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Aug 15, 9:40 PM
Anime Relations: Soul Worker: Your Destiny Awaits
There's this video that YouTube keeps trying to recommend to me, so I figured I'd finally watch it.

And the following are the two comments I posted in reply to it.


As for YouTube I've found it's become a boring land of attention-seeking videos trying to convince me that their stuff is interesting. I much preferred the old days when it was filled with random videos on whatever, particularly "amateur crap" plus random copyrighted stuff (e.g. anime songs) that I didn't yet know about and thus was thankful for it introducing me to, which was a lot more interesting than clickbaitily-titled and attractively-cover-imaged videos whose only seeming purpose is to get me to watch some internet personality's analysis of/opinion on something, and chances are high that said presentation is in a style that appears attention-seeking and overreacting. (I normally browse YouTube without logging in!)

Anyhow, my thoughts on the anime side of this are in a separate comment.


> this bizarre, CG, ugly-ass weird fucking thing that he wrote that is the polar opposite of what I'm saying should have happened.
Well, you may have a thing for hating CG, but I don't, and the only two real problems with this movie are (1) the weidly aged-down main character and (2) the fact that it feels like only the beginning of a much larger story rather than one complete thing.
Otherwise I found this movie to be pretty legit interesting.

> Where is the effort right now to try to make a classic anime?
You can't force a "classic" into existence. In fact you can't know that one exists until long after the dust settles on it.. What you're actually talking about is a more specific thing, basically your vision for what a "classic" should be, based on shows that you like, specifically some sort of thing with "arthouse" cinematography and/or othersuch.

> A Silent Voice
It's not going to be regarded as the same sort of "classic" as Akira simply because (1) Akira is Akira, so its "classic"-ness can't be replaced by anything that's not Akira, and (2) Akira came out when it did, particularly before so much other anime got made. (Also I thought the "corny teen drama" was quite relatable and spoke so much about the characters' psychologies.) Anyhow, A Silent Voice is not going to be known for its visual flash because that's simply not what it's going for.

> Remember the good old days when you can ping the Wachowskis or Quentin Tarantino for a little worldwide exposure to anime?
I'm not sure what you mean by this; do you mean that you look to them to get an anime-like experience, or that you like them specifically because they took influence from works like Akira and GitS?

> giant bunch of scenes around 9:00
I get that this proves that there exist common tropes in anime, but if you keep on watching shows that have school scenes, you'll keep on finding school scenes. It's not exactly the fault of them. If there's random obscure old OVAs that do something more interesting to you, it's probably better to go talk about that, than to keep on complaining about fads you don't like.

> all their faces are drawn accurately
No, they look about the same as "shit" as those other examples.

> Life is too short to read bullshit.
Wouldn't this be an argument against making more anime, period? If you're already tight on time to watch all the anime you consider worthy.

> [stuff about the economic boom and then subsequent economic crash] If you compare the average 80s OVA and the average 90s OVA you're going to see a noticeable difference in quality.
The irony is that your example shows a higher level of visual detail in the "90's" example.

> mostly concerned with filling their lives with as much crap as possible
I'm not sure I'd necessarily call it crap, but I've definitely seen some people who are basically constantly watching (or listening to) *something* no matter what else they're doing. Even in the shower. I do feel there is an "overconsumption" of entertainment media in today's world. It primes people to prioritize the next "high" over really getting a good appreciation for a work.

> OVAs are dead
I do feel this is a shame. Though they're kinda getting replaced by ONAs gradually.

> You really have to wish I'm the kind of hardcore anime fan who's just gonna give every fucking show a chance
...or wish that it's someone who actually likes those sorts of shows or those sorts of tropes? I watch the ones with the tropes I find interesting. And ignore the ones with the tropes I don't like.

> why do you have to make anime for anime fans
This question, taken at face value, is probably not what you're actually asking, but at face value it has an obviously applicable answer. Rather, based on context, I think this question actually means "why does anime get made that repeatedly focuses on these common tropes". In this sense, yeah, there are some tropes that can become annoyingly common when catered to in the name of chasing commercial success.

> Did anyone get into the anime industry to work on Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody? I think not.
I think a statement as specific as this one seems a bit presumptuous, particularly without proof, given that a number of people who make anime now are people who've grown up with it and are anime fans themselves. (Unless you mean no one had this exact specific idea, but then that's just splitting hairs.)

> Pokémon
> not anime
...really? The style of character art is perhaps more distinctive than the usual stereotypical anime art style, sure, but the core commonalities are very much still there -- the simple, striking, big-eyes, cute look. The fame of the franchise has contributed to the popularity of these characters success, rather than the other way around from their character art.

> Doomsday Clock
> time
(I hope you understand that the Doomsday Clock is not a measure of time.)
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