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Feb 12, 11:11 PM
Anime Relations: Fullmetal Alchemist, Juuni Kokuki, InuYasha (TV), D.Gray-man, Seirei no Moribito, Ookami to Koushinryou, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ookami to Koushinryou II, InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, No.6, Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari, Shinsekai yori, Shingeki no Kyojin, Noragami, Akatsuki no Yona, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2, Shingeki no Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku, Owari no Seraph, Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen, Akatsuki no Yona OVA, Noragami Aragoto, D.Gray-man Hallow, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3, Banana Fish, Mo Dao Zu Shi, Mo Dao Zu Shi 2, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
My favorites!

I love the character design from all of them as well, just saying, you could have guessed it that I love their appearance too haha
Not only because they are good-looking (tho that is a big part too, won't lying to you), but their designs are very unique and recognizable to me as well, not something I have seen a dozens times.

And these boys aren't ordered.
I just put them here like I've got them in my profile and it's just like I got obsessions in time circles lol and my obsession atm is Mo Dao Zu Shi, since I'm reading the novels and watching the live action series too and let's say I'm... appreciating his actor a lot too.

I mean who wouldn't

Therefore in my first spot Wei Wuxian and got a cute fanart avatar, because why not.

Wei Wuxian / Wei Ying
Mo Dao Zu Shi

He is actually, despite what the title says, all in all incredible kind and more some type of shounen protagonist, who fights for people and justice, than a typical founder of diabolism and a necromancer at heart, with some flaws of these characters as well, just not that overdone, etc., And he's a huge dork too, a very interesting one, who has a much "realer feel" to him than some other characters of that type. There I was even more interesting of: "Why would YOU dork have become the founder of diabolism?"
I really like that the story didn't write him as the evil overlord like the society imagines him later, and I think many of his choices were pretty understandable, or az least I got why he acted like that. Some of that were actually clearly his own mistakes too, which makes him very human to me.

Especially when shit goes down, the anime / donghua covered the feeling all in all pretty well and I was mentally destroyed there. Still, I was even more so in other media. There you could see in slow pace and in more scenes, how the drama develops and he slowly grew into all of that. And all of these scenes got me, and he slowly loses his sanity more and more. Which was very understandable again. And hurtful ouch.

Otherwise, he (still) is very extroverted, very confident, a freethinker and much of a tease and flirt, partwise obnoxious too, and has some great humor, which makes him just a lot of fun to follow. And I would totally believe someone like him smuggles alcohol to school.
Sometimes he may appear childish, but actually he is very mature.
I liked that he didn't totally change in the presence, but it's like... you see it's heavy on him and he became more cynical.

Also it's so good that he already starts off as very competent and becomes a real badass and well... he could appear so dominating too.
And he is one of the anime characters, who is actually very intelligent in a believable way and not in such an overdone "anime-way" of Light etc. It's much easier to imagine him as more realistic. Also because he's intelligent in a social way and often knows how people tick.

Unfortunately the anime (especially in season 2) cut a lot his relationships to his step-siblings and Lan Wangji too. There, I still could feel a lot for them, but still: he got such great and believable dynamics with his siblings. I just love those three haha and the family situation is portrayed so well too. I really could feel when sibling relationships break apart.
Also, although the novels are written as Boys Love and he is clearly gay (or I dunno bi), you'll see that there ... in detail later on haha, he isn't written as some sort of cheap stereotype. That alone is great to me and his world and personality doesn't spin around his love interest alone, I really appreciate that.

AND I slowly warmed up for Lan Wangji and I think he is a very good character too ... and I'm absolutely in for that couple and ship that! It's just a sweet slow burn and they are great with each other.
And I really love Wei Wuxians dynamics to Wen / Lan Yuan and especially Ling Jin. Adult people trying to care for or raise kids / younger teenager and having problems with that, are often great haha


He is a very similar character type like Wei Wuxian; that guy is at his core actually Yato in ancient China and gay haha

So I like Yato for very similar reasons: he is an absolutely fun character to follow and while some others of these character types are just shallow, he has a lot of depth and a lot of personality on his own.
And he is not only fun, he is just badass in some scenes too and actually much more competent than it appears at first.
He also appears childish in some situations, but it's just like he is this kind of personality, of course he is after 800(?)-something years very mature, and he is actually intelligent, takes stuff seriously and has some interesting and unique opinions about different topics and such, also some good humor.
He is straight-forward and could appear as pretty crude, rough and somewhat insensitive too and has some issues, including huge communication issues, and that's something it's easy to get behind.

The whole manga is about that; personal character development and relationships of all kind, and a lot about toxic families too.
I really get how he wants to get away from Father and Nora, but falls back to them, because that's just too real for many people, who try to break out from their toxic family or a relationship or something.
The thing is that it would be much easier, if Nora was just 100 % evil, but while she's surely mentally ill and dangerous, she really isn't evil and Yato has good memories and feelings for her, because she is somewhat like his sister.

The other thing is that real development takes a long time and a lot of work and he isn't that killer that Father wants him to be, but he isn't the person he wants to be on his own either and has a huge package of the past on him. I
I really felt for him, when he decided to go his own way there.

I like his dynamics with Yukine a lot and I love that slow-burning romance with Hiyori very much. Hiyori herself grows a lot through this too. She starts as pretty naive, but mature for her age and is the kind of person, who tries to understand both sides of the coin in many cases, which makes her a great love interest for him.
Without Yukine and Hiyori, he didn't had any real reason and people to give him the strength to do a change and that's what it makes it really impactful.

Mikaela Hyakuya
Owari no Seraph

So, first to say, it's disheartening to me how some people see him as some type of yandere. xD
I mean, for that, Mika is pretty tame, not really out to kill people out of nothing, the opposite, and protects too often Shinoa and the others to be one. Also, I like that you could see that he has at least respect for her.
And I really like how much he loves Yuu and still speaks up against him, when Yuu is in the wrong and would endanger his squad and everyone else.

I totally get how his relationship to Yuu works and what they are to each other. They started out as traumatized kids that held on each other and now they are traumatized teenagers that try to find solace in each other and I totally get that. I mean, it doesn't start with them being kidnapped by the vampires. Both were abused by their parents before and this solidarity in suffering-thing is a very real one. Is it 100 % healthy? Nope. Is it abusive? Hell no, they are so good to each other.
His whole character is, in this situation and what he has been through, so believable. Later he says his love for Yuu is the thing that let him keep his humanity alive... I guess that and his protection instincts for kids and some kind of morals.

I like how naturally he acts to his transformation and he already was not really in the best mental state before and tried to cover up that. I really can see a lot of the immense self-hatred beyond some kind of arrogance / standoffishness attitude he keeps.

And while Yuu at least made him some friends in the meanwhile, Mika had no one and had to keep up with Ferid, who ... I just could it as abuse in the undertones, and the whole vampire world, when he's actually a kid.

He is also pretty intelligent as well and tries to be level-headed and acting sanely (especially later), but I like how isn't free of acting and making mistakes out of his feelings too, that is so much more human than characters not making mistakes, because they are "too smart" for that.

And imo a thing the anime didn't point out well enough, but I could totally see in the manga, was that he is just outright scared of his situation, the human experiments and what they have done to Yuu and the whole war, and therefore that's the reason he wants to run away with Yuu.
I dunno, he's desperated and til the second season my poor boy is in pain for four years and tries to fight the vampire urges off.

But still, he is pretty badass too and I like that haha
Besides that, I just see later that he is pretty mature but deeply traumatized, who is clingy on Yuu because of these reasons, but tries to be as reasonable as possible.
... and he has sometimes some good sarcasm / dry humor as well, tho.

Allen Walker

Allen is more like the typical shounen protagonist... except he isn't or so? It's hard to explain.
First, I just love that Allen is an incredible kind and caring boy and the author chose someone like him as her protagonist for a pretty grim world like D.Gray-man, but he still appears as somewhat realer than the "archetype" might give away, because he reacts dynamically and more in kind to the situations he is in. He is not that overdone like from some other series I have seen a bit here and there... (from my impression of them)

Second, I love that half of it is a facade. He is actually very kind, but he is very impulsive and sassy too. And that part is very fun, because he has a lot of sass in him lol and his more choleric side comes to the outside because of Kanda.
Allen overly admires Mana, who raised him, and is blinded towards him. So he tries to become what he imagines what kind of Mana has been. And I guess, he thinks that Allen isn't worth of people's love. He acts friendly towards them and cares about them, but for longer time there I got the feeling that he can't take returned feelings so well.
One of the outfit he gets even has a mask and THAT type of symbolism hits me in the feels so much haha

Also I get this impression that he is that person, who has been through a lot, so he doesn't want others to feel the same. His empathy for others comes from own experiences and he projects that onto others imo, which makes it much more realistic.
I mean, kind characters are cute, but in some others like Aladdin, you see he is that naive and good-natured kid, who runs around and tells people to cheer up and everything will be fine again, without really understanding their problems on a deeper level, I think / got that impression. I guess, that's why I don't like some other characters of this type that much.
And Allen's backstory is very sad, you'll see more and more of it, the deeper you are in he manga. So I really believe him why he is acting like that.

The other thing is: Allen is not that "stupid, but kind-hearted"-shounen protagonist, because he is far from being stupid.
Besides that, he has some very awesome battles or better saying: awesome weapons too, which is fun to watch in combination with one of the most unique design. D.Gray-man in general has awesome designs!

Others I REALLY like

Not that long reasonings, I keep it short now and ofc again: I like their appearance too. :D
I'm going to take this that are in my profile now.

Don't worry, I got great women too.

Let's continue with D.Gray-man:

Lavi Bookman

Another of these (very smart) dorks, who have more depth behind them and I could him imagine as real too. He has some unique backstory with the bookman-line and his inner conflicts are presnted so well. Also he is much fun.
And his design is so incredible!

Kanda Yuu

At first, I didn't know what to think about him. I got really quick an impression that is much more nuanced than other character types like him and there I liked him. And the Hallow season / these chapters were so moving that I really like him since then haha since then he also got slow development and tries to take other people's feelings in consideration.

But mind you, I really like Lenalee too. ^^

And others:

Spice and Wolf

She is wise, intelligent, a big tease or a bit of a flirt, she has an interesting characters and that includes her flaws. It's really intruiging that an old wolf goddess is portrayed with more vulnerability. Her whole personality just appeals to me so much.
Also I really like her relationship with Lawrence.


First, she appears as very aggressive and one-sided, although there are hints that there is more to her, but later you will see how motherly and vulnerable she is and what happens, because she couldn't admit that she made a mistake in the past. So she does it again because of that.
And she is a super cool war god too lol

Youko Nakajima
12 Kingdoms

She starts as a very passive girl with literally no self-confidence, who tries to do everything to fit in and never wants to stand out. So she doesn't take anyone's feelings in consideration too. She reacts very believably to the events and gets little by little an insane character development to be worthy of her position.

Roy Mustang
Fullmetal Alchemist

He is a very interesting character, because he is not per se a bad person and he cares about people, but he still has killing people mindlessly in a war, because he got the order to do so. He knows he can't bring them back, but he goes for taking responsibility and taking over the Führer. (I ALWAYS cringe at that word, since my mother tongue is German xD)
Also besides that, he is a very fun character.

Attack on Titan

At first he seems very cold and emotionally detached, but he actually cares a lot about his squad, is a responsible squad leader and he cares in general about all people and always wants to keep the number of deaths as low as possible.
I really like that "humanity's greatest soldier / hope" is pretty much more of a humanist than an edgelord, although people keep calling him that for his attitude.
And his backstory hit me pretty hard.
Also it's so heart-warming and endearing that he just wants to own a tea shop instead of that shit lol

Homura Akemi
Madoka Magica

Homura is the first one of my list I didn't know if she's likeable to me or not. But I can feel very much for her and I'm so sorry for this little 13 yo girl is going back over and over again, just to fail everytime.
I really understand how she fell into desperation there and her scenes were so incredibly sad abd I love her together with Madoka.

Aslan Jade Callenreese / Ash Lynx
Banana Fish

The synopsis calls him a ruthless killer and I was worried that he will be some kind of edgelord. He really isn't, it's the opposite. I like his personality a lot and the fact that he actually is a victim of heavy sexual abuse and rape, but he isn't fully defined by that fact alone. He has a lot of strength and tries to be more than that.
Also, his relationship to Eiji is endearing.


I always have been fascinated with Kikyo and her whole appearance and attitude, because it was hard to get behind her reasonings. I mean, back then it was hard with 13 or so.
I still find she's an incredible character and I feel sorry for her too.


And I always liked Sango too and I think she was one of my first anime crushes haha she was such a cool demon hunter, but at the same very caring and feminine and she cared about her brother so much. Also I really liked her design and especially Kirara.

Akatsuki no Yona

Yona has some very good character development and decides she wants to learn how to fight despites that her father hated weapons, because the pacifism of her father couldn't protect her. She is so sweet, but becomes badass and is a great power couple with Hak.

No. 6

He is another one of those characters that appear as pretty cold outside, bit he is actually very sweet at his core. I really could feel for him and his backstory and he got such a great dynamic with Shion.

Maria Akizuki
Shinsekai Yori

I liked her personality all the time, but in the last third I really felt for her story and what she is going through, the whole story with her daughter, a lot.

Chang Ge Li
Song Of The Long March

She could have been a Mary Sue easily, but she really isn't one imo. She is just an incredible young and strong woman, who is an intelligent strategist etc but with her own flaws too.

Balsa Yonsa
Guardian Of The Spirit

She is one of these "older" anime women, who is very capable and not a naive girl anymore. She appears somewhat coldish, but then she has to protect and looking after Chagum and develops motherly feelings for him

BONUS just because: Nyanko-sensei.
Just because you have to love him, well. :D Why? He is incredible funny and just a big tsundere (which cat/not-actually-a-cat isn't lol).

But I especially like Shinoa from Owari no Seraph and a few others there too, the kids from The Promised Neverland, Silver and also Blue and some others from the Pokemon Adventures manga, Ken from Digimon and some others, Nanachi from Made in Abyss, Alice, Break, Oz and some others from Pandora Hearts, Historia and a few others from Attack on Titan, Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia, Asuka and Shinji from Evangelion, Ecchan from Scum's Wish ... etc. I like too many lol

In General

In general I tend to like more and more adult(ish) characters now - or older teenagers (16, 17 up) that feel to me like more mature "realistic", since I remember 17 yo me and my friends and class collegues back then as pretty mature overall tbh.
Also when you are not a naive and fresh 14 yo old schoolgirl / boy anymore or older teenagers that were going through a lot, you aren't that much of a tabula rasa anymore. I mean you never are, but the more experiences you have...that could be good too, I think Kagome and like I said, especially Youko, start as "normal high school girl, who doesn't stand out" and become more of a person on their own, to put it blantly.

I love characters with very different sides to them that also feel more natural for them. It's much fun to follow them and those let me think they could be somewhat real people too.
In cases like Wei Wuxian, Yato, Holo etc (there are more characters like this for me too), who are teasing and / or some kind of dorks, but have a lot of depth in my eyes as well.

And I also really like those, who got a rough shell and a much softer core and aren't edgelords haha
I don't know, it depends from case to case, because I'm not the one person / that type of woman, who is apologetic for every psychopathic or abusive asshole and then goes on with "he didn't do anything wrong. Never!" Nope.

Especially because I love kinder and more empathic characters as well. (Or much more).Sometimes I could find others interesting but a kind core is their key to my fav list in many cases. :D
It takes a lot more talent of the writer imo, to make kinder characters interesting and giving them distinct personalities, than creating an edgelord that appeals to teenagers in emo phases.
I also think some are a bit or much more boring or "too good" without a reason, but there are a lot of very interesting characters, who don't need to be an absolutely cold prick and totally unempathic too. - that makes them rather unlikeable and uninteresting.
Or when good people make a huge mistake or do questionable things, it's so much more interesting to get behind that than "welp, they have fun being a sadist, I guess."

AND I really love "strong" women, who aren't playing into the "look how strong and independent she is #feminism!"-role, but into the "she is a great character with a lot of strengths (inner and others, like in battles) and as many flaws and vulnerabilities and cares about people"-type. Just more human and so.
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