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Jan 14, 2019 11:55 AM
Anime Relations: Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Narumi Momose has just decided to switch jobs. Though she is a very dedicated otaku, she tries her best to hide that part of her, especially at work. That's why, on her first day, she is surprised to see Hirotaka Nifuji,a childhood friend and gamer otaku. She manages to keep her cover even after Hirotaka almost blows it, and discovered that two of their coworkers, Hanako Koyanagi and Tarou Kabakura, are also otaku.

Love is Hard for Otaku follows the antics of these four otaku as they deal with their daily work lives, otaku hobbies, as well as manage their love lives. We get to follow the start of Hirotaka and Narumi's relationship, and see Tarou and Hanako's grow.

The Good

I'd like to say right off the bat there is a lot of things that I enjoyed about this anime. My fiance and I watched this over the course of a couple days, and we enjoyed it.

Foremost, I was pleasantly surprised and happy that the two main character's relationship was initiated early in the series. It's a nice switch up from other slice of life / romance anime where the entirety of the show is dedicated to them getting to the relationship. It was nice since that meant the show was going to be based around them growing, which I was ready for!

The various misunderstandings and comedic moments were quite entertaining. It was clear from a glance that Narumi has a ton of more "experience" with certain things that Hirotaka, as she often misinterpreted small things. These moments gave some good laughs, and the first kiss was as awkward and funny as I hoped it would be.

The Bad

The only major issue I have with this anime is the lack of progression between Narumi and Hirotaka. I feel as if after the first few episodes, even specifically after the first kiss, their relationship kind of stagnates. We get glimpses of them getting closer through their self thoughts, such as each trying to understand the other, but there isn't a real physical closeness to them.

I feel like Hanako and Tarou's relationship grew more than Narumi and Hirotaka's, and theirs is already at a pretty serious point in the relationship. A new relationship should be full of firsts, but what we got was them being basically friends with very little interaction on a relationship level. At least that's how it felt.

I was very confused and disappointed when a new character, potential love interest, was introduced in the second to last episode for Hirotaka's little brother. It just felt like that took even more away from the main couple, since now we are focusing on his little brother now.


I enjoyed the show, overall, I really did. There were times where the dialogue was a little weird, perhaps from neither me nor my fiance getting the reference or meaning, but that's nitpicking. I wish that the main couple could've progressed a little more, but there is always hope for that if/when this anime gets another season. I would've like to have more closure in the final episode, but I can live with it.

All in all, it was a nice, relaxing watch. Cute and awkward, as expected.

Thanks for reading!

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