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Jan 15, 4:51 AM
Anime Relations: Cannon Busters
A MAL user asked black anime watchers to rally together to get anime created with black main characters. No doubt this thread will be locked or deleted. Here is my reply:

Hi, I’m mixed Jamaican and Nigerian born and raised in London, England. I’ve got almost 25 days of anime watched.

Apparently, if non-Japanese try to make an anime it no longer counts as an anime. There are some exceptions though. For example Cannon Busters counts as an anime but it was created by an African American guy. The Boondocks looks like anime but counts as a cartoon instead. Maybe the animation studio that made Canon Busters was Japanese and the animation studio for the Boondocks was American or something? Somebody correct me if I am wrong here.

I don’t think that Japan has quite yet bought into this whole diversity thing that is sweeping the west. They don’t have a history of enslaving Africans so giving black people a chance isn’t something that they are thinking about since they never denied black people any opportunities to begin with. There just aren’t a lot of black people in their country.

Although, there was a bi-racial Miss Japan or something that caused controversy. Things like that cause controversy all over the world though. Just look at the drama unfolding right now with The British Royal Family (The Sussexes).

All that said, I do feel that in hentai some of the body proportions are just like thick bodied black / white women. Rarely will you ever see an Asian woman with big ass and tiddies like that. Maybe just the tiddies but rarely the ass aswell.

I also feel that it would be better if Japan tried to get some black voice actors to do the few black characters that they create. I got put off of Lucio from Overwatch because they didn’t use a black Brazilian for the voice work.

It’s called cultural appropriation and it isn’t fair but people will say life is unfair and that they pick the best people for the jobs and that no black people applied yada yada. To be fair - with the Blizzard Overwatch example I just gave they DID actually use black voice actors for other black characters such as Doomfist and Orissa (yes I get that Orissa is not a human but she was made in Africa by an African prodigy called Efi).

So TLDR we can’t just make our own black anime and call it anime. But we can hope for more black voice actors getting voice work for black anime characters.

As a side note - I don’t like the way that K-Pop (Korean not Japanese) get African Americans to teach them how to dress and dance like African Americans but in general Asian people still don’t want to mingle with black people. And they even try to rap aswell. I’m being anecdotal here from what I have seen in London myself and also what I have seen on YouTube on channels like Asian boss where black people or mixed Asian and black people share their experiences in China, Korea and Japan.

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