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Jan 13, 6:48 PM
Anime Relations: Dorohedoro
"Dorohedoro" is a new violent steam-punk style fantasy based upon the manga by Q. Hayashida. The manga looks and feels a lot like the works of Tsutomu Nihei such as "Ningyou no Kuni". The anime captures much of the look and detail of the manga including the humor. I went into the first episode without any knowledge of the manga so I found it to be bizarre, somewhat incomprehensible and a lot of fun. (I checked out the manga and Wiki afterwards so I could get more of an understanding of what was going on.)

In some ruined, godforsaken hell hole of a city called Hole a man with the head of a tyrannosaur brutally interrogates and kills sorcerers. The sorcerers come from another dimension and travel to Hole in order to practice their magic on humans, usually with bad results for the humans. This is the case of the lizard-headed man Kaiman who searches out sorcerers in order to find out who changed his head into a lizard head. Kaiman is also inexplicably immune to magical attacks now, which makes his search a little easier. Kaiman is accompanied by a very strong woman named Nikaidou who runs a rundown restaurant where Kaiman mooches food.

The first episode was fast, violent and fairly funny. The mysteries of Kaiman's head and of the two linked worlds are intriguing. The animation is good and the general artwork is quite impressive. It was a fun first episode and it has caught my attention. I may well start to read the manga too. My initial rating is B+.

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