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Sep 10, 11:59 PM
Anime Relations: Galaxy Angel, Galaxy Angel Z, Galaxy Angel 3, Galaxy Angel 3 Specials, Galaxy Angel 4, Galaxy Angel Rune, Galaxy Angel Music Collection: Shouen to Shien no Cassoulet, Galaxy Angel S, Galaxy Angel Specials

Welcome back. Last time we covered finally an ice girl. Now it’s time for a space beauty.

: And that’s why we are boarding the Zeta Gundam right now.

Since I borrowed the thing once it came with a good discount. Onwards! *the two arrive at a familiar base* We’re going inside! *they go inside indeed*

: Halt! Who are you two exactly?

: Your voice is really beautiful.

: Thanks… *blushes* Wait! That’s not important!

Right, the important thing here is none other than…

: How do you know my name and series? Wait, seems you are the blog guy!

Indeed! Surprised Topaz has never talked about this series!

: Hopefully he won’t now and make you look wrong.

Hopefully. But hey, Ranpha, want to be blogged about?

: Absolutely! I might get a rich boyfriend this way!

Sadly it seems besides my friends only other anime girls read this blog. But let’s get started!

: Don’t tell her the truth.


Ranpha has blonde hair. That used to be bad but now it’s all fine. The real issue is her hair is really long, enough to cover her ass but luckily I don’t remember it causing any issues. She has nice parted bangs, sadly that means the middle part of her forehead is exposed but that’s because she has a symbol there, like Lindy from Nanoha for example. Finally gotta mention the weird things on her head which can turn into weapons and grappling hooks and even rockets for her to fly with. It’s not a serious show. Sadly the sequel replaces them with hair buns, which are cute but less original. Still her hair is fairly good.
Score: 7.5

Ranpha has brown eyes. They look fairly nice. The shape is tsurime which fits her pretty well. She has eyelashes but not too bad ones. Not sure if she’s ever worn glasses but otherwise she’s pretty good here.
Score: 9

: Why would I wear glasses? Smart girls don’t win rich guys over!

Lies and slander!

: Have this! *forces glasses on Ranpha and flashes a mirror too*

: Eeeeek! Wait, turns out I look great!

Exactly! More girls should wear glasses!

: And not monocles.

Ranpha does well here. Sadly she lacks measurements, other than height which at 161cm doesn’t stand out but she is the second tallest girl. Overall her body isn’t too bad, while not flat her breasts aren’t too big not stand out too much perhaps because Forte has the “busty girl” role instead. She has a nice navel but sadly it’s not shown for long, more about that later. Her legs and such aren’t too bad and overall she’s pretty decent but not amazing either really. Ranpha does get points for being super strong and knowing martial arts, that’s pretty cool. Also she becomes a giantess in one episode which helps slightly.
Score: 8

Ranpha probably shows ass at some point. Being kinda generous here, but the series is pretty big.
Score: 5

: Think I would score more if I showed off my nice ass?


: Then sure thing! *moves her dress aside and shows off her bare ass to the camera* Here, here! Look, boys, come get some!

I sure would!

: Same!

Ranpha is complicated here. Her default costume is a nice red Chinese dress which fits her first name and looks good. It has cleavage but not too much and also exposed navel like said. Sadly because censorship ruins all the good things and leaves traps alone from the second season onwards her cleavage and navel were covered tackily, and Forte’s cleavage too. While the chest loss is not too bad personally it still feels unneeded, and the navel erasure does suck. For more woes her sequel costume has cleavage but no exposed navel, because someone had to inspire Zessica seems like. Anyway Ranpha has other costumes: official art sticks with bikinis just like all shows but the series has more. Can’t tell you which ones since been a long while, but she had other costumes. Maybe she could score better if I remembered good examples, but this will suffice.
Score: 7


Ranpha has different backgrounds in the game/manga and the anime. The former makes her the elder child of a poor family who joined the military to bring money because Kojirou Hyuuga influenced many. The anime kinda ignores this. Anyway the anime is the focus and there she looks for Lost Technology along the other girls.

Personality also differs between the anime and the game. The game has her as the “normal” girl though with hobbies like body training and shoujo manga to stand out more. She also loves spicy food. The anime went for the joke route and had her look for rich men, probably because of her poor family background. Overall the girl is pretty cool though the game version seems more interesting.
Score: 8

Ranpha is kinda odd here. She’s the least popular girl among Western fans and average for Japanese ones but nothing special. Her show was huge at the time but seems forgotten now. Overall decent but not great.
Score: 6

: My series did well with old SaiMoe voters too!

Yeah, but that tournament…

: What?

: His archnemesis won one.


: Sounds rough. Wait, archnemesis?

Ranpha is all over the place. In the anime she mostly lusts after rich guys, though she does have the token “I like this guy who isn’t rich but is a good person” episode too. Still, mostly a comedic thing. Not sure about the route goes for the game but I assume that her romance there is normal and good. Finally the manga has a love triangle where she and Milfeulle like the same guy, but surprise surprise the pink girl wins because pinks are the best females ever. Anyway this score feels right.
Score: 7.5

Ranpha is pretty good, being 18 years old. The sequels make her 19 and 22 but this focuses on the anime mainly.
Score: 9

Yukari Tamura is always awesome. No more needs to be said really.
Score: 10

Total: 77 - Excellent

: Lucky sevens! That means I’ll get a rich guy someday! Hah hah hah!


: Thanks for this confidence boost! Now leave and we shall met for the boss battle!

Alright! *the two leave*

: What now?

Time for an honor blade who is also a female dog!

: Zettai, language.

What? I meant she has dog ears. But not on her head but like where ears actually belong.

: That sounds different.
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