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Jan 16, 4:40 AM
Anime Relations: Yu☆Gi☆Oh!
From 8 to 11 October it is a big party in Germany. No, not Oktoberfest, because that has already ended. I am talking about Spiel in Essen, a giant game fair that is said to attract around 150,000 visitors. That is all very nice of course, but what exactly does this have to do with Japanese entertainment? Little at first glance, but of course there will be some games with a Japanese twist to admire. And those are games that usually attract my attention.
Earlier I typed a piece of text about the card game Sushi Go! This fun and smooth game may have been invented by an Australian, the theme really relates to Japanese cuisine and I am just not elitist enough to pretend that the game is not worthy for Japanese entertainment enthusiasts. With a cartoon I am not going to jokingly say that it is not a bag because it was not made in Japan. Anyway, Sushi Go! you can mainly see it as a small snack. This game also has a mobile version, which can be found in the app store . For the more extensive work, however, you also have plenty of options that make you feel like you're in Japanese.
Take Samurai Battles for example . This game is released by a company that is not exactly Japanese: Zvezda . Not surprisingly, this game producer is not Japanese. As I said, it doesn't matter at all and I'd rather look at what the game has to offer. The name gives it away of course, in this game you are waging a war with samurai. The description on the back of the box certainly makes me extremely curious, because in fact they are two game systems in one and knowing myself it can take a while before I get bored of one system, let alone two.
So let me just open the box and take a look at what splendor can be found there.
Yeah bye. As if I'm going to put all those thumbnails together. Another time.
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