyhole in space.*

Oh no! I bet she's not going to Star Road!

: Stop making light of the situation!

: Go ahead, Topaz! Say whatever you wish. I've gained enough power that I'm basically unstoppable!

Then I'll continue the blog!

: Wait, what?

Abigail looks pretty good here at a glance. She has a fairly average preteen body, being slender but not showing off a lot at the start. I will mention that she's 152 cm and 44 kg, which is surprisingly tall compared to some other servants (that's only 2 cm shorter than Saber, for example, and 2 cm taller than Nero). She might be a “loli” but compared to others like Jack or Nursery Rhyme who are both under 140 cm Abigail is really quite a bit taller. She doesn't have any other measurements, though. I will mention that she has kinda nice legs, which get shown off as she gets the skimpier outfits. Speaking of which, Abigail also shows off her stomach and torso quite a bit. She even shows off her cleft of Venus, meaning the area around her crotch, due to how low-cut her panties are. Sadly she doesn't show ass though, even in her other cards (maybe a bit due to her leg being up in the summer one, but I wouldn't count it too much). I'm not too into bare feet, but in the summer Craft Essence she shows hers off. She also shows them in her last ascension, but her hands and feet are deformed by the powers of the elder god coming through and thus look black and demonic. I will mention, as I have before, that her skin becomes more pale which looks good with her white hair and red eyes. Overall I do appreciate how much they're willing to show of Abigail, especially considering her young age, but it's a shame she doesn't show off her ass more.
Grade: B

As mentioned before we don't have measurements here, but Abigail is pretty much flat. She also doesn't seem to care about it, though I don't think she's placed in any predicament where that is important anyway. Not that it ever important, but it's more that the topic doesn't turn up. Overall it fits her body, and I like how free she is with her outfit too.
Grade: B

Speaking of outfits, we've finally arrived at that point. Abigail has quite the wardrobe, which suits the cute preteen girl. We first see her in a cool gothic-style black dress with long sleeves and a puffy skirt, the latter having cute butterflies at the bottom. She's also wearing the bad kind of bloomers as well, and she has a plush bear in her arms (which she uses to attack). She also wears shoes, and her outfit has many bows around the collar as well. In Abigail's second ascension she keeps the many bows but her outfit looks more like strips of butterflies. She's wearing low-cut panties, though the butterflies are close together that it isn't a great view. I do like the small skulls on them though, and she also has a huge keyring behind her as well as wielding dual keys. Sora from Kingdom Hearts would be jealous. She also has one sock, which bothers my symmetric mind. In her final ascension there are far fewer butterflies so her body is more exposed, though they look less like butterflies and more like U-shapes that are connected in the middle. They still have the skulls on them, and Abigail wields a much heavier key in this outfit. It's a relief that NA didn't censor her outfit, as many people were worried that they might do that. Finally, as mentioned before Abigail has some alternate outfits thanks to Craft Essences. These include a big coat with what I'm guessing are various Lovecraft references as badges, an orange and black frilly bikini, a circus leotard though as a chibi, and a maid waitress outfit with frilly butterfly skirt and headress, long sleeves, and sadly bloomers once again. Overall I do enjoy all of Abigail's outfits, they fit her personality as she descends into madness and she has a few other outfits to help. Sadly I don't know if she has any more in the manga, but I don't think it's very far.
Grade: B+

: Now, while you're distracted: Qliphoth Rhizome!

*Abigail attempts to attack Topaz yet again, but instead Honey takes the attack and is pulled in.*

No... You didn't have to do this!

: You're the one who has to survive, Topaz! You have to save us all!

Oh sure, dump all the work on me! Like I'm not already dealing with the stress of battle already!

: Like you need to put off even more work, Topaz. You'd rather just stay home and veg out like the bed potato you are!

But at least then Cures wouldn't be defeated!

: That's right, it's all your fault they've been destroyed. Your friends will all abandon you, and they'll abandon your blog.

: No way! Topaz has great friends, and they'll be by his side no matter what!

: Let's see if you still think that once you've been consumed by the elder gods! Oh Father, my god... Destroy those before me!

*Once again Abigail summons a key shape in space, sucking Cure Fortune inside. She then laughs like a maniac. Topaz goes to his knees in despair, shocked at what has happened.*

: OH HO HO! Now that those foolish magical girls are destroyed, consumed by the elder gods, you'll have to fight me on your own!

: N-not as long as I'm around!

*Ririchiyo steps forward, but Topaz holds his arm out and stops her from going further.*

No... this is my fault. I've got to do something!

*Topaz stands up and points at Abigail.*

You're going to regret what has happened!

: Oh really? Even if you use something dumb like summoning your knights or some stupid demon form I'll be prepared for it. And if you use something special I'll transmit it right to my leader.

Who is your leader?

: I may be twelve but I'm not GULLIBLE. Unless you mean the lord Yog-Sothoth, as I will certainly introduce you.

I meant in the blog. Don't you dare summon an elder god!

: Topaz! Don't goad her into bringing out something that she probably can't control! We don't have the Cures to defeat it easily!

: Raum was just a fool, overconfident in his skills. No. I shall bring something FAR stronger! Come forth, C'thun!

You're summoning a cartoon?

: Somehow I can believe that CaliArts is responsible for an elder god...

: NO! I may be a villain and want to crush humanity, but not even I am that cruel.

*Abigail opens a key hole in the sky once again, and out comes a monstrous being with a gigantic eye, with numerous smaller eyes all over its body.*

: Who dares bring me into this reality?

: Twas I, great elder god! I ask of you to defeat Topaz and end this godforsaken blog!

: A task of great ease. Especially as I am quite full of energy as of recent.

: Good to hear. Now, Topaz! Prepare for his attack!

: Darn, and I left all my clothes with Nature resistance in the wash!

Please don't abbreviate that resistance. But what are we going to do, Riri? There's no way that we can defeat a raid on our own!

: I'd say get NPCs but we'd probably end up with a Magikarp, Wobbuffet, and Solrock!

The most useful one comes as a surprise.

: Your Courage will fail, your friends will die, and your life shall be meaningless!

Nonsense! I will never stop my blog!

: You are WEAK!

*Cthun starts heading towards Topaz, making gurgling noises as he comes closer.*

: Ugh. He even SOUNDS like an elder god...

I agree. Though I'll say that sounds like what happens when I eat something that doesn't agree with me...

*C'thun's large eye focuses on Topaz, charging an attack. However, they hear something from deep within his bowels.*

: Lovely Sword!

: W-wait, did I just hear-

It can't be...

*An energy sword cuts through C'thun from the inside, and a huge hole appears in the side. From the hole the four Cures come out, covered in goo but otherwise unharmed.*

: Ugh. Remind me to never get transported like that again...

: I think I swallowed some of that goop. I'll have to make a bigger meal today to get that taste out of my mouth.

Y-you're all safe!

: WHAT THE?! You mean I summoned the god that absorbed ALL of the Cures?

: And we thank you for that.

: You will betray your friends, and you will die. Death is close, and you are already dead!

: I'm sorry, you aren't Kenshirou. You're not allowed to use that line, especially as we will be the ones that are victorious. HAPPINESS BIG BANG!

*With the combined might of the combination attack C'thun is heavily damaged.*

: No... I was so close... to being important...

*It then disappears, leaving Abigail in awe.*

: W-what the?! Did those Cures beat up ANOTHER GOD?!

: Not our first time doing so.

: Just an everyday ordeal.

Why are these girls disliked again?

: MAL has terrible taste.

That should be obvious... But let's take this opportunity to continue!

*Seeing that Abigail is so stunned Topaz continues his blog.*

Abigail is a really interesting character. She's based on her namesake, who was one of the first to show symptoms that lead to the Salem witch trials, and in the game she also is involved in those same trials as well. She lives with her uncle and his slaves after her parents die in a Native American attack. She has two friends when the player shows up, Lavina who is an albino whose family are treated as outcasts and Tituba who is one of her uncles slaves (it's actually Queen of Sheba in disguise). Abigail allows the player to stay in her uncle's home, and they are said to be traveling performers so she and the other townsfolk watch them put on plays (which is a cool way of showing other servants during the Singularity). However, Abigail is slowly manipulated by Raum, a demon god which possesses her uncle. She's designated as a Foreigner and becomes possessed by Yog-Sothoth (or was it “Sut-Typhon”? It's hard to say, as both seem to describe the same elder god). Abigail is religious, but she still does a little witchcraft even while it's banned. That said, she's also very cute. She likes things such as pancakes, as well as other fun meals that kids in her time period would enjoy. She's also a really great part of the story as well, and the only issue with her is that she's so difficult to get (like many Foreigners, I suppose). She's also well liked, like many Foreigners, as people like rare classes. As the first of her kind Abigail does have some issues, but still is a good unit to use. She also destroys buffs with her Noble Phantasm, making it almost impossible to guard against. Abigail is voiced by Hitomi Owada, who does a really good job. I will mention that her normal voice is pretty good, but I find her deeper voice in the later ascensions to be even more seductive (even if it doesn't suit a preteen, but it does suit someone possessed like she is). Some other roles by her include Tsubame from New Game's second season and Midori from Shirabako. Overall I really do like Abigail as a character, and causing her to be the final enemy in Salem was really good. I also like the whole singularity, I suppose, as it's the least offensive and had an air of mystery to it as well.
Grade: B+

Sadly Abigail doesn't do too well here. Not for any bad reason, as I do appreciate how her higher ascensions show off her body more and more, but because she seems fairly neutral in this area. She doesn't really have any love interest, possibly due to being young, innocent, and naive. She's also raised by a religious family in a religious city, and I don't know if she's too well-informed. Being fair when we first see her she seems to be doing a ritual with some girls who want a boyfriend, but I'm not sure if that's indicative of her libido or her desires for witchcraft.
Grade: C

Abigail is described as being only twelve years old. If she were a year older that would have improved her score a little bit more, but it's too bad for her. Being fair she's from the 1600's, but I wouldn't count something like that either.
Grade: C+

Total Grades: 72
Average score: 8.0
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for the day. See, I told you it would be alright. You did just fine!

: I see. It seems that my superiors have lied to me. But no matter! I have come this far to defeat you! Iä ! Iä ! Yog-Sothoth fhtagn!

: For someone who has some interest in the stuff, surprisingly enough, you're doing a bad example of Lovecraft characters.

I know... Blame me being lazy and not wanting to read.

: At least you still read subs, unlike some other idiots!


: It matters not! I shall still defeat you, and I shall do it with my locks!

*Abigail pulls out her keys and shoots a beam at the Cures, sealing them in coffin-like containers with locks on them.*

Oh no! Now she's copying Go Princess PreCure!

: The fiend!

: Now you'll HAVE to defeat me! It's time to stop messing around, and face me yourself!

I suppose that I've stalled long enough. It's the end of the month, and I don't want to drag out the battle any longer... SAPPHIRE POWERS ACTIVATE!

*Topaz's lower half becomes like ice.*

: What the? When did you have a power like this?

Just because I don't use my powers all the time doesn't mean that I don't have them! Though I do suppose that I should use them more often, even if they weren't effective against Quattro.

: Just because you've transformed a little you shouldn't get a big head. I'll just pull you into the eldritch realm!

*Topaz skates easily towards Abigail, avoiding tentacles swiping at him. He leaps up into the air, making the young villain use her hand to cover her eyes from the sun.*


*Topaz then spins, slamming his foot down and using gravity to strike hard. Abigail raises her keys just in time, but the blogger breaks through them. They shatter, and she's blown some distance. She gets up and wipes off her outfit.*

Now, unless you want to face another one of those release the girls and renounce your villainous ways!

: NO! I must prove that my father, my god, is the one true lord! But in order to defeat you I can't put myself in further danger. There MUST be a way... I know, I'll summon another for you to face.

: And we aren't supported by the Cures any longer! Do you think that you'll be able to defeat this god on your own?

*Topaz's lower half shatters, or the ice does with a cool visual effect as he's otherwise uninjured.*

I might be able to. But who could she be bringing out?

: I am certain that you are unfamiliar with him, and your lack of all things Lovecraft is one reason for that. But be prepared to fight the King In Yellow!

Aw crap baskets.... It looks like next week will be a terrible blog...

: I don't get it. Why are we closing out the blog now when she'll be bringing out another elder god or Lovecraftian creature or whatever?

I cannot say. It is a horror so Unspeakable that no one should be allowed to know.
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