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Dec 2, 12:39 AM
Anime Relations: Hetalia Axis Powers
Copenhagen is considered to be one of the best cities for hiking because the famous 1.8-km street Stroget is located here - the longest and first pedestrian zone in the world. And in the city, there are lots of parks, museums, cathedrals, and other structures.

Church of Holmen

The navy has long held a special position in Denmark, in many ways providing the power of the state. This means that without a visit to the naval church, the examination of Copenhagen will certainly be incomplete.

It is in her that famous sailors are buried, and Christian IV laid the foundation for this tradition. Now, under her floor are the graves of two hundred sailors. In its original form, the temple did not reach us, because it was repeatedly restored, rebuilt and changed. In the church there are benches made of oak, a wooden model of the ship and a special finish - all this reminds of a marine theme.

City Hall Square

It is in this place that travelers gather in order to determine what to see in Copenhagen per day. But already here you can begin to admire the beauties of the capital - only a fountain, called "The Struggle of a Bull with a Snake", is worth a lot. It was created according to the project of Jochim Skovgard, who saw the outline of the sculpture in wallpaper drips when he was ill.

Monument to Hans Christian Andersen

Not to look at the monument to the great storyteller, whose fascinating works are read out by children of all countries and generations, is simply blasphemous. It is located directly on the City Hall Square, to the right of the Town Hall itself. And very close is the Andersen Museum, which is also worth a visit. There you can meet the heroes of all children's tales.

Copenhagen City Hall

The Town Hall in Copenhagen failed to maintain its original features because it was rebuilt several times. The current view is the result of the work of the architect Martin Nyurop (1905). And the building itself was built in the XVIII century. The height of the Town Hall reaches 106 meters, which only emphasizes the grandeur of the building, made in the style of late romanticism.

Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park

It is not just another entertainment center, but a whole world full of magic. It is at this point in Copenhagen that the best attractions are concentrated. In impressions, this can only be compared with the available selection of high quality iGaming sites with Danish krone deposits and with a lot of bonuses. In addition, the age of the park itself flatters its customers, because it occupies a silver line in this regard. Only Baken is older than him - another Danish amusement park.

Nyhavn Embankment

Copenhagen Embankment Nyhavn is simply designed for romantic walks. Although in the XVII century it was pursued a much more prosaic goal - to make unloading and loading of goods as convenient as possible.

But now couples in love are walking on it, passing by old houses creating an indescribable atmosphere of comfort and antiquity. But it was precisely here that G.H. Andersen lived - in houses under No. 18, 20 and 67. In winter, it is pleasant to sit in a warm restaurant, and in summer - to go boating and freshen up.
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