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Dec 4, 9:13 AM
Anime Relations: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

My avatar was made for me when I was admin of a street fighter forum. I reached #1 on the UK leaderboards for Sakura on the PS3 at this time aswell. Sakura as a character represents my determination, passion and aspirations.

Looking at my sig it also reflects different aspects of my personality and interests.

I made the sig myself. It represents black women and beauty. It represents my competative nature with D.Va (far left) and my interest in Asian women / ladyboys / gaming etc. I should mention that I am attracted to women of all races but black and Asian are my favourites. Also D.Va represents my time served in the military and my ability to work with complex systems. She is also cosplaying as Asuka Langley so this represents my anime side. I also got into anime though anime fighters and jrpgs so she embodies that aswell for me.

The character next along from the left is a unique character that the artist made up. This represents my creativity and perhaps also vanity and attention seeking and of course my own cultural uniqueness and my extroverted side. I'm half Jamaican and half Nigerian but born and raised in London. My parents didn't teach me much about my heritage including cultural traditions and languages because they believe that our place is in heaven and where we came from on earth isn't important. I do not agree. I may as awll have been born to an adopted family or from a slave line then.
She is carrying a railgun. For me this represents my weapons training in the military and my marksmanship skills aswell as my enjoyment of various FPS games such as Overwatch, Destiny, Black Ops 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

In the middle we have Menat. She represents my lust and desires, health and fitness and also Black History since she is Egyptian. Menat also closely resembles my fiancée in both face and body.

Sombra represents the modern me. My connections and use of technology. Also my dark and shady side and my introverted side. Also her being a criminal and wearing a hoodie reflects how society tends to view me as a young black man and all of the negative experiences I have had as a result. Sometimes even from my own kinfolk.

Bowsette and Booette represent a number of things. I opted for a chibi non-sexualised version. Bowsette appears to be in command and in control and pointing something out which demonstrates my inquisitive nature. Again the trans attraction is seen here but subtly. My appreciation of bright and beautiful things. My innocence and purity that has been long lost. My somewhat childlike and sometimes naive nature when I decide to open up to people. My fond memories of when i was younger. Also my leadership ability and being able to plan ahead and see things that alot of other people don't often see. My strategic side. I am an INTJ after all. Booette being a ghost shows my spiritual / religious side and belief in the supernatural. Also my interest in fiction and stories and history. Booette also represents my calm laid back state and approach to most things. I am most comfortable in a calm and organised setting.

All of the charcters are female. I have always been attracted to females and had the best friendships and relationships with females. I grew up with a harem of females that were attracted to me because I was not shy to ask a girl for her number or to go on a date (well i was sometimes).

The signature theme is purple. I have explained why i like purple in my profile. But until this year my favourite colour was blue.

Sakura and Menat both appear in Street Fighter. D.Va and Sombra both appear in Overwatch. Street Fighter, Overwatch and Destiny are the three online games that i have spent the most time playing and that have had the biggest direct or indirect impact on my life. Interestingly when it comes to anime it is the male characters who have had the biggest impact on my life. Scar, Edward Elric, Rider, King Bradley and Sloth to be specific. I have been inspired by these characters most and they also remind me of myself the most. The only female anime character to remind me of myself so far is Akko. Like Sakura she reminds me of my determination, passion and aspirations. If I were to make another signature like my current one you could expect to see these characters in that one.

As you can see, I have put forth much of myself and much thought into my signature. So much so that I feel it represents me better than any other signature I have made before now because this one is so multifaceted. It will probably be a long time before I change this one permanently to something else.
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