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Jan 8, 12:28 PM
Anime Relations: Fate/stay night, Bakemonogatari

I started watching anime around 2010 while I was in high school. I grew up watching stuff like DBZ like most people but it wasn't until high school that I started watching other shows knowing it was "anime". One of my friends at the time recommended Soul Eater and Code Geass to me and that was the start of my anime obsession. However.. I got burned out from watching way too much of it and I basically stopped watching anime altogether around 2014. I didn't watch any anime for like almost two years after that, but one day I decided to watch some again just like the "good old days" and well, here I am, again..

Nowadays, I just watch whatever captures my attention. I don't know if I have a favorite genre (besides yuri being kind of like a guilty pleasure of mine), but I'm very open minded so I won't disregard an anime because of its genre. There are still some type of shows that don't appeal to me, but I'll give most of them a try at least. As for scores, I used to rack my brain over them, but I don't dwell on scores too much these days since it started to affect my enjoyment. plus i kinda don't wanna ruin my a e s t h e t i c looking mean score I don't mind discussing anime though, so feel free to call me out on my shit taste.

Some actual stuff about me:

- 24

- bilingual (spanish/english)

- university student

- monogatari and fate fanboy

- shinobu is love, shinobu is life

- tamamo is waifu

- metalhead

- yuri fan

- i love tsunderes too

Welp, with all that being said, feel free to send me a friend request if you think we have similar tastes or if there is anything that you like about my profile.

Update 2/25/19: I'm really inactive these days and I barely watch anime anymore so I might be offline for days or weeks at a time. Hopefully I'm just going through another burnout and I'll be back to watching anime and posting on the forums in the future, but for now, I won't be online as much..
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