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Jul 25, 2:12 PM
Anime Relations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko - Hajimari no Asa, Fairy Tail (2014), Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry, Fairy Tail: Final Series
Written By Nathan (Oblivion X Knight) (^__^)

Upside Down Girl And Her Socks Full Of Money

One Day Upside Down Girl From Third Street School Was Hanging Upside Down From A Monkey Bar In The School Playground While Reading Her Physics Book For Science Class

A Boy Came And Asked Her "Hey..., A Penny Is About 2 Fall Out Of Your Sock"

Upside Down Girl Said (In An Angry Voice) "Shut Up Kid..., Can't You See I'm Hanging?"

The Boy Said "But You'll Lose Your Change"

Upside Down Girl; Said "I Won't Lose My Change..., I'll Catch It"

The Boy Said "Alright Then"

Upside Down Girl Kept All Her Money Inside Of Her Socks....., Because She Loved Hanging Upside Down So Much And She Spent Hours And Hours Everyday Hanging Upside Down, She Got Use 2 Keeping Her Loose Change Tucked Safely Inside Of Her Socks

Her Ponytail Hair Also Stood Up In The Air When She Was Right Side Up..., This Was Maybe Because Of How Much Time She Spend Hanging Upside Down Which Caused Her Hair 2 Adapt

Suddenly A Coin Fell Out Of Her Sock..., She Tried 2 Catch The Coin..., But The Coin Fell 2 The Floor

Upside Down Girl Stretched Her Arms Towards The Ground.., But She Still Couldn't Reach Her Coin..., So She Said "Hey Kid"

The Boy Happily Run Over 2 Her And He Happily Said "Yes What's Wrong"

Upside Down Girl Folded Her Arms And She Pulled A Grumpy Face And She Said "I'm Sorry For Being Mean 2 You..., And Could You Grab My Coin?"

The Boy Said "Alright" And The Boy Picked The Coin Up Off The Ground And He Gave The Coin Back 2 Upside Down Girl

Upside Down Girl Said "Thanks Kid" And She Grabbed The Monkey Bar And She Carefully Tucked The Coin Back Into Her Socks And Then She Let Her Hands Go Off The Monkey Bar And She Hung Upside Down Again

The Boy Happily Said "So Why Do You Keep Your Money Inside Of Your Socks..., Is It Uncomfortable 2 Walk Like That"

Upside Down Girl Said "I'm Use 2 It..., If I Keep My Money In My Pockets They May Fall Out When I Hang Upside Down..., So I Keep My Spare Money Inside My Socks..., So What's Your Name?"

The Boy Happily Said "I'm Kiba..., See You Later" And Kiba Ran Over 2 Play With Some Other Kids

Later After School Upside Down Girl Found Kiba As She Was Walking Home From School

Upside Down Girl Ran Up 2 Kiba And She Said "Hey Kiba..., You Wanna Come 2 My House Today..., I Wanna Reward You For Helping Me Today"

Kiba Happily Said "Alright..., But First I'll Have 2 Ask My Mam"

After Kiba Asked His Mother Was It Okay..., He Went Over 2 Upside Down Girl's House...,

Upside Down Girl Took Kiba 2 Her Bedroom And Then She Grabbed A Huge Money Jar Filled With Money And She Said "Lets Play A Game..., Whoever Can Fit The Most Money Inside Their Socks Gets 2 Keep This Entire Money Jar"

Kiba Said "Alright..., But I Don't Want Your Money..., It's Yours"

Upside Down Girl Said "I Said The Money Jar..., I Keep The Money"

Kiba Said "Akay" And They Both Put Tons Of Money Inside Of Both Their Socks While Wearing Them..., After They Ridiculously Filled Their Socks With Money Kiba Said "What Now" And He Stood Up And Fell..., "I'm 2 Heavy" He Said While Emptying His Socks

Upside Down Girl Happily Said "Looks Like You Won..., You Can Keep The Money Jar..., Now I'm Going Into My Garden 2 Hang Upside Down..., See You Later"

Kiba And Upside Down Girl Went 2 Her Garden And Upside Down Girl Hung Upside Down From Her Monkey Bar And She Happily Said "Thanks For Today..., It's Been Fun"

Kiba Happily Said "Ain't Your Feet Super Heavy With So Much Money In Your Socks?"

Upside Down Girl Said "No..., First People Complain 2 Much Blood Will Go 2 My Head And Now You Complain About My Feet Being Heavy..., People Are Annoying"

Kiba Said "So How Do You Feel When You Hang Upside Down?"

Upside Down Girl Said "Listen Kid..., When I Hang Upside Down My Head Feels Cosy And Warm..., My Tummy Tickles..., I Get Butterflies In My Stomach Like A Roller Coaster..., I See Everything Upside Down And I Feel Rich In My Feet..., What More Could I Want?"

Kiba Happily Said "Can I Hang Upside Down With You?"

Upside Down Girl Happily Said "Of Course" And They Both Hung Upside Down Together

Kiba Sadly Didn't Like Hanging Upside Down As Much As Upside Down Girl..., But He Was Still Happy 2 Have Made A New Friend

Later Kiba Took His New Money Jar Home And He Was Proud 2 Tell His Parents About His New Friend

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

The End :D
Posted by OblivionXKnight | Jul 25, 2:12 PM | 1 comments
Rowan_F | Jul 26, 9:23 AM
"Her Ponytail Hair Also Stood Up In The Air When She Was Right Side Up..., This Was Maybe Because Of How Much Time She Spend Hanging Upside Down Which Caused Her Hair 2 Adapt"

That is dumb as rocks but I love it. Cool story