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Apr 25, 2019 2:05 PM
You know, every season I try to pick out at least one, sometimes two, "good feels" anime to help me recuperate from the onslaught of serious shows. Well, this past season my wife and I were pleasantly surprised with just how adorable My Roommate is a Cat was. It was cute, and I would watch it again.

TL;DR: You should probably watch this anime cause its light hearted and has a cat in it.

The main character, Subaru, is totally an anti-social person, which I can relate to (I'm sure a lot of us can). In the beginning, he doesn't even see why he should have to interact with anyone. I mean, he has a friend that he's known since he was a child that he barely speaks to. Even though he is a successful author, he's just kind of moping through life.

By the end, it's kind of crazy just how much he has changed. It was a nice little journey to see just how he got there, too. Most of his fear conquering was highly relate-able, such as a public book signing where he would be the center of attention. It was heart warming, and motivational.

We also have Haru, who was a stray cat that has been through some stuff man let me tell you. All she's known her entire life is she has to fight to survive and find food. She had a rough go at trying to protect herself and her siblings, so the whole "house cat" thing is a crazy concept to her.

I absolutely love the fact that they split most of the episodes so that we can get both perspectives on situations. It's funny to see how differently Haru sees things, and how she changes as she slowly learns things. My favorite moment is when she finally figures out that "Haru" is her name, and doesn't mean "food" as she previously thought.


All in all, I just wanted to get it out there just how sweet this story is. It was a wonderful journey seeing Subaru and Haru grow together for the better!

Thanks for reading.

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