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Jan 13, 5:07 PM
Anime Relations: Pokemon
Welcome to all the profiles I've made! I'm quite proud of myself! Most of the profiles for myself do have gifs.

If you noticed that on 3 of my own profiles, it says I'm a male and such, well it's wrong! I'm not a male LMAO So I use a dead profile of a friend of mine to experiment with new profiles, and so I had 2 tabs open (one tab of just my profile, one tab of his profile open), and I guess a glitch happened, so the birthdays and location of mine switched over to his. I swear I ain't a trap, bruh

#1 Version 1.0 Galactic Edition My first profile that I actually thought looked quite well! I'm missing one of the gifs tho :/

#2 Version 2.0 Neon Edition Every time I make a new profile, it seems to be when I've reached a new point in my life lmao Rain is my favorite type of weather <3

#3 Version 3.0 "Your Savior" Edition My love for fighter girls definitely exploded with this one haha

#4 Version 4.0 Revelation Edition

Profiles I've Made for Other People:

Ezlord: The red, black, and white palette is so simple and clean!

Maurex(my boyfriend :D): The entire image is a guillotine of 36 separate pieces. ;.; took me a while to get it done! I loved how it turned out.

Posted by Cosmos | Jan 13, 5:07 PM | 3 comments
ezlord | Jan 15, 4:50 PM
Holy fuck ur bf profile turned out nice
Megapoid | Jan 15, 3:57 AM
Awesome profiles :)
Cosmos | Jan 14, 7:21 PM
I'm not a male aahhhhhh