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Oct 20, 2019 8:36 AM
Anime Relations: Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
First - Happy 11th anniversary on my anime list. :)

So I have decided to make a new list for next year where I will list all the new seasonal anime I watch starting next year because it will be easier to navigate if I don't have a really long list like this list has become, and I won't feel embarassed about it being too long because it has been too many years! I am not getting rid of this list and will still use it to go on the forums and clubs, reference, and sometimes add things I never got around to watching that I wanted to add to this list.- I am not going to stop at exactly 500, lol. I will still update manga on this list rather than the new one, since I don't read manga that much. I will still write blogs on this list but am mostly stopping writing blogs right now but might go back to it again later. Also I am watching MHA4 on the new list and En En no Shouboutai on this list, but after that switching for all new seasonal anime, hopefully, and already moved some of my on hold list too to help with trying to finish those. I am probably not going to do the watching challenge next year because it was burdensome this year and still have not finished it to this date but I guess it's still possible to finish it so we'll see what happens. Thanks!

About what I watched recently: I liked Dream Festival 2 a lot. Music anime are so fun I read they are making another Tsukiuta and looking forward to that too, lol. I liked Shield Hero, I thought it was pretty fun somehow even though very annoying, lol. I liked the final arc anyway and definitely looking forward to the next season whenever it comes out. I didn't like Hamatora too much because it was too violent and depressing but I'm glad I finished it to see the end which did resolve questions of what happened. I watched it based on a recommendation so was glad to finish it even a year later. I will still watch that genre but I need a break from it until the next thing I watch.

[updated Nov 10, 2019]
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