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Nov 10, 5:23 PM
Hikaru: *Byakugan*!!

lmaoo !! lol hehehe ahahaha hahaha haha omg


Yeah so the MAL discussion board is saying that one of the users says Hikaru's probably in denial of Sai's disappearance

I agree...


Also do Go stones vary by prefecture?
Because the Innoshima Go stones look significantly thinner than the rest of the ones I've seen in this anime

Well, I know Hyuga, Miyazaki is actually near Hiroshima, which is the prefecture Hyuga is in. And Hyuga clams are the best clams in Japan for the high grade white clamshell for the best high quality Go stones.

So maybe if I end up buying Hyuga clamshell white Go stones, I should expect them to be just as thin as I saw in this episode maybe?
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