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Aug 17, 9:12 AM
Anime Relations: Log Horizon

I was planning to do this one for a while. I am probably missing some OP's but oh well.

Note 1: Normal versions might have lower quality so be sure to check out the full version for better sound quality.

Note 2: Only one OP per show.

Note 3: Rating Scale: Meeeh - Meh - Nice - Noice - Good - Damn. Also sound has higher importance.

Last update: 17/08/2019

Posted by sasalx | Aug 17, 9:12 AM | 1 comments
Gabagool | Sep 9, 4:17 AM

also I had no idea you liked the
OP so much. Not something I would've guessed you'd like lol. Nice list that song at #2 in particular is stuck in my head now xD