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Jan 16, 7:16 AM
Anime Relations: Sounan Desu ka?
This is the Five-hundred-and-eighty-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

*We open the blog with Topaz and his assistants hanging out on a beach. There seems to be a plane half-sunk in the ocean, bobbing up and down. They all have their heads between their knees. Ririchiyo is the first one to speak.*

: This is all your fault, Topaz.

My fault? It wasn't my plan to take the plane! Kimiko said she could drive it!

: I was expecting you all to call me out on it! Sheesh, you know that I'm like you and can't drive, Empry!

: This is no time to be arguing. Besides, it's all the storm's fault.

I know, right? That storm suddenly showed up, and now it's gone. Truly it is the calm after the storm.

: If not for the courage of our fearless crew the Minnow, er, I mean the airplane-would be lost.

: Thank you very much. I worked hard to save us all.

: I suppose, but this was only supposed to be a three hour tour!

: Wow, do you think that you could add any more Gilligan's Island jokes, Topaz?

I tried, but I suppose that calling them out is the apex of my comedy. I just hope that my readers get them.

: I'd say that it's fairly common, even if they're younger than you. At least I hope so.

: It's not like you're making any obscure reference or anything.

You're right. And we can't just sit here feeling sorry for ourselves!

*Topaz stands up.*

We've got to get going if we're going to live on this island for now. Rika, Kimiko, you try to salvage the plane. Riri and I will go into the wooded area and go searching for food, shelter, and clean water.

*Riri and the others also stand up.*

: This is a surprising amount of initiative you've got there, Topaz. I like it, as hopefully you'll get that inspired once we get to land.

: I blame there being no phones, lights, or motor cars here. Not a single luxury.

: W-wait, then how is Topaz doing the BLOG?

That isn't important. Just roll with it.

: I'm more questioning why Topaz wants to go into the forest with Riri. Could it be that he wants to enjoy another type of “wood”?

: H-he isn't thinking of anything like that! Right, Topaz?

Certainly not! But if we're going to survive on the island we're going to have to work together. Come on, let's take a look!

: That's right! It's like a survival game. Go on and punch trees to get wood!

I don't need to, because Ririchiyo is here!

*Rika and Kimiko glare at Topaz, as does Ririchiyo. She starts pounding on him with her fists.*

: W-wait, what do you mean by that?

Well, if we find any trees I don't need to punch them. You can just use your naginata to chop them down.

: Oh! That explains it.

: Phew...

Wait, what were you all thinking?

*The girls all blush as Riri continues to pound on Topaz.*

Ow ow!

: This is your fault for saying things that way, Topaz!

Fair, but shouldn't we do this in the wooded area? At least we'll be getting something done...

: True, let's get off this dumb island. But first let's look for supplies.


*Topaz and Riri then explore the island. They find various things, with a suspicious looking apple on a string.*

Look, Riri! It looks like we're not the only ones on this island. This apple seems to be cut off the branch, and it's far too fresh to have been there long.

Riri; Perhaps there's some sort of communications that they can use to get people here. I wonder if they're still around.

Only one way to make sure!

*Topaz walks towards the apple and takes it. Ririchiyo reaches for him.*


*Meanwhile, nearby a meganekko looks up. She had been scavenging, looking for food, so she heads over to where her trap was set. She heard that it was sprung due to the tree rattling.*

: I wonder what I caught today. Perhaps it's a rabbit. Or a bird, or even a BOAR! It does sound like it's not moving around much, so what could it be-

*She stares in awe as she sees what had happened. A man, meaning Topaz, was hanging still as his foot had been caught in the meganekko's trap. He was eating the apple she had used for bait, and another girl was trying to pull him down.*

: I tried to warn you, now get down this instant!

You're just jealous that I took the initiative and got an apple all to myself.

*He crunches as he bites the fruit, but both of them are surprised to see a meganekko come by.*

Oh hey! Look who decided to join us. Are you the one that set up this trap?

: Y-yes. But where did you guys come from? This island is deserted, well other than my friends and I.

Mmm, some desserted island would do well right about now.

: (Are sweets the only thing that he can think of?) She said “DESERTED”, not “DESSERTED” island, Topaz!

Oh, my mistake. It seems that my blood is draining to my brain. Do you think that you can cut me down?

: O-of course! I'm so sorry that you got caught up like this.

*The meganekko cuts Topaz down, though didn't realize that he would fall quite so fast. He takes 8 damage landing on his head.*


Don't worry, my head is dense to protect my precious brain meat.

*He stands up, shaking off the effects of the damage. Still, the girl bows to him.*

: I'm sorry, it seems that I can't do anything right. Homare told me how to make a trap, but I suppose she wasn't expecting another human to be caught in it.

Don't worry, I've gone through far worse.

: That's nothing to be proud of!

: Regardless I would still like to do something for you. Please, anything!

: Topaz. What you should ask her to do is obvious.

Don't worry, as I know exactly what to do... And since she's offering let's cut out the permissions and say...

Today's girl is:

Mutsu Amatani
Sounan Desu Ka?

: You dolt! I wanted you to have her help us get off this island!

Ah... That would have also been a good reason.

: W-wait, “blog”? Do you have some sort of electronics with you?

Er, certainly not. But let's just say that I have my ways.

: This totally isn't completely staged, and we're not on a sound stage or anything.


: I don't get what you two are saying, but if it's what you wish from me I shall be glad to be talked about.

Awesome! Though I warn you that I might not get a little intimate.

: … I hope that doesn't mean that you'll kiss me passionately...

: I hope you mean on the lips.

I'm sure she does, as she doesn't know what happened in the series. Or in Spartan's blog.

: True-wait, didn't he free the girls during his blog.

: Oh! Now I know what you mean by a “blog”! Homare said she talked to someone a week or two back. That also lead to our rescue. Such a shame that we got stuck on this island again...

Agreed. But don't worry as we'll help you get off the island. After the blog at least.

: I cannot wait to see how well I'll do!

Mutsu has a cute if short haircut. It's cute because it's a bob cut, which I do find cute with how it frames her face and goes in at her chin. The only issue is the short length that gives problems, as the bob cut means that her hair isn't even to her shoulders. Her hair also maintains the size of when she gets to the island, so sadly Mutsu doesn't get the long hair that tends to happen with those on an island (though better than having long silly beard still, but longer hair might fit her well). Her bangs are pretty cute, with a wave-like appearance but a nice blunt-ish look as well. I like how the sides curve up if very slightly, and looking close you can see that the middle is slightly longer but it's not too noticeable otherwise. Mutsu's hair is a reddish brown color, as far as I can tell with my eyes that can't quite tell difficult colors like this. Overall while I do want Mutsu to have longer hair it seems that sadly won't happen, but her bob cut does look good with being a meganekko.
Grade: B

Speaking of Mutsu being a meganekko we can't forget her glasses. Hers are a lower frame with red sorta-thick frames that outline her eye quite well. She also wears them despite being on an island, and about the only times she doesn't wear them is in the water or sleeping, both fair points for not wearing them. I have to wonder if she ever uses them to start a fire with the sun, using the lens, but I think that might be too difficult. Mutsu also has pretty good eyes in general, with a nice tsurime it looks like and in general the upper lid is quite thick and nice. It frames well with the frames of her glasses, and Mutsu also has some very nice corners to her eyes which I like. She even has a good amount of eyelashes that bring out her eyes as well. Sadly not everything is great, as her eyes are a bluish-green color which isn't bad but it is somewhat generic. Still, with her lovely glasses and nice shape Mutsu overall does really well here.
Grade: A

Mutsu has a really great face, as the art style is really cute. I like how there are chibi or simplified moments, as I find that kind of thing cute. Being fair Mutsu doesn't look too different from the other girls, though that's not a statement about the anime. I like the designs, after all. The curves of Mutsu's face, her cheeks and chin, compliment her and her glasses well, and I like her cute expressions. I will mention the her nose is pointed, though at some times she has just a dot too.There was a time where she was worried about sunburn and put something black on her face, but I don't get it as tanned girls are sexy. Overall Mutsu still does well, the cute soft look as well as the occasional chibi moment helping out here.
Grade: B+

So what do you think of the blog so far, Mutsu?

*Topaz is doing the blog as Riri and Mutsu continue to scavenge. They have a bowl that Mutsu had been carrying that they were filling with various fruits and other things.*

: I still don't understand why you're making us do all this heavy work, Topaz. It's hot and the sun is bearing down on us.

But I'm busy doing the blog and talking about how great Mutsu looks! Especially her cute glasses!

: M-my glasses, CUTE? I've never heard that before.

: I highly doubt that you've NEVER heard that. After all, it's more popular these days. At least Topaz hopes so.

I agree! More girls need to appreciate wearing their glasses!

: So unless you were living on a desert island or something-OH F-ahem, m-my mistake, Mutsu. I shouldn't have said something like that.

: No no, I understand that it was unintentional. Though I do suppose that there aren't any guys to impress on this island.

Good, as otherwise you girls wouldn't walk around in your underwear or naked as much.

: Excuse me?!

N-nothing! Anyway, I'm just glad that through your adventure you continue to wear your glasses. And that they hopefully will never break.

: One can only hope so.

: I mean they're not even cracked either! Truly it is a miracle of glasses engineering!

I agree. I wish mine were that good, but noooo. They've gotta get a crack in the lens that I can't help but notice!

: Cool down, Topaz.

But it annoys me so much!

: Perhaps if you look for food you'll take your mind off it.

Maybe that would be good...

: Oh, but don't forget about the blog either!

Certainly not. I can't procrastinate now, as it's the last minute!

*Ririchiyo and Mutsu sit back, watching Topaz do all the work as well as his blog. Riri even fans herself with a frond.*

: Do you think he'll ever realize that we tricked him?

: Probably not. He's not that bright after all. But he's got a good heart, and I think he might have intentionally fallen for this for our sake... or at least mine.

: What was that last part?

: N-NOTHING! And Topaz, don't forget to continue the blog!

Aye aye! Let's get to the next area!

Mutsu does fairly alright here. She's 154 cm according to official sources, though like the other girls in the series she's a surprisingly curvy high school girl, Not in excess or anything, but still. Fortunately this does mean that her ass looks pretty good, and she shows it a good amount. This includes seeing a good shot of Mutsu's ass in the hot spring episode where she's stretching out in the moonlight. She has pretty nice round cheeks, which is good. Speaking of her lower half, her legs and feet are pretty good as well. During the anime they also suggest that they might be smelly as a result of living on the island and think of things such as a shower or perfume to keep themselves smelling good, so hopefully Mutsu doesn't stink or anything. Probably the biggest issue is that, while flipping through the manga, I happened to see a point where Mutsu gets bitten by a bug or something on the crotch. The other girls want to help heal her, but it requires them to shave off her pubic hair. Her lacking it isn't the problem, but I'm a big fan of not knowing that she had it in the first place. It isn't shown off too much either, as it's not that kind of series. Still, Mutsu does quite well by showing off her bare ass and otherwise looking quite good.
Grade: B

As mentioned before, the girls in this series are fairly curvy. This does mean that they're at least somewhat busty, and Mutsu is no different. She's certainly smaller than Asuka, but there are still a lot of cleavage moments in the series I seems (usually in underwear). Mutsu also shows some slight sideboob on occasion as well. Fortunately it isn't too excessive (with Asuka having some of that) so overall I'd like to say that Mutsu doesn't suffer all that much.
Grade: B-

Due to living on an island Mutsu doesn't have a lot of outfits shown. We don't even get flashbacks or the like to see what her casual outfits are. Instead we only really see her in her uniform and underwear. Her uniform consists of a long sleeve white shirt with a collar and buttons in front, a red bow tie, and a pleated skirt. She has black socks which don't even reach her knees, and she has brown loafers for shoes. Due to the white shirt when Mutsu gets wet it clings to her and seems transparent as well. Even her underwear is a little boring, being a simple white. Mutsu also lacks a blazer like the other girls have, or a vest like Asuka. It's a shame that she doesn't show off anything else, not even something like a leaf bikini that anime seems to like doing on island trapped stories like this (not that I'd want a bikini, but anything would have helped with the variety). Mutsu's uniform isn't too bad, but it still has a lot of issues.
Grade: C+

*Mutsu is very red after what Topaz had said.*

Something wrong, Mutsu? You seem embarrassed.

: Of COURSE she'd be embarrassed! You talked about her possibly stinking, you saw her naked without her permission, and you pointed out that she's probably been wearing that underwear for some time!

: Actually it was more because I just realized that I had lost my blazer. But the things you pointed out are all even worse!

Yeah, good job Riri!

: W-what?! It's not my fault that you give me lines!

Shhh, don't meta the blog.

: I'll meta all I dang well please! Especially when it makes Mutsu more comfortable!

*Riri and Topaz stare at one another, so Mutsu gets between them.*

: I-I was just joking, of course! I wasn't too bothered by it. Though it would be embarrassing to do those types of things on camera. Fortunately there's nothing like that around, now is there.

*Riri and Topaz twitch their eyes, looking at one another before turning back towards Mutsu.*

C-certainly not!

: R-right! Where would we even have a camera anyway? We're on a desert island!

T-that's right, so let's get going on with the blog!

: You two are acting really suspicious...

No more than usual.

: Right. It's not like we're hiding a smoke monster or genetically altered polar bears or anything!

Hey now. You're making references that I don't even know about now.

: So par for the course, with that terrible memory of yours.

Fair point. But speaking of my poor memory let's get going with Mutsu's blog. After all, I might forget what I'm up to.

: *sweat drop* Boy, have I met some strange people...

*Topaz continues the blog, but before that happens we go to a location of evil people. A cloaked figure comes up to a shadowy one who seems to be working on a delicate project.*

???: What are you doing now? Playing dumb games again?

???: Not now, Tiara. I know that we may be from the same franchise but not same series, but regardless I am in the middle of something and I need my concentration.

Tiara: This boring thing? Just give it up as you have something better to do!

*Tiara tosses the game the other girl was playing with away, making it buzz.*

???: If that was an actual patient he would have died!

Tiara: Who cares about others, unless they're going to praise and treat me like a princess. Like I deserve. Besides, that's just a toy.

???: Just tell me what to do, Tiara.

*Tiara then unfolds a map.*

Tiara: It seems that Topaz will be arriving here soon. We want you to meet with him, then convince him to stop the blog using any means necessary.

???: I don't see why I got in this position. Topaz LIKES me, and I wouldn't mind being talked about. Not only that, but I'm an Angel... well, sorta.

Tiara: That doesn't matter! Blame Topaz for not watching OreSuki to make THAT meganekko into a villain.

???: Why do we even HAVE to be villains? He seems quite nice.

*Tiara shows off a large machine, and the mystery girl's eyes light up.*

Tiara: You'll be able to use THIS power tool!

???: B-but it's so much bigger than normal! Look at those elegant curves! This shouldn't even be OUT yet!

Tiara: That's right, and you'll be able to use the Ultra Sucker 3000!

???: I'm certainly conflicted. On one hand I have no aggression towards Topaz... But that machine...

Tiara: You have until next week to decide. I hope you make the correct choice...

*She leaves the mystery girl behind with the machine.8

???: Ahhh.... This is such a terrible decision... but....

*She cannot decide, and with that we return to Topaz's blog.*

Mutsu is an interesting character, even if the show doesn't show off her strengths all that much. She's quite smart and has a lot of knowledge, but as seen in her introduction she's the type that likes sharing information and possibly talking a little too much after getting excited. She's also an eager learner, being one of the first most times to follow Homare's ideas even if she can't quite do all of them herself. Mutsu is shy and cute, but is able to think calm and keep a level head (such as when in the manga Homare got trapped in a pit with a tree fallen over the hole). She's the first in the school it seems, and is very quick to pick up new skills (which is really handing given the scenario they're stuck in). Her hobbies are also cooking and reading, both of which are helpful on the island that she and the other girls are trapped on. Mutsu is also polite too, using “-san” as a title while Asuka and Homare disregard them at all. Speaking of Mutsu's voice, it's quite cute and fits her character well. Kiyano Yasuno does a good job, and some other roles include Elena from Star Twinkle or Megumi from Saenai Heroine (the former needing more screentime and the latter being horribly overrated). Overall Mutsu is a great meganekko, even if this series was shorter than most in air-time and thus she didn't get a lot of characterization.
Grade: B

There isn't too many moments shown that would show Mutsu's libido, but there are certainly some things to talk about here. I'm not sure if she has any male crushes back on the mainland, but worse is that it's implied that she's into BL. I'm not sure if there's anything to back that up or if that's just saying that because Mutsu has glasses that she HAS to be a fujoshi. That's terrible stereotyping, even if apparently her wish is to become a BL light novel writer. As mentioned before Mutsu also gets a bug bite near her crotch, but I wouldn't count the girls looking for that in this area. She does have a lot of yuri shipping with the girls too. Probably the biggest example would be the deep kiss she shares with Homare in the first episode, exchanging more than spit. And by that I mean a locust leg-yuck! Anyway, that kiss does help Mutsu out, but I hope that the railroaded BL characteristics don't ruin her at some future point.
Grade: B

I'm not sure how old Mutsu is. She does seem to be a high school student, and seems to be in her second year as well (I think, if the things I read were true). Thus there isn't too much to discuss, but she still does somewhat well here.
Grade: B

Total Grades: 73
Average score: 8.1
Final Grade: B

And that's the blog for this week. What do you think of it?

: I believe that I did quite well, though I cannot be sure.

It's a pretty average score, but there's nothing wrong with that. Other than you not getting the reception you so deserve.

: There's also the fact that we're still trapped on the island...

That's a good point. Let's go see how well Riri and Kimiko have been going.

: There's more guests? Homare and the others will certainly want to know that. But first how about you show me to were the others are.

Good plan. Follow me and don't get lost!

*Matsu and Riri follow Topaz. After getting lost twice he manages to find his way.*

Rika! Kimiko! We're back, and we brought a meganekko friend!

: W-what?! How long were you alone back there!

: How naughty, Topaz! Ni-pah~

: Oh! It seems that you came in that plane!

That's right, and fortunately our glasses didn't go flying off as if one of us were a blue Cure!

: Fortunately we didn't have to train against a dragon either.

Man, I'm full of desert island references. Any more that we could fit in here?

: Look, Topaz! Da plane! Da plane!

*Rika points to the plane, which had been pulled out of the water. It's positioned and looks shiny.*

: You know, at this point I'm not even surprised. I'm just curious as to how you know all these pop culture things.

Hey, they reference those shows on all sorts of series. Plus my parents like watching reruns on TV.

: W-wait, that plane looks like it works!

: Wait a second, wasn't that in the water?!

: You'd be surprised at what I can do when I put my mind to it!

: We also painted over the damaged parts, and magically it looks like it would work!

That's fortunate, as Jeff isn't here.

: Ah, there it is. Classic video game references. At least we don't need to go on a drug trip to survive a mushroom's attack...

Well, it is 2020. Time to fight drugs!

: I do not know what you're talking about...

: They get like that sometimes. But thanks for bringing these two numbskulls back. I'm sure that Kimiko can get us back.

: Certainly! I'm ready to leave at any time, so hop aboard!

*Kimiko heads aboard, ready to steer. Rika follows her.*

: I'm not going to have you rely on that inflatable autopilot for this, Kimiko. I'm going to copilot.

*Riri and Topaz start to head aboard.*

Looks like we'll be taking off soon.

: At least we didn't have to stay too long on this island.

: And I'll be able to leave. Wait, let me go and collect my friends too!

*Mutsu rushes off into the woods to find her friends. Kimiko starts the engine, so Topaz has to shout.*

Great plan, go and get them!


*Kimiko then starts lifting off, the bouncing of the plane causing Topaz and Riri to fall inside as the door and ramp closes. They fly off just as Mutsu finds her friends and starts coming to the beach.*

: -and they said that they would take us back and-WAIT, where did they go?!

*She looks around, even digging in the sand where the plane was.*

: You got us all excited over nothing?! Or was it a hallucination or something?

: It may have been heat stroke. Are you feeling alright? Do you need fresh water? A compress?

: N-no, I swear, there was someone here to do a blog!

: W-wait, didn't the last person who did a blog on one of us rescue us?

: That's right.

: Hmm, so it seems we have more contact with the outside world on this island...

: Looks like we're stranded once again.

: Remind me not to take any more trips with you all, even if we've become such good friends.

: Oh? But I thought you liked my survival skills.

: We do, but I have no idea how we arrived on this island again. We took a BUS! A BUS!

: We can only hope that we'll find some way to get off this island-wait, is that a boat over there?

*The girls wave to a boat, and the mermaids who were driving it around take them back to shore. Meanwhile, in the skies Topaz is arguing with Kimiko.*

We HAVE to go back! I promised that they would get off the island! We can't just leave them there!

: I told you before that we can't turn around! We lost the pathfinding so it's on autopilot on the way back!

: Such a shame that we just so happened to lose that one particular chip...

: At least we aren't going into space. That said at least we'll be on the way back!

: That's right! Time to go to Wisconsin, where it's likely cold, icy, and possibly snowing. A truly frigid marvel!

*Topaz looks to Kimiko.*

Uh... Are you SURE we can't go back to the island? I have to, er, spend the winter there.

: Topaz! Stop being irresponsible!

: Besides, you'll probably die without electronics for that long. You're struggling to keep up on videos and games as it is!

That's true, as this has been a very busy week it seems. But for a hint we'll be visiting a game store to pick up a gift for a friend!

: I thought you already got him something...

Shhhh, don't spoil the hints.

: Having a bland hint like that is a code GREEN, Topaz. Even if you can't read Kanji and thus that joke probably has different symbols.

I sure hope not, but it wouldn't surprise me. But see you all next week when we'll be looking at a board game-playing meganekko!

: But you already DID Rizu!

No, the other one. The one with dark hair.

*With that Kimiko steers into the sunlight, and the four of them make it back safely. Like Mutsu and her friends, as well. However, the next day during breakfast Kimiko is still half asleep as she pours herself a bowl of cereal. Rika joins her, getting one for herself as the meganekko starts to eat.*

: You know what I just remembered, Kimiko?

: MMMPH? What?

: Well, you know how you can teleport, right?

: Sure, what about it?

: Couldn't you have just warped us off that island and made this all a lot easier?

: What do you mean... HOLY GLASSES!

*Kimiko feels dumb and facepalms, which makes Rika smirk at this. But for now we'll leave them alone, as the blog for this week draws to a close.*
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