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Feb 14, 6:20 AM
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I love idol anime.

It's Valentine Day, 14th February 2020 and I am writing this. Idols anime in general is one of the best present I could ever get.
They are by far my favorite genre. Although I haven't been watching anime for so long (only more and more since Fall 2018), I discovered that CGDCT are what I enjoy most very quick.
Since I used to play the piano and flute in an orchestra, music was always a lot of fun for me. This brought me to the idol path. Nice music and cute girls, a perfect combination for me.

Why am I so fascinated by idol anime?

I have to admit first, unfortunately, that I have never been to an idol concert live. Where I currently live, this culture doesn't really exist sadly. However, I hope that one day I can attend to a live concert and experience the atmosphere there.
I enjoy the music from idols, they are very sonorous and happy. The good mood is transmitted through the music and the singing. I have a lot of fun watching my cute girls and listening to their music. Even if it is "only" in front of a PC or TV, I can feel the joy.

Since the beginning of my anime trip, I have seen many different idol anime. Some are similar in structure, some are completely different and of course there are also some that I didn't like so much. Good music in an idol anime is very important to me, the characters should also be suitable for the plot of course.
In the following I will write a few short sentences about all idol animes I have already seen or I am currently watching (seasonal). I am not going to write long reviews here (I have already written a few reviews on idol animes), but only a few short sentences: why I liked it, which points may be critical and what else I think might be important.
It's just my personal opinions, so I understand if you see things differently at one or another point.
So now to the actual thing (the order is chronological, so what I saw first is at the beginning), don't worry there are no spoilers:

1. Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live was actually the first idol anime I saw. Before I discovered Love Live, I mostly just watched CGDCT stuff without much music. I am very happy to have discovered Love Live. It is the idol anime which will accompany me the most in my life. The music is great, the characters are well presented, everything is really wonderful. Every day I still create a post from the Love Live series on 9gag. I play School Idol Festival and will soon start with ALL STARS on the EN server (I have played on JP server also). My Figure Collection from the Love Live series now consists of over 50 pieces, 7 Nesos and a number of other little things. LL has definitely become part of my life. μ's is my favorite idol group.

2. Love Live! Sunshine!!

"Sunshine" follows after "School Idol Project". Also a masterpiece. I had lots of fun watching it and Aqours has also become an important part of my collection.
I wish I had the opportunity to be at (probably) μ's last concert at the 9th ANNIVERSARY LL! FESTIVAL... I would have loved to see my favorite group live once. Thinking about the end of an era makes me wanna cry again. 9 YEARS, 9, the special number in Love Live!
But maybe I can see the next LL group Nijigasaki. I'm really looking forward to their anime adaption and the other big Shin Series project too, of course. LL will definitely accompany me for a long time and give me joy!

3. AKB0048

AKB48 is one of the most famous idol group. They have 134 members in total. The anime itself is about the sub-unit NO NAME, formed by different other units. Although they only have two singles, Kibou ni Tsuite is one of the best idol songs or THE best idol song. The story itself may be a little bit unique and the art style still has potential, but the music from NO NAME is just so great. A new, interesting story with nice music.

4. Re:Stage! Dream Days♪

Similar structure to Love Live! Our girls have a dream they want to achieve together. They work hard together for it. From the animation point my favorite idol anime. The songs are also very nice to listen to and bring a good mood. I really hope for a second season. I have written a review for it as well.

5. Shoujo ☆ Kageki Revue Starlight

Does it count as idol anime even? Probably not, since stage girls aren't idols. But I had somehow the idol feeling while watching it too, so I will write a few words about it although there are many points against being an idol anime.
The story doesn't fit in as an idol anime, it is a little bit strange. The music doesn't suit my taste quite to be honest. But the character development is very good and chibi version (Shoujo☆Conto All Starlight) of them is just too cute because they are smol. The upcoming movie Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Movie can be full of surprise actually, a little bit excited about that.

6. Zombieland Saga

I'm not a big fan of zombies and dead people, although I played all parts of "The Walking Dead. But luckily this anime isn't really about eaten by zombies. The story is a little bit different from the rest, since they are technically zombies as the title say. The art style is quite nice. The music from Franchouchou doesn't quite match my personal idol music taste. They are a little bit too "heavy" for me. All in all still a good anime and we will get a second season: Zombieland Saga: Revenge.

7. Idol Jihen

Politics and idols. Just a bad combination. I am not interested in politics at all. I think idol and politics shouldn't have anything to do with each other. It makes no sense. Idols are not politicians, they bring us joy and they don't let us suffer like those politicians. The idea is unique, but please don't mix one crap with a beautiful thing. The characters are actually very good, but like in real life, politics always destroys everything.
The best idol music I've heard so far. The different members from all the parties are great and cute. I want more of SMILE ♥ X together. It has the potential to be one of the best idol animes ever, but the score of 5.69 here on MAL speaks a clear point. I agree with it and again because of politics.

8. Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu (seasonal)

I wouldn' go that far and die for my favorite idol, I am not "wota" enough. In this anime the everyday life of underground idols is presented. The wotas are also a topic here, you can see their true love for the idols. I have high respects for hardcore wotas who are really willing to do anything for their favorite idol, I could not do it. The relationship between idols and fans is also a big topic here. The characters are not drawn that cute as in other one's, but still a successful style. The music from ChamJam is really nice to listen to.
(Pending evaluation)

9. 22/7 (seasonal)

No it has nothing to do with math and the rational number π (pi). This is the name of our idolgroup 22/7. It follows a very very interesting and unique story that is totally different from the others because of the AI (Artificial Intelligence). I have also written a detailed review about it which I will update after the end of the airing. In any case, I am very positively surprised by the overall implementation and by the idol group 22/7 itself.
(Pending evaluation)

So this is my list right now, maybe there aren't too many I've seen so far yet. Anime like Rifle is beautiful, which consist of members from an idol group (Rifling4 here), but without idol actions, I didn't include it here.
There will definitely be many many more on my list, I'm looking forward to it watch as many as possible!
I will update and edit my list here from time to time.

Leave a comment below or on my profile if you have any questions. You can also add me at any time. I also look forward to your opinions and suggestions!
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S_k_Roy | Feb 16, 9:08 AM
thanks for posting this! I was blown away by this genre of anime with only watching "oshi ga budokan.." and not knowing what else to watch as it's painful to wait for 1 week for an episode. i'll definitely will be checking out 22/7 aswell. Do make more of this in the future.