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Dec 4, 7:22 AM
lol i originally watched this, because I thought it would match the requirements for the MAL Anime Challenge but it says "16 minutes or more per episode" which means the anime I would have to watch has to at least be two episodes long sooo lol lolololol

Anyway, watching the OVA really took me back to when I watched the main series back in 2009... On On Demand with the Anime Network, which is how I was introduced to this anime in the first place. But learning that Laura Bailey voiced both Tohru Honda and Sana in the dub... I can't believe it. The voices honestly sound so different!

But I digress anyway yeah watching the OVA really made me want to rewatch the entire main series again also I'm not entirely sure about this but I'm pretty convinced the OVA covered like lol idk the first ten episodes in 30 minutes or so jeez lol or maybe it was the first three? I don't know. I'll let you know when I know bc I'm currently rewatching the main series now lol

Also I know this anime as "Kodocha"!
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