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Mar 14, 2019 6:43 AM
Anime Relations: Noblesse: Awakening
So basically, my signature is a part of a Rap lyric of a song called (the whole song itself is brilliant) Ddaeng(땡) and it was written and presented by BTS's RM and he stutter purposely on that part and Ive never heard a Rap like that before(let me know if you ever heard another) so I thought its genius... as well as the whole lyrics, how deep and complicated it is.. and I was kinda upset when someone said its annoying but its okay, Ill be glad to explain hehe.. and the Rap presented so well and it does sound so cool..

The reason why he stutter in this part because there were some haters that wish RM would stutter while performing his rap songs live, and he use that as an inspiration instead lol

Ddaeng itself has couple meanings and its been used in genius way here.. pretty smart I would say.. even if Im myself not a Korean..

I separated the lyrics in some parts and I put it in spoiler incase its too much, but definetely have to check so you would understand my point.. the one that I didnt put on spoiler is the meaning of my signature :) hope you enjoy...


This my own interpretation to make it more simple
It’s so ri-ri-diculous that I h-hope you understand even if I st-st-stutter
My t-t-talking ability is a little lacking
Still I wanted to at least s-speak co-co-correctly but my mouth keeps getting c-c-crooked
Because I lo-lo-love it so much, love it so mu-much

Based on the Korean saying “입이 비뚤어졌어도 말은 바로 해야지/even if your mouth is crooked, you should still say the right thing.” Means: Where the information comes out should not change what is the right information. A different shaped mouth should not change the content of the information, and you should speak the truth and not blame the situation.
Here, RM is saying: I’m trying to say the right thing, but my mouth keeps becoming crooked (implying he can’t keep himself from smirking) because I feels so good.

full song explanation/source

Fulll Song
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