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Apr 22, 2019 10:25 AM
Anime Relations: Dororo
Name: Tsiox
Skills: Photoshop, Render, CSS, Illustration, Graphic design, Edit images.

My designs are clean and informative. I have used Photoshop since I was a little kid
I also do graphic design for companies. I'm currently attending art school and this
summer I'll be completely free, so I thought why not open commissions now.
I won't do animelist layouts, I only do that for myself and friends.

I also got illustration commissions open

Contact info: MAL: PM___Discord: TSiOX#3314 ___Discord Server

Profile/Club Design__________20-40 €_____ Profile picture is optional (free)

+ BBCODE help____________ 10 €________I do the bbcode for you

Signature & Forum Picture____10 €________Profile picture is optional (free)

Render an image___________ 5-10 €______Image with transparent background

Other__________ __________ ?? €________ask me


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