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Sep 22, 2019 4:09 PM
Anime Relations: Tokyo Ghoul
Member Cards

anime+ Achievements

Is This the Real Life? - Dementia/Psychological: Level 3

It has become hard to distinguish between reality and fiction.

So Manly I Can't Breathe - GAR: Level 1

Watching all those men made you feel like a little girl... and you liked it.

History Class - Historical: Level 1

History doesn't have to be boring. There's a lot to learn.

Extreme Phobia - Horror/Thriller: Level 3

You are terrified; you are transfixed.

Me? PILOT This Thing?! - Mecha: Level 1

A secret organization wants you to pilot a huge mecha. Can you do it?

Gettin' Your Keys On! - Music: Level 1

You don't know what you've just listened to, but you like it.

Detective's Assistant - Mystery: Level 2

Now it's your business to know what other people don't know too.

Stalker - Romance: Level 1

I'll stalk you so hard you won't notice me for 24 episodes. Why don't you love me yet?

Normal High School Boy - Slice of Life: Level 1

Got started into the furious ride with slice-of-life anime.

3... 2... 1... Liftoff! - Space: Level 1

You've taken one small step for man, not such a giant leap for mankind.

Center of the Earth - Original: Level 3

You have forgotten about the outside world; nature has assimilated you. An apple falls - not only have you flowered, you have produced fruit.

Eternal Spring - Game: Level 1

It all started one fateful morning in April...

Block by Block - Shorts: Level 3

Just like in a game of tetris, you're building something great out of small pieces.

VHS Master Race - Pre-1980 Anime

You overwrote my cartoons with The Karate Kid?! MOOOM!

Solid Color - Classics: Level 2

Bomber jackets, high-waisted jeans, an overload of patterns, and bishies everywhere.

Chronomaster - Tempus Fugit

Your discerning eye has traveled across the aeons of animation.

Hentai Overlord - Pervert

No use denying it! You know what you are...

Completionist - I'll Endure Anything

You've managed to survive watching so many anime without dropping any of them. You masochist.

Hair Antenna - Time: Level 1

Whose watchtime are you calling puny‽

A lot of free time - Passed 500 Mark

Watched 500 anime. Now pause, take a breath and stretch a bit. Remember not to sit too close to the screen.
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