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Dec 4, 7:28 AM
I might end up putting this on the MAL Anime Challenge... MAYBE. LOL

Also I can't believe how different Laura Bailey's voice sounded like in 1998 as compared to 2007 or even today... I mean I guess that was really expected, not to mention audio quality got a lot better as years went by too.

Also today I just realized I was pretty certain that the guy who voiced Rei is the same guy who voiced Shigure from Fruits Basket in the dub, and I checked MAL, and I was right!!!

So lol Tohru's and Shigure's voices are the same as Sana's and Rei's voices lol hahaha

omg oh yeah and the fact that both anime have a character named Akito in both of them oh wow but honestly that coincidence isn't all that impressive I mean even twelve year old me knew both anime had the name Akito in it sooo


I finally heard Akito's voice and at first I was all like huh I don't remember Akito's voice's being this boring

Then I realized it kind of sounds like Kyo's from Fruits Basket and then I looked it up THE VOICE OF AKITO IS THE SAME AS KYO SOUMA OMGGG OMGGGG

So Tohru, Shigure, and Kyo... All their voice actors are the same as Sana, Rei, and Akito... Then what was Fruits Basket really- their own anime reunion??!!? LOL

This really makes me want to watch the original Fruits Basket now but I think if I were to watch Fruits Basket at all I should definitely be watching the new one right? I think I left off on episode 13 or 14 of that one?
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