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Jan 12, 7:23 PM
Anime Relations: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Karigurashi no Arrietty, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai., Fate/Zero, Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen I - Haou no Tamago, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Fate/Zero 2nd Season, Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199, Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen II - Doldrey Kouryaku, Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen III - Kourin, Sakasama no Patema, Sakamichi no Apollon, Psycho-Pass, Shingeki no Kyojin, Kotonoha no Niwa, Kyoukai no Kanata, Psycho-Pass Movie, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, Aldnoah.Zero, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, Psycho-Pass 2, Zankyou no Terror, Lupin the IIIrd: Jigen Daisuke no Bohyou, Kekkai Sensen, Kyoukai no Kanata Movie 1: I'll Be Here - Kako-hen, Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2, Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Prologue, Death Parade, Kyoukai no Kanata Movie 2: I'll Be Here - Mirai-hen, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season, One Punch Man, 3-gatsu no Lion, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096, Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - II. Lost Butterfly, Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202: Ai no Senshi-tachi, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky, Lupin the IIIrd: Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon, One Punch Man 2nd Season, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season, Kekkai Sensen & Beyond, Ryuu no Haisha, Made in Abyss, 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3, SSSS.Gridman, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower, Megalo Box, Hanebado!, Vinland Saga, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
This is it! The best anime of the 2010 decade! Honestly it highly shocks me how much the anime business has grown from the start of 2010 to now and also it surprises me on how little I was watching back in that 2010 era to where it’s even hard for me to manage what to watch every two weeks and the sheer amount of titles that are available. Plus now a days you can literally watch close to 90% of all anime aired on Japan legally somewhere, whether be on Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, Hulu, VRV, Amazon, Netflix, even YouTube and some are even free to stream (that is if you can deal with crappy ads). However I do want to declare that this list will NOT BE RANKED because in my eyes each and every one of these titles absolutely need to be watched by all anime viewers (unless it’s a more “adult” one and then I’ll mention it) and they are all ranked #1 in my mind, in addition all entries will be marked per series as a whole and there are no splitting up seasons, movies and such. Please note as a disclaimer that I have not seen EVERYTHING that is out there since the beginning of 2010 and these are only based on what I’ve personally watched and rated during this timeframe, I know your favorites maybe different than mine but this is only based on my opinions.

* Oh, just one more thing, these will be more brief than my final impressions and best of 2019 entries as well as show the places and companies on where you can stream and/or purchase the anime from.

So without further ado, here are my top 30 anime of the 2010 decade!

— Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood —

Ok, ok, I know this anime started technically in 2009 however most of the 64-episode series did air in 2010 so this does count! Of course this is what I believe is the greatest anime story ever told and will be on countless amounts of best of all time lists for a lot of people and everyone will never forget the amazing tale of the Elric brothers. The story does get quite rushed in the beginning, pretty much to dash through the manga story that was shown during the more earlier version of the series but once those first 12 episodes are over then it’s pure, amazing shounen adventure bliss with some of the best and most rememberable cast of characters to grace the entire history of anime and studio Bones’ work on the show is nearly flawless! Entire series is streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, VRV and Hulu and is all out on BluRay from Aniplex USA (cheaper Funimation DVD sets may still be available from certain places)

— Ufotable’s “Fate/stay” Saga —

This entry includes “Fate/Zero”, the “Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works” TV series and the “Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel” movies. Studio Ufotable absolutely placed their immensely powerful foot down on anime production with these series and all of them showcase some of the most detailed and highly animated creations that you will never see from anime aired on TV, even surpassing the animation titans of “Kyoto Animation”. Plus the whole “holy grail” battle story with “spirits” of legendary warriors all duking out to become the grand champion showcases some of the most jaw dropping action ever seen in any anime series. Even though this is not watching the story in chronological order it’s really best to start with the UBW series and then go to F/Z and then the HF movies because the story will make slightly more sense and have a better introduction to it’s wide array of heroes and villains, even with it’s extremely convoluted plot-lines. The two TV series are all streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, VRV and Hulu and is out on BluRay from Aniplex USA, the two available HF movies are only available on BluRay from Aniplex USA.

— Hunter x Hunter (2011) —

Note: the “x” is silent. This series is a perfect example of “do not judge a book by it’s cover” or in this case “don’t judge a whole anime series by it’s first four episodes” because once you get past the whole cutesy, almost kid-friendly adventure to become an official “hunter” then this series become a whole new ballgame and this really knocks it out of the park with exciting twists, turns and shocking surprises that you will not see coming, that is until you get to the “greed island” arc and then it gets dumb. However after you deal with that then you will get into one of the best shounen story arcs ever done in an anime series and studio Madhouse’s work on this is utterly phenomenal and quite possibly their greatest anime production ever made! I know 148 episodes is a lot to deal with but this is all one amazing series that cannot be missed out by anyone. Entire series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV and Hulu and is being released on BluRay and DVD from VIZ.

— Attack on Titan —

While America was getting a whole new revision of the post-apocalyptic zombie genre with Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” in both comic and TV adaptions, Japan takes it up quite a few notches with mindless walking, man-eating, over 10 meter tall naked humanoids decimating humanity and their best line of defense is strapping on steam-powered grapple machines, making people fly to slash their down on their giant necks! And damn, what an amazing sight to see on this one! Plus that absolutely amazing soundtrack from composer Hiroyuki Sawano is pure epic audio bliss! This was also the very first anime production made by WIT Studio and even after their first title under their belt they really paved the way to becoming one of the most powerful anime companies in the business. Much like with the later chapters of TWD the story does slow down and more get into the human-vs-human conflicts and politics with the titans more in the background but this is all one epic tale that I will remember for a long time and also really praying the 4th and final season will be one to remember too starting late this year. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation Now and Hulu and is being released on BluRay and DVD from Funimation.

— Vinland Saga —

This one is going to be really brief due to my last final impressions and top 2019 posts. Of course this would be ranked #1 on this list if I did number it and every aspect of this anime TV production is perfect from beginning to end with an absolutely amazing story and cast of characters, superbly animated fight scenes and battles, a highly wonderful soundtrack with quite possibly the best opening and ending theme sequences done within the entire decade, and another powerful showcase that Studio WIT put all of their blood, sweat and tears into all within over 3 years of production! This series is a masterpiece and cannot be missed out by anyone! Just sucks it’s only out on Amazon Prime right now and there are no plans on bringing this out on BluRay and DVD.

— Demon Slayer —

Do I really have to introduce this one? I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Much like with the “Fate/stay” saga above this is yet another anime tour-de-force done by the insanely talented masters over at Ufotable and still makes we wonder where the hell do they get their budget in making their shows? “Unlimited Budget Works” is more like it! Plus this series does feature quite possibly the most beautifully animated episode made during this entire 2010 decade! It was completely mind-blowing! It’s not a 100% masterpiece but this series really has something for almost every anime fan’s tastes with a big cast of fun to watch characters, absolutely amazing battle scenes, pretty decent comedy bits and a story that’s both highly entertaining and highly heart breaking. Lastly more adventures of Tanjiro and Nezuko will be continuing into 2020 with the “Infinite Train” movie and most likely another TV season much further into the near future. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation Now and Hulu and is being released on BluRay from Aniplex USA.

— One Punch Man —

Sure Japan has created some pretty crazy-powered warriors and heroes but Saitama takes the crown tremendously whom is able to defeat any opponent by throwing just one punch! Also the way he earns this power is one of the most ridiculous ways ever thought of, it’s too funny. Speaking of funny, this is by far the silliest anime of this whole list however studio Madhouse’s work on the 1st season is almost just as powerful as our “hero for fun” here and it’s just one kick ass series from start to finish. The 2nd season doesn’t have all of the sharp looks and qualities as the 1st but it’s still super fun to get through and you will guarantee to have one mega blast of a time here, as well as head-bang to those rocking opening themes. Season 1 is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV and Hulu while season 2 is only on Hulu and is being released on BluRay and DVD from VIZ.

— Blood Blockade Battlefront —

Nearly 20 years after the anime adaption of Yasuhiro Nightow’s “Trigun” aired we finally got an anime based on his later manga series, yet unlike the famous gunslinger on a desolate planet we get a special squad of agents helping out humanity deal with alien problems after a catastrophic inter-dimensional event that engulfed New York City. The situations and cases handled here are some really out of this world stuff and also the animation and art qualities done by Studio Bones are just as mind-blowingly impressive. The “Beyond” follow-up series isn’t as rememberable as the highly enjoyable 1st but it’s really more of the same wild fun the first series brought and after watching it you will be begging for more (and I really want to see a 3rd season, bad). Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation Now and Hulu and is out on BluRay and DVD from Funimation.

— Megalo Box —

In this futuristic take on the classic manga series “Ashita no Joe” or “Tomorrow’s Joe”, studio TMS really nailed a lot of heavy punches to this highly unique series that I practically considered as the second coming of “Cowboy Bebop” due to the fact it mirrored a lot of it’s rough and gritty styles as well as for it’s hip-hop grooving soundtrack. Plus what’s more awesome than seeing boxers duke it out with machine powered exo-gear? Ok, “Real Steel” kind of did it first but it’s still a pretty amazing series to watch through and really makes you want to root for the underdog, plus a 2nd season is currently in the works! Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV and Hulu and is out on BluRay and DVD from VIZ.


This was a co-production between Studio Trigger, the team behind series as “Kill la Kill” and “Little Witch Academia”, and Tsuburaya Productions whom is most famous for creating the “Ultraman” series and is a anime remake of the mid 90’s “tokusatsu” series “Denkou Choujin Gridman” (which got a U.S. version but under the title “Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad” and actually that’s what the “SSSS” in the title references). Much like Studio Gainax’s flagship anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” this one is all more about the main giant armored hero duking out against various other giant threats to all of humanity but in much more classic, old school fashions. Plus this series features some of the best CG fight scenes ever seen in any recent anime from this decade with absolutely amazing environment destruction effects. This series is pure classic “kaiju” busting fun with some rather interesting twists to the story that you will not expect and just must be seen, plus recently announced there will be a spin-off anime in the works under the title “SSSS.DYNAZENON”. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation Now and Hulu and is being released on BluRay and DVD from Funimation.

— Space Battleship Yamato 2199 & 2202 —

The original TV series from 1974 and 75 was what really brought Japanese animation into popularity, in both it’s home country and even in the U.S., and is also one of the most rememberable and well loved space sci-fi series of all time. Now time warp nearly 40 years later we get a full reimagining of the beloved series more made for current generation viewers and with hugely stunning results from both Studio AIC and Xebec. The follow-up series story is somewhat of a head-scratcher but the 1st series is the most worth watching and absolutely should not be missed out by any sci-fi fan. Series is streaming on Funimation Now and Hulu and is out on BluRay and DVD from Funimation.

— Aldnoah.Zero —

From the director of “Fate/zero”, the writer of “Psycho-Pass” and the epic music composer of “Attack on Titan” comes one of the most original sci-fi mecha series since “Mobile Suit Gundam”. Also this was one of the first series to perfect the use of CG models in a TV anime for it’s towering robot units along with showcasing it’s highly impressive art and animation from studio TROYCA, whom made their anime debut with this series, along collaborating with A-1 Pictures. Be warned that the story in the 2nd half does get pretty weaker and somewhat nonsensical but this series is still one of the best mecha series made that was not even concocted by the classic minds over at Studio Sunrise. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation Now and Hulu and is out on BluRay from Aniplex USA.

— Made in Abyss —

As they say the longer you stare down into the abyss the abyss stares at you back (or something like that) yet as these brave adventurers travel down the unknown depths the longer they descend further the darker and much more twisted forces come into fruition, and could even easily end their lives! Do not let it’s highly cute and cuddly designs fool you, this is a young adult only title and while it’s story starts out fairly family friendly the show smacks you down with sudden twists and turns that will heavily gut punch you right in the feel basket and hell, it may even make you cry. The highly artistic talents done by studio Kinema Citrus on this series are quite possibly the best quality work they have done in their studio history, also this was one of the first series that introduced me to the mesmerizing musical talents of Australian born composer Kevin Penkin and the work he has made for this series is totally otherworldly and fits all of the series unique visuals perfectly. This is one amazing adventure that everyone needs to embark on and experience for themselves and we are getting a follow-up movie later in 2020! Series is streaming on HIDIVE, VRV and Hulu and is out on BluRay from Sentai Filmworks.

— Death Parade —

Now this one actually started as an experimental one-shot anime short called “Death Billiards” and the concept is pretty damn interesting where …….. actually I don’t want to really spoil it here and it’s something you just have to see for yourself. I guess one way to put this series without giving away the surprise is two people, either related or unrelated, must play random judgement games in order to determine their ultimate fate. How the two got there, well that’s something you have to watch and find out. Yet going back to earlier it’s pretty awesome that a small team of anime creators got their indie idea and made it to become a full 12 episode TV series and even got the assistance of legendary anime studio Madhouse to produce it. The whole series is definitely one of the most unique and thought provoking anime I’ve seen all last decade and even after the TV series ended in 2015 I’m still just praying for a whole another season to be made because the story can literally go on and on and on and the whole “world” it takes place in really needs to be fleshed out more. Also gotta love that super groovy opening. Series is streaming on Funimation Now and Hulu and is out on BluRay and DVD from Funimation.

— Psycho-Pass —

Remember the movie “Minority Report”? So take the “pre-crime” aspects and turn it into handheld guns that can literally blow up potential murderous deviants before they are able to kill anyone, and in extremely gory results, this is like freaking “Mortal Kombat” shit here. Honestly I like to consider this series as the best newly made sci-fi anime since “Ghost in the Shell” and the original series is just a visual powerhouse of amazing coming from the superb talents over at Production I.G. Season two and the first movie ….. eh …….. they’re fine, but at least every young adult needs to experience the 1st season for themselves. Seasons 1 & 2 are streaming on Funimation Now and Hulu and is out on BluRay and DVD from Funimation, season 3 is streaming only on Amazon Prime, the movie is only out on BluRay and DVD from Funimation and the “Sinners of the System” OVA is only out in Japan.

— Terror in Resonance —

From Shinichiro Watanabe, the director of the classic “Cowboy Bebop” series, comes a near masterpiece work that tells the tale of two genius teenagers whom attempt to “wake up the world” through terrorism and riddles throughout downtown Tokyo as well as follow how the Japanese police are going above and beyond to out smart them. This also features music from highly famed composer Yoko Kanno, also of “Bebop” fame and her work on this is amazing with some pretty interesting samples from Icelandic artists. Lastly this series is by far the most visually impressive work done by studio MAPPA and really seemed like they put in all of their blood, sweat and tears into making this highly rememberable experience come to live. I wasn’t a big fan of it’s ending, of course all stories have to end somehow, but this was a powerful series to watch through and through. Series is streaming on Funimation Now and Hulu and is out on BluRay and DVD from Funimation.

— Beyond the Boundary —

Again, rest in peace to all of the highly talented creators and artists that passed away during the arson attack on the main Kyoto Animation studio and even right after the news about the attack I felt like watching this series all again because it really shows how much amazing talent this studio brings to practically all of their work. This story follows two “spirit world warriors” whom defend against “youmu” or “dreamshade” that are manifestations of people’s hated, jealousy and malice yet one of them is a lot more than meets the eye. The entire series is an absolute visual powerhouse and quite possibly has the best animation done by the famed studio, the story does get pretty damn silly at times, hell there’s a whole episode where the main cast must become a singing and dancing idol group to fight a youmu (and it’s sooo freaking funny), but overall it is a completely fun and mesmerizing experience that will have something for everyone. I didn’t think the movies were necessary to be made but they bring a nice closure to the series. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV, HIDIVE and Hulu and is out on BluRay from Sentai Filmworks including the movies.

— Your Lie in April —

To tell the truth this series totally blew past my radar when I was checking out anime when it originally aired and after hearing some hype and praise for the series I didn’t get into it until just past when the final episode aired. The story mainly follows a classical piano child prodigy and a free-spirited violinist and usually classical music based anime aren’t my thing but I’m really glad I checked into this one and it’s one rememberable tale of immensely strong talents and emotions. Plus the concert pieces done in this series are some of the most outstanding animated work A-1 Pictures has done in their studio history, it’s just has to be seen to be believed. I know this one may not be to everyone’s tastes but it’s something that really should be experienced, and get your tissues ready cuz this may make you cry. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV and Hulu and is out on BluRay from Aniplex USA.

— Kids on the Slope —

Another anime from the mastermind Shinichiro Watanabe of “Bebop” fame, yet this one is about teenage kids in the 1960’s whom learns the ins and outs of both teenage school life and the start of becoming a jazz music band. Also just like with “Lie” above this one also totally flew off my radar because, again, it’s music-based yet after hearing much more hype and praise about it I checked into it much later and just the music featured alone makes this series a well remembered experience, whom is done by once again the legendary Yoko Kanno. This series was also the debut work from newly created studio MAPPA, whom were mostly made up of studio Madhouse vets at the time, and this series really showcased what amazing animated talents they were able to pull off, especially during the band sessions. This is again a series that may not be for everyone but it’s an experience that needs to be enjoyed, even just for it’s jazzy jams. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV, HIDIVE and Hulu and is out on BluRay from Sentai Filmworks.

— Hanebado! —

More proof that if a sport exists, there is going to be a manga or anime series about it, especially for one that’s also part of the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo this year. Sports anime, much like music based ones, aren’t really towards my personal tastes either but after seeing the first trailers for this series I had a hunch that this may turn out pretty special. Also, fun fact, I used to play badminton in junior high, although not competitively and I really wasn’t all too great. This anime on the other hand really shocked me on how great looking this turned out, especially coming from an anime studio that really does not have too many well known series under their belts: Liden Films. The matches and the players movements were all amazingly animated and drawn and the story between the main female players was highly engaging and really makes you follow on what’s going inside their heads. Then once the final episode aired I really didn’t want to see this end and really deserves to have more anime made, but when will that be, who knows…. Personally I’m not going to force you to watch this one cuz… well…. who really loves badminton? Yet this was more or less a guilty pleasure series that I highly enjoyed and am still utterly surprised on how well this one turned out. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation Now and Hulu and is out on BluRay and DVD from Funimation.

— March Comes in Like a Lion —

I believe my only reason I got into this one is that I had a person I follow on social media used to rave that this was the best manga series he has read, also ironically the manga series is serialized Young Animal, the same one that’s home to my all time favorite manga series: ‘Berserk”. The series mainly about a loner teenager named Rei and he is attempting to become a heavy competitor in the Japanese national shogi competition, or pretty much the country’s take on “chess”. The story starts off pretty slow and easy going but later on it becomes an emotional powerhouse and it’s also a coming of age tale where you see how Rei attempts to break out of his depression and loneliness, mostly through the help of a family he greatly befriends with and the other shoji competitors. And prepare the tissues cuz this can get pretty close to the heart a few times. The work from studio Shaft is highly artistic with lots of amazing shots and animated sequences, plus the opening and ending themes are some of the most rememberable from this whole decade. This series may not be for everyone but really should not be missed out, now if only there will be a third and final season to finish out the manga series. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV and Hulu and is out on BluRay from Aniplex USA.

— Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day —

I have three words for you on this one: Prepare To Cry! Actually this is the only anime on this list that I didn’t initially watch myself but saw it when watching through a local anime club I attend monthly. I kind of don’t want to give much of the story away but briefly it’s about a group of older teens that have been friends since they were all little kids and even formed their own club of sorts yet one of them befriends the spirit of a Japanese born Russian child nick-named “Menma”. This series is also written by Mari Okada whom has done such notable works as “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms”, “A Lull in the Sea”, “Hanasaku Iroha”, “Toradora!”, “Gosick”, and even the “Black Butler” series. Also this is by far one of the best animated works done by A-1 Pictures and their art and animation on this is phenomenal and they do an ungodly job of recreating the wonderful sights of the real life town the series takes place in. Lastly I will guarantee you will be humming the ending theme for years and years on end, and hell I can even still hear it when writing about this series. I know emotional and sappy stuff is not to everyone’s tastes but if you want to remanence about your childhood and watch a very heartfelt and tearful experience then by all means check this out but I’m not forcing you. Series is streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV and Hulu and is out on BluRay from Aniplex USA, also the compilation/alternate retelling movie version is out on BluRay and DVD from Aniplex.

— The Dragon Dentist —

From the same studio and director that have brought the more recent re-vision movies of the classic “Neon Genesis Evangelion” series, as well as from series creator Hideaki Anno, comes a highly imaginative short anime that is well beyond anything you have seen. I really don’t want to explain much about the story and actually for me to write about it will take up almost half of this blog post but lets just say it isn’t about what you think it’s about and even after watching this three times it’s still hard for me to grasp everything this unique tale is showing me. Yet I am just in awe over what amazing work these two hour long episodes are showcasing. I’m sorry but I’m just going to say go see this now if you haven’t and be amazed, that’s all. It’s streaming on Crunchyroll, VRV and HIDIVE and is out on BluRay from Sentai Filmworks.

— Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn —

In my opinion the “Universal Century” story of the Gundam saga will be the ONLY one that I’ll care about, all of those “alternate universe” and “gunpla fight” series are fine but will never grasp the epic story and events that made this series a true mecha classic for millions. The story takes place three years after the events of the “Char’s Counterattack” movie but in reality you really need to have a doctorate in “Gundamology” to better grasp what’s told in this one and will nitpick many aspects and plot-lines from every single U.C. saga series ever made since the 1979 original. Even without much knowledge of the series past anime you still get a completely amazing animated work that is by far one of the greatest Gundam anime productions made by Studio Sunrise, plus this was the first anime to introduce me to music composer Hiroyuki Sawano of “Attack on Titan” fame. This one is really for long time Gundam buffs only and after you have done your history homework then it will be a truly mind-blowing work to experience. There is a TV edit of the OAV series under “Unicorn RE:0096” and that’s all streaming on Crunchyroll and VRV but personally the true way to watch this is to purchase the BluRay or DVD collection from Right Stuf (and at least you don’t have to only buy the super expensive Japanese import discs now). There is also a follow-up movie to this called “Gundam Narrative” (or “Gundam NT”) which pretty much acts as a side-story to the saga but I would wait until it becomes a cheaper release through Right Stuf.

— Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt —

I said it already and I’ll say it again, the only Gundam saga that really matters is Universal Century and this rather short OAV truly captures the rough hardships the starting wars of the saga have brought. Unlike with “Unicorn” this one does not need any prior knowledge of any Gundam anime and takes place during the 0079 timeframe of the famed “one year war”. Another great aspect of these movies are they equally tell the situations of the soldiers on both sides of the spectrum and follows an ace pilot on both the Federation and Zeon fronts. Also it’s pretty neat that one pilot likes to battle with retro 60’s style pop tunes and the other likes to battle with jazz music. This is another animated tour-de-force from Studio Sunrise and also, unlike Unicorn, does not make use of any CG animation and models at all, and is able to pull off some really amazing scenes and battles, there’s even one scene that makes it like you are playing a first-person shooter game. Despite both movies short lengths these are ones that no Gundam fan should miss out on (also the original manga series is pretty awesome too) and really hope a third set will be made in the near future, hopefully after the “Hathaway” movie is done. Sadly this is not streaming anywhere but are available on BluRay from Right Stuf, also bummer you cannot buy the special edition (and really expensive) imports anymore but those sets had a huge amount of bonuses like storyboard and design books.

— Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Movie Saga —

Attention: This one is not for the kiddos and viewer discretion is advised! Of course as you may know, I’m a huge fan of “Berserk”, cuz that’s what my Twitter account and Playstation Network gamer name is based off of. While the original late 90’s TV series is a bloody mature classic they did pretty much butchered and slashed the starting manga story arc’s finale, yet nearly 15 years after that series ended we finally have a full proper conclusion to the utterly brutal beginnings of our massively sworded hero: Guts (and then they followed up with a really, really shit-tastic CG TV series). The animation work on these were done by Studio 4C who mainly works on short indie anime films and Japanese music videos for bands and singers as well as for some American and European produced anime but their work on this was highly impressive and superbly detailed and even closely.matched the extremely artistic work of it’s original manga creator, Kentaro Miura. Also this was one of the first anime I’ve seen where they used 2D animation with CG models, it seemed kind of weird at first but was still all very nicely done. As far as getting another set of movies in this style based on the later arcs of the manga, who the hell knows when that will be but honestly these three movies are a really great introduction to this well remembered dark fantasy saga and hope after watching it will really make their viewers get into the amazing yet long manga series for themselves. All three movies are available in one collection on BluRay and DVD from VIZ.

— Lupin the Third: The Takeshi Koike Movies —

Another warning: this one is only for the big kids. The Lupin series has been going on for well over 50 years now yet only until these movies came out the series were all much more comical, tongue-and-cheeky and really not all that that serious, but still so super fun to watch, and then with these Takeshi Koike directed ones (of “Redline” fame) they were like if Quentin Tarantino directed our squad of super talented thieves. This is a trilogy of short movies each based on a backstory of each of Lupin’s main squad of Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko yet out of the ones that have been released in the U.S. they are much more mature and much more violent takes on the classic series, even one of them as a bit a nudity going on too. Telecom Animation still does the work on the movies and much of the styles and animation are also very similar to another earlier mature take on the series: “The Woman Called Fujiko Mine” (which Koike also did the designs for) and everything done on them just bleeds out classic 60’s gritty styles and is such an awesome blast to watch. I wouldn’t consider these as a great start point to the series, actually the earlier “Fujiko” TV series should really at least be watched beforehand, but all are highly recommended for longtime fans of the anime. The first two movies are out on BluRay and DVD from Discotek Media and the third should be released sometime in 2020 but is not confirmed.

— Patema Inverted —

Alright, now this one is more family friendly and will say it’s just one of those anime where it’s concept doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense but how they were able to pull it off just begs for it to be watched by everyone. This was actually director Yasuhiro Yoshiura’s very first feature length film but before this he only made a couple highly unique indie sci-fi anime shorts including “Time of Eve” and “Pale Cocoon” and really brings his highly creative talents to this very odd tale of two people on the opposite spectrums of gravity. It’s mainly done by the same studio that worked on “Time of Eve”, Studio Rikka and it’s also another anime I really don’t want to explain a whole of story for and again I’m just going to say if you haven’t seen this, please do so ASAP and it will be a highly amazing tale that you will not forget. The movie is out on BluRay and DVD from GKIDS.

— The Garden of Words —

Director Makoto Shinkai absolutely needs no introduction and while his “Your Name” feature was blowing up sales charts nationwide during the last decade his previous film much more impressed me in both originality and overall visuals. It’s a lot more of an indie film where it follows a teenage rookie shoe designer in high school and he meets an older office lady in her mid 20’s during a visit to the national garden of Shinjuku and attempts to have her try his prototype dress shoes but during the course of their meet up they learn much more about each other. Honestly until I actually see “Weathering With You” this short film by far featured the most gorgeous rain animation I’ve seen in any Japanese animation or even in any worldwide animated works to date and the visuals of the city and the park are an absolute complete sight to behold. The movie itself only runs less than 50 minutes but the entire film is a visual masterpiece and personally needs to be see at least once in any anime fans life time but everyone’s mileage will vary to make it a true keeper or not. The movie is streaming on HIDIVE and VRV and is out on BluRay from Sentai Filmworks.

— The Secret World of Arrietty —

The famed Studio Ghibili didn’t have much of a strong impact to the anime biz in the 2010’s yet this one I definitely thought was the most rememberable of their talents. It’s directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, whom also did “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” for Studio Ponoc, with an assisted screenplay by Hayao Miyazaki and it’s loosely based off of “The Borrowers” children’s books by Mary Norton. I personally thought the most fun and interesting aspects of the story were dealing with Arrietty and her borrower clan on how they moved around and utilized through their giant-sized environments and even show how they make their homes within the walls and cracks of the large house they have settled in. The movie is definitely no “Spirited Away” or “Princess Mononoke” but really needs to be checked out at least once and is also pretty family friendly for even non-anime viewing audiences, yet it’s a sad shame the U.S. English dub is highly mediocre and pales in comparison to the U.K. dub from what I heard. The movie is out on BluRay and DVD from Shout Factory.

Now I would immensely agree that there are a whole lot more highly enjoyable anime that were done in the 2010’s so here is just a brief list of 30 more series that will not be forgotten from the decade:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure TV Series
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Lupin the Third: Parts IV & V
My Hero Academia
Mob Psycho 100
Fire Force
Golden Kamuy
Kill la Kill
The Sword Art Online Saga
The Ancient Magus’ Bride
The Promised Neverland
The Rising of the Shield Hero
The Saga of Tanya the Evil
B: The Beginning
Parasyte: The Maxim
A.I.C.O. -Incarnation-
Land of the Lustrous
Yuru (Laid-Back) Camp
A Place Farther Than the Universe
Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
Violet Evergarden
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin
Ghost in the Shell Arise
Broken Blade
Short Peace
Your Name
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