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Jan 13, 3:36 PM
Anime Relations: To LOVE-Ru
I started watching TLR because I was searching for some good ecchi, I love a good ecchi, everyone recommended me this so I watched it.
Truth is I was depressed after I finished Urusei Yatsura and that's why I wanted something trash and garbage, full of nonsense and dumb comedy, glad I found this because it has what I was looking for.
WIth no further ado, TLR is basically to my surprise a Urusei Yatsura set in the modern times (and not the 80s)
- alien girl who becomes main guy's gf because she wants it and whatever
- main guy loves a different girl who likes him too but the alien chick ruined all
- other girls appear and ecchi situations happen with main guy
- alien chick makes dumb inventions that never work
- alien chick can't cook
- alien chick lives with main guy
- alien chick's dad is a powerful warlord in space
- friends of alien girl appear throughout the anime and stuff happen
The only differences are that Ataru is a cool guy who wants a harem and makes advances on girls with no luck; and Rito is a dumb dude who wants to bang Haruna but is afraid even by his own shadow, he's basically a loser, but for some reason, all the girls flock to him.

I would have loved TLR if not for Rito, I mean, he's not that bad, but in this setting having a loser as a main character is too depressing and ugly for me, of course, I have no problems with people that like him, it's not like he's completely lost, he has his good scenes, but all in all I couldn't get over how boring his personality was.
Seeing how the manga was serialized in weekly shonen jump, I get the impression that the creators wanted it to be just like Urusei Yatsura, a romcom with aliens and high school shenanigans. Why? because it doesn't have ecchi in the beginning, maybe they didn't sell so much so they said: nya... fvck it! let's give the readers boobs, ass and accidental cop-a-feel on the crotch and time that by 100. The overall result is kinda good, the sexy scenes are a feast for the eyes.

I can't get over by how dumb Lala is. come on, your bf wants to bang another girl and you're like: wow, we're so friends! and so on, I mean it, Rito could have sex to Haruna in front of Lala and she wouldn't understand, can you imagine what would happen if Ataru was in place of Rito, Lala would have been Ataru's perfect alien gf and Luum would have killed Rito just for staring at Haruna in class. Saruyama on the other hand was fun to watch, he is the true protag in my opinion, funny and perverted guy with no luck with girls (only a milf catgirl though, but he refused her because Rito's idiocy is contagious).
1 Haruna
2 Yui
3 Golden Darkness
4 Mikan
5 the Nurse
Lala and the others are't even worth mentioning

Don't know why but I love the animation, the shots, the music, the overall atmosphere, all seem to be perfectly aligned and not double but triple checked, sincerely, this anime would have been fine even without the ecchi or the sexy parts, just high schoolers having fun, fvck the adult world of making money and putting food on the table, this is fun to watch and I really laughed at the jokes and shenanigans. And wtf was that magical girl episode? I think it was the best episode, it was out of this world. Oh, and the school festival episodes too were fun and those were the only episodes where Rito was cool.
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