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Apr 15, 2:12 AM
Anime Relations: Chiisana Kyojin Microman, 1/100 Shibuya Crossing

Today, I would like to talk with you about anime in general.

We all know that anime is Japanese animation. Unlike other countries cartoons, mainly intended for children, most of the produced animedesigned for teenage and adult audiences, and largely due to this, it has a high popularity in the world. Anime has a distinctive style of drawing characters and backgrounds. It is published in the form of television series, as well as films distributed on video media or intended for film screenings. Plots can describe many characters, differ in a variety of places and eras, genres and styles. Sources for the plot of anime series are most often: manga (Japanese comics), runobe (light novels), or computer games (usually in the genre of visual novel). The screen version usually retains the graphic style and other features of the original. Other sources are less commonly used, for example, works of classical literature. There are also anime

So why do we love him so much?

Well, judging by my own experience, I began to be interested in anime, on the advice of my friend, I was 17 years old at the time. The first anime I looked at was, in my opinion, excellent material called “Knight - Vampire ”. I liked the plot so much that I was not limited to this anime. As they say, and then it started. Now, according to Internet polls, search engines are often tormented by type requests, anime pictures, anime avatars, law pictures, hentai, henday, hyundai, and other heresy ...

I am not a fan of this, because the anime itself is defiled by the fact that most young people and people of more adulthood accept this kind of art as something depraved, as something that can be enjoyed only from the physical side. For many, it is a catalyst in the intimate sphere.

And that's why I started this conversation. To understand why a man loves anime is very hard. Many people like the drawing, history, the colorfulness of a masterpiece.

For some reason, the units only consider anime art. We admire the pictures in galleries, poets, prose writers, considering their works as masterpieces. But few people think that the work of nat creating manga and the anime series itself is also a difficult creative process. This is also a kind of art!

The most terrible thing for me is the anime industry that is most relevant now.
Even before the appearance of the hentai yuri, yaoi, we enjoyed these anime hams! And now, we are watching a cartoon, and then we torment Google to find the art of copulating the main characters of this cartoon. Rave! We, anime lovers, protest against this kind of betrayal in the world of this fine art!
The main thing that I want to tell you, readers: We are corrupt, children, too, where are we going ?!

“You love anime for your own reasons, and it doesn't matter if you consider it art or not, appreciate what you originally created for you. After all, if you had not created it, what would you like to do now? ”

I am writer at mobile app promotion and I want to say to you, thank you so much for your attention and patience for my humble person and my idealistic thoughts! Good luck!
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