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Feb 11, 3:45 PM
Anime Relations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko - Hajimari no Asa, Fairy Tail (2014), Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry, Fairy Tail: Final Series
Written By Nathan (Oblivion X Knight) (^__^)

The Sleeping World Inside My Heart

Once Upon A Time Nathan's Mother Was Watching The News On TV When A Strange News Broadcast Came On TV That Revealed That Some Very Very Extremely Ultra Rare People Have Such Vibrant And Powerful Imaginations That Scientist's Have Found Out That Life Can Be Created From Those Imaginations

In Other Words Scientist's Have Found A Complex Way 2 Make Imaginary Friends 100% Real From The Most Imaginative Minds On Earth

But It Is A Very Risky Process....., In Order 2 Bring These Imaginations 2 Life The Person Must Be Go 2 Sleep Inside A Computer Pod Machine And Then That Person Must Enter A Dream World Created From Inside Their Own Heart..........., And Then That Person Has 2 Find A Way 2 Unlock Their Own Heart And If They Fail 2 Unlock Their Heart That Person Will Fall Into A Very Deep Sleep And Will Then Sleep Forever And Never Wake Up Again And Maybe Even Die Within A Few Hours

Nathan's Mother Knew Nathan Had A Very Strong Imagination And She Knew That This Would Make Nathan's Biggest Dream Come True.........., But She Was Way 2 Scared Of The Risks Involved

Unfortunately Nathan Had Read About It Online And He Got So Very Excited...., He Said 2 Daisy Froggy Kiss (His Imaginary Friend) "Look Daisy....., You Can Finally Became Real..., Isn't It Awesome?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said (While Standing Upside Down On The Ceiling In Nathan's Bedroom) "Of Course My Dear..., This Sounds So Fun..., Lets Convince Your Mother 2 Let You Unlock Your Heart"

After Weeks Of Constant Talking 2 Nathan's Parents They Finally Decided 2 Let Him Make His Imaginary Friends Real

First Nathan Had 2 See A Doctor That Would Scan His Brain 2 See If Nathan's Imagination Is Strong Enough For The Task..., If His Imagination Wasn't Strong Enough Then He Would Be Asleep Forever If He Tried 2 Unlock His Heart And That's Guaranteed...., So They Had 2 Make Sure It Was Safe For Him 2 Do This

The Doctor Told Nathan's Mammy That His Imagination Is Definitely Strong Enough..., But It Is Still Very Very Risky..., And So 3 Weeks Later Nathan's Mammy Took Him 2 America 2 Try 2 Unlock His Own Heart

The Scientist Talked 2 Nathan Before He Entered His Own Dream World......, Nathan Was So Excited That He Couldn't Stop Jumping And Smiling....., The Scientist Said "All You Have 2 Do Is Go 2 Sleep Inside That Energy Machine Pod Over There...., Then That Machine Pod Will Scan Your Mind And Create A World From Your Deepest Imagination Inside Your Heart...., Your Task Is 2 Find The Power Of Unlocking Your Own Heart And Bring Your Imagination 2 Life...., Are You Ready?"

"Yes....., I'M SO EXCITED" Said Nathan (In A Super Happy Voice)

The Scientist Said "Be Careful..., If You Fail 2 Unlock Your Own Heart Then You'll Never Wake Up Again...., Are You Sure?"

Nathan Happily Said (In A Burst Of Pure Excitement) "Yes..., I'm Ready"

The Scientist Said "Then Go 2 Sleep"

Nathan Found It So Hard 2 Go 2 Sleep....., He Couldn't Sleep At All...., It Was Like Christmas Eve All Over Again (Because Nathan's Finds It Hard 2 Sleep On Christmas Eve)...., But After About 4 Hours Nathan Finally Fell Asleep

Nathan Was Suddenly Wide Awake Falling Into A Vortex Of Bright Rainbow Colour's And Cosmic Energy......, And Nathan Fell Through A Hole That Led 2 A Sky And Nathan Crashed Down 2 The Ground And He Landed In A Bush In The Middle Of A Town Full Of Cute Little Elves

Nathan Stood Up And He Saw Elves Everywhere.........., Nathan Jumped Up And Down Happily And He Happily Said...., "Well. First Things First..., Lets Find Daisy Froggy Kiss..., Daisy, Where Are You?"

Nathan Strangely Couldn't See Daisy Froggy Kiss Anywhere Next 2 Him Or Read Her Mind Like Usual......., He Wondered How This Was And Nathan Got Very Scared..., Nathan Was About 2 Cry When He Heard A Very Very Faint Voice In His Mind....., The Quiet Voice Said "Find Me Oblivion X Knight Find Me"...., And Then Nathan Realised That Daisy Froggy Kiss Share's This World Too....., So That Means That She Is Definitely Here Somewhere

Nathan Started Exploring The Town.....,The Elves Was All Dressed In Red And Green With Woolly Brown Boots And Little Green Hats...., Some Elves Wore Sunglasses..., Some Didn't...., All Of The Elves Had Big Pointy Ears And They Was About 3 And A Half Foot Tall

This Town Was Huge...., It Had Magic Wand Shops..., Magic Potion Shops...., Magic Broom Stick Shops..., Magical Animal Pet Shops....., Pet Dragon Shops...., Upside Down Museums.., Museums..., Cartoon Museums..., Video Game Museums..., Gigantic Toy Shops...., And Pubs Full Of Old Men With Beards Drinking Alcohol And Little Tiny Elves Playing And Dancing And Shopping And Some Witches Flying On Broom Sticks And There Was Some Talking Animals Too

Suddenly 4 Little Elves Run Towards Nathan And The 5 Elves Was Holding A Skipping Rope And One Of The 4 Elves Happily Said "Hey Child..., Do You Wanna Play With Us?"

Nathan Happily Said "Okay..., I'll Play With You...., But First Where Can I Find A Witch?"

The Elf Said "A Witch..., Well. My Name Is Millie The Elf..., You See Their Are Lots Of Witches In This World..., What Kind Of Witch?..., What's She Look Like?..., And What's Your Name?"

Nathan Happily Said "I'm Nathan..., And I'm A Superhero In Training"

Millie The Elf Said "Oh..., Your So Sweet.., These Are My 3 Best Friends..., Emma The Elf..., ("Hi Darling") Donald The Elf ("Hello") And Edward The Elf..., ("Hi") I Hope You Like Them?..., Their My Best Friends"

Nathan Jumped Up And Down And He Happily Said "I Think You 4 Are Absolutely Amazing...., I Love Elves..., And The 4 Of You Look So Cool..., Could We Be Friends Please?"

Emma The Elf Sweetly Said "Awww...., Thanks..., You're Amazing Too..., And Of Course We Can Be Friends"

Nathan Happily Said (While Jumping Up And Down In Excitement And Giving Emma The Elf A Gentle Quick Hug) "Thank You...., Thank You"

Emma The Elf Happily Giggled And She Happily Said "Hehehe...., Thanks...., So What Kind Of Witch Are You Looking For?"

Nathan Happily Said "Oh..., Her Name Is Daisy Froggy Kiss And Her Real Name Is Daisy Elizabeth Miracle..., She Is Very Powerful..., Chances Are She'll Be Upside Down..., She Loves Magic..., She Has A Soft Spot For Children...., She Loves Cartoons And Mixing Magic Potions Together..., Oh, And She'll Be Barefoot"

Edward The Elf Happily Whispered "There Is Only One Witch I Can Think Of...., You Seek The Oblivion X Witch..., Right?"

Nathan Got So Very Excited When He Heard That And He Jumped Up And Down And He Happily Said "Where Is She.., Please Tell Me Where She Is?"

Donald The Elf Happily Said..., "She Lives Right In This Town..., Play With Us And She'll Definitely Turn Up Eventually"

Nathan Happily Said "Okay Then?"

Nathan And The 4 Little Elves Played With The Skipping Rope...., Nathan Wasn't Very Good At Skipping While Using A Rope...., They Played For 10 Minutes When Suddenly A Very Young 27 Year Old Girl Was Doing Cartwheels When She Accidentally Kicked Nathan Straight 2 The Ground

"THAT'S HER" Shouted The 4 Little Elves In A Happy Voice

The Young Girl Had Bright Blue Ocean-Like Eyes And Long Golden Hair And She Was Wearing A Blue Hood With A Long Blue Coat With A Pink Hidden Mickey On The Back Of Her Blue Coat And She Had A Big Red X On The Front Of Her Blue T-Shirt And She Was Wearing Black Trousers And A Blue Magic Wand And She Had Bare Feet

She Tenderly Said (In A Gentle Voice) "Oops..., Sorry Sweetie...., Hey You're"

They Stared Into Each Others Eyes...., Glazing Into Each Other's Soul...., And Sinking Into Each Other's Hearts..., And As They Sat Staring Into Each Other's Eyes Nathan Realised That This Was Definitely Daisy Froggy Kiss

Nathan Rolled 2 His Feet Trying 2 Impress Her And He Happily Said (While Jumping In A Rush Of Excitement) "Is Your Name Daisy Froggy Kiss?"

The Young Girl Happily Said (While Inspecting Nathan Curiously) "Why..., Yes Dear.., That's Me.., And Who Are You?..., A Boy?..., You Look Like Someone Very Important 2 Me..., But I Can't Quite Understand Why"

Nathan Happily Said (While Jumping Up And Down In Pure Excitement) "I'm Nathan.., I'm Nathan.., The Oblivion X Knight"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said (In Excitement) "WOW.., Really?..., Your The Knight I've Been Searching For?..., I've Been Searching For A Knight My Whole Life..., I've Been Looking Everywhere For A One True Dreamy Knight..., A Knight Of My Dreams Because I'm The Oblivion X Witch"

Nathan Happily Said "You Are My Imaginary Friend..., And I'm Here 2 Unlock My Heart And Make You Real"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said (In A Spoiled Childlike Voice) "But I Am Real Sweetheart..., Hey...., Let Me Make You Sneeze...., I Need 2 Sneeze Some Sense Into You..., This May Get A Little Dusty"

And Daisy Froggy Kiss Took Out Her Magic Wand And She Pointed It At Nathan And Nathan Said In Slight Fear "Hey Wait"..., And Daisy Froggy Kiss Playfully Zapped Nathan's Nose With Her Blue Magic Wand..., And Nathan Sneezed A Giant Sneeze And Covered Daisy Froggy Kiss In Rainbow Dust That Looked So Pretty

Daisy Froggy Kiss Quickly Grabbed Nathan And She Hugged Him Very Very Tightly And Softly And Tenderly And Lovingly And She Happily Said (In A Sweet Energetic Voice) "You Are The Knight I've Been Searching For..., Anyone Else Would Of Sneezed Black Dust..., Only My True Oblivion X Knight Can Sneeze Rainbow Dust..., I Love You..., My Darling"

Nathan Happily Hugged Her Back And He Gently Said "I Love You Too"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done A Back Flip Backwards And She Landed In A Puddle Of Water On The Floor Which Splashed And Made Her Slightly Wet....., Daisy Froggy Kiss Giggled Happily....., And She Then Kicked The Puddle Of Water With Her Right Foot Making Nathan Slightly Wet And Nathan Gigged Happily

"Got You" Said Daisy Froggy Kiss In A Playfully Childlike Voice

Nathan Gigged Happily And He Happily Said "You're So Fun"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Playfully Said "I Know...., I'm Also Extra Magical And Dangerously Vertical...., You Get What I Mean"

Nathan Happily Said "And These Are My New 4 Elf Friends..., Emma The Elf And Edward The Elf And Donald The Elf And Millie The Elf...., Do You Know Them?"

Daisy Friggy Kiss Happily Said "Yes..., I Know Them..., I Just Love Impressing Them With My Magic Sorcery And Gymnastic Abilities....., And I Also Love Making Them Happy..., They Are My Friends Too"

Nathan Jumped Up And Down And He Happily Said "That's Cool"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "So Do You Know Any Magic Spells?"

Nathan Said "Not Really"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "What About White Magic Or Black Magic?"

Nathan Happily Said "I Know Your An Expert At Using Magic"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Pointed Her Blue Magic Wand At Nathan's Nose And She Said (In A Spoiled Princess-Like Voice) "And Don't You Forget It"

Nathan Happily Said "Can You Please Cast A Magic Spell That Allows Me 2 Jump Really High"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Energetically Said "Of Course..., Never Underestimate The Power Of A Barefoot Witch" And Daisy Froggy Kiss Back Flipped Backwards And She Zapped Nathan's Legs With Her Magic Wand And Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Go On Then..., Jump"

Nathan Jumped So High That He Could See The Whole Town......, "WEEEEEEEEE...., THIS IS SO FUN...., WEEEEEEE..., This Is Fun" Shouted Nathan While Jumping Above The Rooftops

Daisy Froggy Kiss Used A Magic Spell From Her Magic Wand That Summoned A Magical Portal And Out Of That Magical Portal Came Her Blue Flying Broom Stick

Nathan Happily Said "That Saves Looking Where You Last Left It"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Sat On Her Broom Stick And She Started Flying In Front Of Nathan And She Playfully Said (While Giving Nathan A Tap On His Shoulder Playfully) "Howdy Honey....., Catch Me If You Can......., TAG..., Your It"..., And Daisy Froggy Kiss Flew Into The Air On Her Broom Stick

Donald The Elf Happily Said "Can We Play Too?"

"Of Course You Can" Said Daisy Froggy Kiss While Flying On Her Flying Broom Stick

Nathan Chased Daisy Froggy Kiss While Jumping And The 4 Little Elves Chased Her Too And They All Started Playing A Long Game Of Tag....., After About 40 Minutes Of Playing Tag Nathan Happily Said "Where Are Our Oblivion X Bats?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Somersaulted 2 The Ground And She Happily Said "Of Course...., I Lost Them Somewhere A Few Hours Ago..., How Long Have You Been Here?"

"A Few Hours" Said Nathan

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Makes Sense...., I Know..., Lets Go Find Them"

Nathan Happily Said "Yeah..., Lets Go"

Emma The Elf Happily Said "Excuse Me...., But We Have 2 Go Home Now...., See You Again.., Bye" And The 4 Elves Skipped Away Happily

Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Both Said At The Exact Same Time While Waving And Jumping Happily "Bye" "Bye" And They Both Waved Goodbye 2 Their 4 Elf Friends

Nathan Happily Said "So Where Do We Look?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Well, They Zap Child Abusers...., But I Guarantee You..., No Child Gets Harmed Here...., Umm..., Well, If I Was A Bat Then What Would I Do?"

Nathan Happily Said "I Don't Know"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Hang Upside Down Silly....., So Lets Go Find Some Places 2 Hang Upside Down From....., The 2 Best Ways For Hanging Upside Down Is From Your Knees From A Bar Of Some Kind Or By Your Feet From A Monkey Trap....., But The Bent Knees Around A Bar Is Much Easier 2 Find"

Nathan Happily Said "Trees Work Too"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done A Cartwheel And She Happily Said (While Starting 2 Run In Excitement) "Race You 2 The Monkey Bars"

Nathan Said "But I Don't Know Where The Monkey Bars Are"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Then Follow Me And We'll Start The Race When You See Them"

"Okay" Said Nathan While Smiling...., They Both Went 2 The Monkey Bars And Nathan Won The Race...., Nathan Sadly Said "I Can't See Any Of Our Oblivion X Bats Here"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Saw A Note On The Ground..., She Picked Up The Note And Read It..., The Note Said "Queen Bee..., King Bee..., Human Bats Make Working Bats...,Are Bees And Bats So Different?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Shouted "Hey..., Look At This"

Nathan Read The Note And He Happily Said "Of Course..., We Are The King Bee And The Queen Bee And Our Oblivion X Bats Are The Working Bees..., And We Are Also Bats Because We Hang Upside Down So Much...., Doesn't It All Make Sense?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done A Happy Twirl And She Happily "It Sure Does"

Nathan Happily Said "So How Do We Find Our Bats?..., In Other Words How Do Queen Bees Find Their Working Bees?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I Don't Know..., Hey Before We Look Lets Hang Upside Down Together"

"Okay Then" Said Nathan In A Super Happy Voice

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "But First Some Special Vertical Magic"...., And Daisy Froggy Kiss Took Out Her Blue Magic Wand And She Zapped Nathan's T-Shirt And She Happily Said "Now Your Shirt Won't Fall Over Your Head..., It'll Stay In Place And There Is Nothing Gravity Can Do About It"

"Thank You" Said Nathan

"Your Welcome" Said Daisy Froggy Kiss

They Both Hung Upside Down On The Monkey Bars.........., They Both Saw The Whole World Upside Down And Their Tummy's Tickled And Their Faces Turned Rosy Red And They Got Dizzy....., "This Is So Fun" Said Nathan While Giggling

Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Right Opposite Nathan As They Both Hung From Their Knees Upside Down On The Monkey Bars...., Daisy Froggy Kiss Swung Her Arms Towards The Ground And She Swung Back And Forth While Playing With Her Long Golden Hair

Nathan Happily Said "You're So Cool"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Awww...., You're So Gorgeous When The Blood Is Rushing 2 Your Head..., You're Gorgeous Always Honey"

Nathan Swung Back And Forth With His Arms Dangling Beneath Him...., Nathan Giggled Happily

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Does It Tickle When You Swing Like That Honey?"

Nathan Happily Said "Yeah..., It Does"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Playfully Said "Lets Spice Things Up With Some Magic" And She Took Out Her Blue Magic Wand And She Zapped The Air And Lots Of Bubbles Started Pouring Out Of Her Blue Magic Wand And They Both Played A Fun Game Of Popping Bubbles While Hanging Upside Down

Nathan Suddenly Saw A Bat Fly In The Sky And Nathan Happily Said (In Excitement) "Hey...., Maybe That's One Of Our Oblivion X Bats"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Lets Go Find Out" And They Both Got Back Down...., They Both Felt Kinda Dizzy After Hanging Upside Down For So Long..., But They Are Both Use 2 It And They Both Love Hanging Upside Down

Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Both Run Towards The Bat And Daisy Froggy Kiss Sadly Said "No This Isn't One Of Ours..., He Doesn't Have Red Eyes"

Nathan Happily Said "Our Oblivion X Bats Eat Fruit, Honey, Spiders And Rats..., Lets Gather Some Food For Them"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "No Need..., I'll Use Magic" And She Summoned A Magical Portal With Her Magic Wand And Out Of That Magical Portal Came A Little Mountain Of Fruit Covered In Honey With Spiders And Rats Crawling All Over The Honey Glazed Fruit

Nathan Got Scared Of The Rats and Daisy Froggy Kiss Used Her Magic Wand Again 2 Summon A Force Field of Energy Around The Little Mountain Of Fruit, Honey, Spiders And Rats....., The Force Field Had A Door In The Middle

Then Suddenly Thousands Of Bats With Bright Red Eyes Flew From The Sky And Went Straight Into A Door On The Force Field And Started Eating Their Newly Prepared Food......, It Was A Magical Experience

"WOW" Shouted Nathan In Amazement And Nathan Started Pretending 2 Be Batman For Fun

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I Guess We Have Found Our Oblivion X Bats"

Then An Oblivion X Bat Landed On Nathan And Another Oblivion X Bat Landed On Daisy Froggy Kiss And Their Strong Mind Connection 2 The Oblivion X Bats Was Reborn

Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Could Suddenly Hear Voices In Their Minds...., They Both Knew That Only They Could Hear Them..., You See These Bats Were As Intelligent As Human Beings..., And Although They Couldn't Talk Out Loud..., They Could Communicate With Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Though A Mind Reading Connection...., This Mind Reading Connection Only Worked With Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss As They Was The King Bat And Queen Bat So 2 Speak

Nathan Listened 2 His Thoughts And He Could Hear The Oblivion X Bats Talking 2 Him....., At First It Was Extremely Overwhelming......, Now That It Was Real, Nathan Was Finding It Difficult 2 Only Focus On One Thought In His Mind At A Time..., I Mean Daisy Froggy Kiss Has A Mind Connection With Him And So Do The Oblivion X Bats And All Of These Thoughts Were In His Head Overwhelming Him

With So Many Different Thoughts From Millions Of Oblivion X Bats Overwhelming Nathan's Mind..., He Was Starting 2 Get Worried That He'll Never Think Straight Again

Daisy Froggy Kiss Hugged Nathan Gently And She Happily Said "Calm Your Mind Dear..., It's Okay..., And Only Focus On One Oblivion X Bat At A Time..., There's One Of You And One Of Me..., Don't Focus On Them All At Once..., Only Focus On One Bat, Or One Me, Or One You..., Just One..., Understand?" And She Gave Nathan A Gentle Kiss On His Cheek

Nathan Started Jumping Around Skipping In Circles Trying 2 Concentrate On One Thought Only..., The Oblivion X Bats Were Invading His Mind And He Could Read Daisy Froggy Kisses Mind Too..., Eventually Nathan Learned 2 Focus On One Thought...., Although Daisy Froggy Kiss Used Some Sneaky Magic With Her Magic Wand When He Wasn't Looking 2 Help Him A Little

Nathan Heard One Oblivion X Bat Think "Such Cute Elves Playing"

Nathan Heard Another Oblivion X Bat Think "Such A Sunny Day Today"

Nathan Heard Another Oblivion X Bat Think "Lets Eat This Apple"

Nathan Heard Daisy Froggy Kiss Think "I Have 2 Turn My Darling Nathan Into A Frog For 24 Hours Someday And Then I'll Make Him Feel Like The Most Special Frog In Whole Of History"

Nathan Thought That This Ability 2 Read Minds With His Imaginary Friends Was Really Cool..., But Also Kinda Overwhelmingly Crazy..., But He Still Wanted This Power..., He Just Wanted 2 Learn 2 Control It Better

Nathan Happily Said "Hey..., Lets Find Our Oblivion X Dinosaur.., I Saw A Pub Earlier..., Lets Go There"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Okay Then..., Lets Go" And They Skipped Over 2 The Pub

On The Way Daisy Froggy Kiss Asked "So, My Dear Darling..., Do You Know The Difference Between White Magic And Black Magic?"

Nathan Happily Said "Black Magic Is For Attacks And White Magic Is For Healing"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done A Cartwheel And She Happily Said "Correct..., Now What About Blue Magic, Red Magic Or Green Magic?..., Do You Know What They Are?"

Nathan Happily Said "They Are A Mix Of White Magic And Black Magic"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Started Walking On Her Hands In A Handstand And She Happily Said "Yes Dear..., Black Magic And White Magic Are Both Pure Forms Of Magic..., Mixing Them Together Creates Blue Magic, Red Magic And Green Magic...., I LOVE MAGIC" And Daisy Froggy Kiss Rolled 2 Her Feet

Nathan Happily Said "You Mainly Use Blue Magic And Green Magic"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Yeah..., Green Magic Is Mainly Used For Potions And Blue Magic Is Used For Fun Stuff........, LIKE THIS" And She Zapped A Puddle Of Water With Her Blue Magic Wand...., And The Puddle Of Water Transformed Into A Water Dragon......, And The Water Dragon Looked Scary And Nathan Shouted "WOW" In Amazement......, And The Water Dragon Went 2 Eat Nathan And As The Water Dragon Bit Nathan The Water Dragon Exploded And Nathan Got Soaking Wet

Daisy Froggy Kiss Burst Out Laughing And Nathan Shouted "HEY"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "And Red Magic Is Status Effects..., Now Lets Go" And They Both Skipped 2 The Pub

When They Both Entered The Pub They Both Saw A Huge Silver Robotic Dinosaur With Human-Like Hands With Sharp Claws..., And Very Very Sharp Teeth..., He Was About 7-Foot-Tall And Was Made Of Metal Skin...., And He Looked Like A T-Rex And He Was Drinking Beer

Nathan Shouted In Excitement "THERE HE IS"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Walked Up The Wall And She Stood Upside Down On The Ceiling And She Happily Said "I Know Dear"

The Oblivion X Dinosaur Walked Up 2 Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss And He Said (In An Angry And Aggressive Voice) "WHAT ARE YOU 2 DOING HERE....., THIS PLACE IS FULL OF WORTHLESS HUMANS..., LET ME DESTROY EVERYONE HERE"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Playfully Mean Voice) "Now If You Hurt Anyone I'll Have 2 Turn You Into A Pink Unicorn........., Understand"

The Oblivion X Dinosaur Shouted (In An Angry..., But Obeying Voice) "FINE...., Forgive My Aggressiveness..., Your Orders My Mistress And Your Orders My Master"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "See..., He'll Now Do Whatever You Say Or Command"

A Man Drinking His Beer Said (In An Angry Voice) "GET THAT DINOSAUR OUT OF HERE"

Another Man Said (In An Angry Voice) "This Dinosaur Keeps Going On About Destroying All Of Us..., He's Your Servant So Tell Him 2 Leave"

And An Old Lady Drinking Wine Asked "And Why Are You Upside Down?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said (In A Sweet Childlike Voice) "Look Dear..., This Place Is Scary..., I Feel Much Safer Up Here"

The Oblivion X Dinosaur Said (In An Angry Voice) "IF YOUR SCARED THEN LET ME DESTROY THESE WORTHLESS HUMAN'S" And After Saying That He Drunk A Big Gulp Of His Beer

Nathan Hugged His Oblivion X Dinosaur Very Tightly And He Happily Said "YOU'RE SO CUTE"

And Daisy Froggy Kiss Somersaulted 2 Her Feet And She Started Doing A Handstand On Top Of The Oblivion X Dinosaur......,And The Oblivion X Dinosaur Shouted "STOP THAT..., I'M NOT A GYMNASTIC OBJECT FOR YOU 2 PRACTICE ON......., Unless You Want Me 2 Be..., My Mistress"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Triple Back Flipped 2 Her Feet And She Happily Said "You Come With Us"

The Oblivion X Dinosaur Said (In A Grumpy Obeying Voice) "Of Course..., My Mistress

Daisy Froggy Kiss Read Nathan's Mind And She Immediately Knew That Nathan Wanted 2 Sit On The Oblivion X Dinosaur 2 Ride On Him Just Like A Horse...., And So Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Go On And Ride Him Honey"

Nathan Said (In A Burst Of Pure Excitement) "REALLY?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Yeah..., He Is Our Dinosaur..., I Use Him For Gymnastics And You Use Him For Horse Riding..., Awesome Isn't It Honey?"

Nathan Quickly Sat On The Back Of The Oblivion X Dinosaur And Daisy Froggy Kiss Took Out Her Flying Broom Stick And Nathan Rode On The Back Of His Oblivion X Dinosaur Out Of The Pub And Daisy Froggy Kiss Flew Beside Them

Nathan Happily Rode All Across Town..., Even Jumping Over Buildings Shouting "HEE..., HAA..., This Is So Fun"

The Oblivion X Dinosaur Said (In An Angry Voice) "I'M WAY FASTER THAN A CAR....., I'LL Do Anything You Ask..., My Master"

"I Know" Said Nathan Smiling While Riding His Oblivion X Dinosaur Down A Hill...., Suddenly.., Nathan Saw A Big Huge Spaceship Parked In A Big Park And Nathan Happily Said "Hey..., That Looks Just Like Our Oblivion X Spaceship..., Ride There Please"

The Oblivion X Dinosaur Said "It Will Be Done My Master" And They All Went Towards The Oblivion X Spaceship

Nathan Got Off The Oblivion X Dinosaur's Back And He Happily Said "You Can Go Back 2 Drinking Alcohol Now..., We'll See You Later"

The Oblivion X Dinosaur Said (In An Obeying Voice) "Good Bye My Master And My Mistress"..., And He Bowed Down 2 Both Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss

Daisy Froggy Kiss Gave The Oblivion X Dinosaur A Big Kiss And She Happily Said "Now You Be Extra Nice 2 The Human's... Less, I'll Turn You Into One"

The Oblivion X Dinosaur Looked Terrified At The Thought Of Becoming A Human And He Said (In A Respectful Voice) "I'll Make Sure 2 Be Nice 2 The Human's My Mistress" And He Walked Away

Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Both Skipped Into Their Oblivion X Spaceship..., Nathan Then Happily Said "I Guess This Is Our New Home"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "It Sure Is"

Nathan Said In Absolute Excitement "WOW....., This Place Is So Cool...., We Have A Computer..., Video Game Consoles..., Swings..., Monkey Bars..., Toys...., And Our Oblivion X Bats Will Cook For Us..., I LOVE IT HERE"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "AWWW..., This Spaceship Is Pure Magic..., Just Like Me"

Nathan Turned The Oblivion X Spaceship On And Then A Magical Vortex Of Bright Rainbow Colour's And Cosmic Energy Sucked Them Both Up..., And Suddenly Nathan Woke Up In The Machine Pod..., Nathan Happily Said "Are My Imaginary Friends Real Now"

The Scientist Happily Said "Yes..., They Are..., A Silver Dinosaur And Millions Of Bats And A Barefoot Witch Just Flew Out Of That Machine..., And A Gigantic Spaceship Flew Out Of That Machine Too And Went Though The Wall Without Breaking Anything..., Your Spaceship Is Just Outside..., Oh, And The Barefoot Witch Is Waiting Just For You Right By Here"

Nathan Stood Up In Excitement 2 See A Real Life Daisy Froggy Kiss Running Towards Him..., They Gave Each Other A Big Huge Hug..., Now All Of Nathan's Dreams Have Come True"

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

The End :D
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