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Oct 3, 2019 7:06 AM
Anime Relations: Mirai Nikki, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Hi, This is my first post. I'll watch anything that makes sense. The Art style doesn't even have to be great. Just as long as it makes sense but as of 2019, Lot's of shows are struggling with that. I like a wide range of genres. I'll watch nearly anything that has genuine comedy as well.

I don't read Manga. I Prefer having Sound, Color, and more pictures per second than manga readers. Yes, I know that Manga readers get content before Anime watchers but, I'd rather see Animes that I haven't seen as opposed to not having Sound, Color, and motion. I only read Non-Fiction anyways.

I love Konosuba. It's very funny and it ALWAYS has the viewer laughing. I also love Mirrai Nikki. I love Gore and Killing shows but this one introduced a twist. It was pretty clever and displayed real character development for the main character as opposed to making him 1 sided and predictable. I like Ecchi. Shinmai mou no Testament was my first.

Things I hate. #1 Normies. I hate people who give suggestions to the most known Animes out there. Stop being a normie and watch something that's not popularized by everyone else for a second. Normie doesn't mean bad. Its just a Captain Obvious. Usually Normies Over hype GARBAGE. That's why I don't usually watch the shows that people recommend to me. For example, JoJo's. Season 1 was Pretty Decent. Season 2. Sh*t show.
#2, Singing. I hate Animes with singing. If its not Metal or Classical then I don't want to hear singing. (excluding openings)
#3 Plot Armor. I hate plot armor. I want to see characters die and main character lose. Nobody's wins forever. Its boring, average, predictable, and garbage otherwise. (Unless its not a serious show)
#3, The Romance genre is usually nothing but TRASH. Unless you can somehow do it differently with blood and guts or good comedy I will not watch it period.
#4 People who cannot accept other's opinions. I swear, in today's Anime scene most of the fans can't accept the fact that people don't like their favorite normie show then proceed to insulting people and calling them names.
#5 When things constantly happen offscreen so there's no way for the user to notice it for themselves. Yes, I'm talking to you Danganronpa.
#6 Forced Sexual Diversity. I should not have to explain this. 2019 had too many of them.
#8 People who say an Anime is great just because it looks good but the show itself is just an uninteresting or just doesn't make sense. If I ask you what makes a show different than most Shounens and you keep telling me about the fights or visuals Im not gonna listen. Don't waste your time. (This goes hand-in-hand with #1)
#9 Constant Religious Characters Main/supporting characters
#10 Attack calling. I usually hate animes where they have to say their attacks before doing them. (excluding spell-casting and game-like animes)
#11 Animes that explain literally every detail. I am not Stupid. I hate animes that tell every small thing has happened in the last 5 seconds.
#12 People who say certain Anime's are Garbage and can't explain why. Only saying it's boring and generic isn't an explanation. Instead of saying its Trash say it doesn't appeal to you, its not interesting, or just say its average.
#13 Animes that explain almost everything that happens.

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