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Feb 12, 9:48 PM
Anime Relations: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Hi! If you are here, then you are either really bored or really curious, both of which I hope can be alleviated after reading this :3
Anyways, the rating system I use is pretty much the same for both anime and manga, so here we go!

Note: The system may make more sense reading from 1->10 instead of 10->1

Special Note On Favorites: I like to use my favorites as an extension of my 10's. If I have to take a moment to digest and absorb its entirety, leaving nothing but applause as a final step, a 10 can be "promoted" to a favorite spot. The only exception to this would be Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, a personal favorite but the final arc is just not 10 material.


10: These are the special ones. If something is given a 10, it means that it either has close sentimental value (ex: Plastic Memories/Sword Art Online for being my first real anime), or it was just that spectacular. The story, the progression and a satisfactory end with long-lasting impacts are all present.

9: The "almost there" club, 9's are for works that were very impactful/enjoyable, but there was at least one aspect that prevented it. Can be attributed to either an ending or an arc that just didn't pack that final punch.

8: 8's are pretty tough to describe. They are more interesting and engaging than 7's, and could also have long-term impacts (usually positive). However, they were not given a 9 due to either ending issues (cough cough Kekkaishi) or the impact was not as strong.

7: This is what I would call the "safe-zone." 7's didn't do anything blatantly wrong, but they also didn't do anything spectacular. It was nice and fluffy, but didn't leave any long-term impacts - positive or negative.

6: Not exactly "good" but definitely above "average," 6's are also a gray area. Despite possible issues in content or pacing, I found some enjoyment out of it, but nothing more than that.

5: A big fat "meh." Didn't dislike it, but didn't like it either. The average and midpoint.

4: This is given for when I simply didn't "like" the work. Works that were well written but fell short in the impact can also fall under this category.

3: Not as bad as disgust, but more than dislike, 3's are a gray area for works that fit somewhere between these two feelings. There were either some predominant flaws in the writing/animation or the content was just not satisfactory.

2: There is at least one redeeming quality that prevents it from being scored a 1. Despite how bad it may have been, a 2 will be given if there was an aspect that made it bearable.

1: There is either absolutely no redeeming quality, or the content is just so repulsing to the point of disgust. There is something fundamentally wrong with it, and you are left there wondering what you have just witnessed. After watching/reading a 1, everything else seems a lot brighter and makes me appreciate other works.
Thus far, the only anime I have given a 1 to is Mars of Destruction (if you watch it, you will know what I mean). Manga wise, Palepoli would be the best of the worst XD (I do not recommend reading it).
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