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Jan 5, 9:19 PM
Anime Relations: Youjo Senki Movie
(contains spoilers)
Hey everyone. I just finished watching the Youjo Senki movie. It's one of my fav current series so I wanted to write a review about it right away. I really liked the first TV season but at the same time had mixed feeling about the conclusion and was afraid that I wouldn't like the movie so I put off watching it since it came out. Sometimes movies are not as good as the series but this time it wasn't disappointing! The movie is just like a longer episode that continues where the series stopped. I am into watching some other isekai series but I think this one has one of the most interesting settings with the main character as a businessman getting reincarnated as a little girl in 20th century Europe with force magic rather than a completely new fantasy world. However it is very military also which can also be kind of sad... Watching them fly around with jetpacks and speeders is like watching some kind of weird conglomeration of Harry Potter and Star Wars at times and the animation doesn't disappoint. However Tanya's unique personality is really the highlight of the series. Her screw you sonzai X attitude is really refreshing compared to other isekai though kind of confusing at times since they are all mages here and there hasn't been much further development with it since the first season. There also isn't much of sonzai X in this. The antagonist is really good at magic so maybe that counts. I'm surprised I like it because usually I go for things with more of the genuinely good guy protagonists (like in Shield Hero, lol) but sometimes you do forget that Tanya is evil, since she's easy to route for. I feel like one of the things the series could do a lot more of is development of the other characters than Tanya (and not the boring general dudes, I mean her comrades that she's with all the time) but mostly they don't and it is just about the battles. I think they could even put in more conflicts about her being a little girl but they don't for the most part. The main conflict in this is with Mary Sue the daughter of the guy with the rifle Tanya killed in the first season who is seeking revenge on Tanya. It is actually really exciting. I wonder if she was ironically named. In fanfiction, Mary Sue is a nickname sometimes given to an overpowered fan creation character and this mary sue does live up to that classification. She is overpowered and with an annoying motivation to Tanya but you also definitely sympathize with her because Tanya has been jaded by war so much that she refuses to even acknowledge the concept of her coming after her for revenge. Tanya says there is no room for personal feelings but in the beginning they also say they end up losing in the end because of people's personal feelings. It is actually a really interesting confrontation to watch and Mary even seemingly survives, though barely, so she could come after Tanya again... but she was also shot like 10 times so maybe not. Another weird thing is listening to Tanya try to encourage her men by saying they are all fighting for freedom. They are imperials so do they even have that much freedom...? I know that their world isn't a one for one correspondence to the real history but it still makes me wonder why she never considered switching sides before with her knowledge from the world she came from or like do things trying to prevent the war rather than working so hard on her strategies. On the other hand she is a bit cowardly and cares about her status so maybe she is happy where she ended up enough to try for success there or switching would have been too difficult for her. I half think her personality is masochistic and she enjoys it sometimes, maybe it just seems that way. I feel like there is so much they could do with the series in this setting if they deterred from history even further but it seems like they will not do that so far. They also mention the other side is locking up their mages and focusing on developing technology instead so that is new for this movie and I feel like, by following Tanya in just a short period as the series does so far, it is only on the surface of what it could be. At the begging of the movie, they have the future clip which says they will eventually lose the war and it's a bit of a surprise to see them tell you that will happen for sure and makes you wonder what will happen to her next. I hope they will continue making the anime of this series for another season or even two more. Also Tanya and Vittoiya are played by two of my favorite voice actresses, they are great, so looking forward to the next part, hopefully. Even if it will be a while before it comes out at least we're seeing Tanya in Isekai Quartet which is the cute version.

Also to update about my list, I am watching some animes off-list right now and will add them in at the end because it is motivating me to watch them more that way, for some strange reason.
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