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Nov 26, 2019 11:18 AM
Anime Relations: Mob Psycho 100
Supernatural Challenge - Easy 25/25 | Medium 0/35 | Hard 0/45 [Forum]

  • Only use anime listed here.
  • Difficulties:
    Easy: 25 series
    Medium: 35 series
    Hard: 45 series
     — This challenge can be completed twice (x2) for each difficulty.
  • Previously completed is not allowed except for Easy difficulty the first time through.
     — Make all previously completed entries in italics.
     — Series previously started, but not finished, may be used.
     — Airing can be used, but you must complete the series, so you can only turn-in the challenge after the series has finished airing.
  • Any type is allowed, but must be equal to or longer than 15 minutes (total).

HoF Checklist

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