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Feb 13, 8:52 PM
Anime Relations: Durarara!!
I was gonna make a review on Durarara but It would not be a review tbh it would be just going over general criticisms for the show and why I find the show interesting so I guess I will just do a blog post for no one to read.

Durarara is a anime I am very much enjoying so far, it's comments on who is normal, what the person who lives side by side by us everyday is like, and what happens when unlikely people end up being forced to pick a side in a gang conflict. I have always found the idea of "no one is truly a normie" very interesting in general. It is an idea that is 100% a fact but when we go about our day to day lives we default on putting people in categories based on appearances or actions they may have done because it's easy, I do it myself and so do many others.

So I don't find what durarara explores anything new to me, but it's just a really fun concept to watch in action which is why I am a bit biased to a lot of the flaws durarara has, the concept has already hooked me and it executes it pretty damn well.

A big flaw the show has is the overabundance of characters. iirc there are around 78 named characters in the show, all given a decent amount of screen time. And this creates a problem: how do you flesh out 78 something characters so they are all deep, multilayered, and real? Well you don't, at least Durarara does not.

Durarara's characters are not cliche, they are all pretty unique, but they are also one note and don't go beyond what they initially are, at least where I am at in the show. This can bore people and that is completely understandable. Seeing Shizuo Heiwajima beat the shit out of multiple people is probably pretty fun for the first couple of times, but after a while you will probably go "ok, is he gonna do anything other than this?", and when that answer is no you will probably lose interest. And I always have that in the back of my mind when I watch Durarara, that many of these characters are not really gonna evolve that much but I still have fun with it regardless.

I also don't think the writers are not aware of this, they definitely know but what Durarara focuses on instead is its central concept and message, and given said message you can't really hit it home unless you have a huge cast, saying "the people who walk by you everyday are not normal" but then focusing on a cast of 5 strong characters renders the message weak, no matter how deep those 5 characters are. And that is really the crux of Durarara, are you willing to give up "deep" and "real" character writing to explore a concept to its fullest? That is what the show depends on, for me at least, the answer to that is yes.
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