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Dec 15, 2018 9:12 AM
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Written By @LadySofia (^__^)

LadySofia's Christmas Elf Story

Santa's Workshop was cozy and warm. A few dozen Elves were busy working, and talking with each other. All the elves room buzz with activity and sounds. Small clanks, knocks and the sound of cloth that moves over a table, their chirpy voices, talking happily. All that filled Santa's Workshop every day, all year, because the elves were always busy. They took shifts in making the toys, and sometimes they had fun holidays. But at least one group of elves was at work each day.
Christmas was a big festivity, and there were so many good children who deserved presents.
Right now, the elves Jenny, Florence, Sarah, Leo, and Toby were working together at a big table.
Each one of them was working at a different toy, and they could do it so well, they didn‘t have to concentrate too hard and could still talk non stop with each other, without loosing focus.
„Toby? Could you get us some hot chocolate please? I‘m really thirsty! I‘d do it myself, but I‘m doing great with making this doll just now. Pretty please?“ Jenny asked, her big blue eyes pleading. She knew how to get Toby to do what she wanted.
„Awww…. I‘m busy too! Only this once? All right? Next time, you get us the hot chocolate!“ Toby said, as he laid down his toy car, and then he went away.
„Jenny, that doll your making is looking very much like you! Don‘t be too full of yourself!“ Florence said.
„But its pretty! Because I am pretty. I‘m sure the girl who gets this doll will like it! I like the idea of her knowing how I look.“ She giggled happily: „And look! There are also some cute ribbons, to tie in the dolls hair, and a set of three dresses for her! This will be a present for a wonderfully lovely and nice girl I think. What are you making Sarah?“
Sarah smiled softly: „I‘m making a set of wooden playing blocks! They are all different colors, see? You can build houses out of them, and anything you like!“
„Cool!“ said Leo. „Look, I‘m making a stuffed plush toy lion! You know, me being called Leo, which means Lion? I think it fits! Here, he can even open his mouth! Do you think we could ask Santa to put a spell on him, to make him roar when his mouth opens?“ He grinned, and looked at them hopefully.
„Uhm… I don‘t think so. You know he doesn‘t put magic on the toys that is too obvious. It would only confuse the humans. But I do have to say, thats a cute lion!“ Florence said.
„Theres Toby, with our hot chocolate!“ Said Jenny: „Toby! Thank you so much!“
They all took a cup – BIG cups, with loads of hot chocolate in them – and drank.
„Yummy! Thats so tasty!“ Said Leo.
Sarah smiled: „Leo, you have hot chocolate around your mouth, lick it off, you look funny.“
They all laughed: „Hey, Leo‘s got a chocolate beard!“
Everyone was talking an laughing and making toys, when one of the overseers came to their table.
„Are you working hard enough? How many toys have you made today? I hope you‘re not just talking there?“ He said. His name was Rolfie, and he was new to this work as overseer.
„Rolfie! Hi there! As you see, we‘re making lots of toys! Here I just finished my playing blocks! Aren‘t they great?“ Florence said.
Another overseer came to them, Marvin, who had been doing this job for a while longer than his partner.
„Rolfie, they are doing their work great, no need to bother them. After all, we don‘t want them to work themselves to the bones. The toys are supposed to be made with lots of happiness and love you know? Great work you five! Keep it up like this, and you‘ll be made the best workgroup this year!“
And the two overseers went away.
„Best workgroup? Awww yeah! That would be cool, wouldn‘t it?“ Leo said.
„Yes, it would“ said Jenny: „But there are so many workgroups, I don‘t think we‘ll make it.“
„But it sure would be wonderful! We could go on a holiday with Santa if we managed it!“ said Florence.
Their eyes lit up dreamily.
„We could even ride with him in his sledge if we did it!“ Sarah murmured.
„Stop dreaming so much, and we might have a chance at it!“ Jenny said, and started working faster on her doll.
For 20 minutes, they worked concentrated, and didn‘t talk much. But elves are very childlike, and they can‘t keep silent and concentrated very long.
„I want to go outside and play with the Reindeer!“ Florence moaned: „This is getting boring! How long do we have to keep going?“
„We still have to go till evening, thats… 2 hours I think?“ Toby said.
„Come on guys, we can do this! Lets put the most love and care into making these toys for another 2 hours!“ Jenny said.
Whenever one of them finished a toy, they gave it to the one of the elves that ran around the room the whole time. These elves were there to get the toys into a storeroom, where they would be packaged and made into lovely looking presents.
After about 2 hours (Toby had guessed right) Marvin came to them, and told them that they were finished for the day.
„Go eat some dinner, and then you can play, or visit the Reindeer. Enjoy your evening, and thanks for the hard work! I‘ve noticed how much effort you all put into your work!“
They all jumped of from their seats, and ran outside giggling happily and jumping and skipping.
But when they sat at their dinner table, they heard the group sitting at the table next to them say: „Did you hear? Dora the overseer think we might have a chance to be the best workgroup this year! We‘ll get to go on holidays with Santa if we manage it!“
The other elves at the table laughed, and nodded: „We can do this!“ „Hooooray!“
Jenny, Florence, Sarah, Leo and Toby looked at each other.
„Oh...“ Said Sarah: „I guess we have to really put a lot of work in, if we want to get the price...“
Leo moaned: „You all know I can‘t keep concentrated for very long… I don‘t think I can work even harder than I did today. I‘m sorry...“
Sarah hugged Leo: „Don‘t you worry. We are all just going to do the best we can, and if we win the price, thats good. If we don‘t then that is also fine. Lets just have the most of fun we can have, while making the toys, all right?“
They all nodded. But still, it made them a bit sad, that they might not become the best workgroup after all. It had been such a wonderful though.

The next day, they worked from morning to midday, and then they had the rest of the day free for themselves. Elves are restless beings, and they don‘t like having to work day after day. They need their free time.
The group choose to go to the Reindeers. The poor beasts were bored just as much as the elves. They were not as restless, but if you only have one real workday in a year, you do have to find something to do the rest of the year.
„Hey, how are you all doing?“ Toby asked the 10 Reindeers that stood in the stable. One came to him, and sniffed at his face. Then it stumped its warm fluffy nose against his shoulder, asking for treats. He nodded: „Be right back!“ And then he ran to the place where the Reindeer treats were kept. He came back with a whole load, and gave each Reindeer a treat and a stroke over the neck. They liked being stroked, not like the wild Reindeers, who sometimes ran outise of Santa Town. These were wholly tame, and loved the company of the elves.
So the group started cuddling the Reindeer, and talking to them, and to each other, and played catch, and hide and seek. Leo climbed onto the beams that held the stable together. He stood about two metres above the others, and looked down.
„Hey! Its a bit dusty up here, but awesome! I can see you all!“ He laughed and ran an jumped above them. Then he let himself hang upside down from his knees, and tried to touch a Reindeer. He didn‘t reach it fully, but then the animal came to him, and stretched its head up to him. Het patted its head: „Good Reindeer!“
They decided to thake the Reindeer for a walk, and opened the stable doors. There was no need for a harness, because the Reindeer listened to their every command, and wouldn‘t ever run away. It was normal that the elves sometimes took them outside. Most of the time it was their group, because they really loved the Reindeers.
They all walked a long while, until they came just to the end of Santa Town, where a small lake was. A tiny fishing hut stood at its side, and lots of old nets lay piled at one of its walls.
The elves seated themselves on those nets, and let the Reindeer roam about, and seek some grass under the snow. Out here it was very peaceful, so much, that even the restless elves took a moment to just enjoy the calm. But just a moment.
„I could really use some hot chocolate out here…. Its sooooo cold!“ Jenny said.
„We should have thought to bring some. Well, its too far away now.“ Florence said.
Leo giggled: „I know how to get warm!“
„How?“ Asked Sarah.
A snowball burst against her chest: „Like this!“ Leo said.
He jumped up, and gathered a hand of snow, which he threw at Florence. She yelped, ran to the side, and threw a snowball herself. It landed directly in Leo‘s face. The others laughed happily, and started throwing snowballs too. Now, no one could say that the place beside the lake was a silent one. Laughter and the crunch of snow filled the air. The Reindeers looked up from their grass, and watched the happy elves. If Reindeers could smile, those ones would probably have done so. They loved those tiny elves with all their hearts, and seeing them laugh so much and have fun warmed their big hearts.
But like all good things, the snowball fight had to have an end at some point. The elves fell into the snow, their noses and cheeks glowing red, and their eyes glimmering with energy and happiness.
„That was amazing!“ said Sarah: „Lets do it again someday!“
„Sure ting!“ Leo said back.
„Uhmm… Guys, I think we have a problem!“ said Toby, his voice high with panic.
All the elves turned their heads. And stilled.
A Polar bear stood about 50 metres away, and was looking at the Reindeers hungrily.
„Oh no! What do we do now? He‘s going to eat them!“ Jenny squeaked.
And true enough, the Polar Bear started stalking towards the Reindeers who slowly retreated. They didn‘t dare run, because then the Bear would run too, and he was way too close, and would catch them.
„I have an idea!“ Florence whispered: „We could throw one of the nets onto the bear, and run away while he is busy getting out of it.“
„But how do we get close enough to throw a net onto him? He is waaaay to big!“ Sarah said, shakily.
Toby looked at the house: „If one of us could climb on there? The others could get the net up to him, and then we only have to get the Reindeers close enough to the house, to attract the bear there.“
„I can climb up!“ Leo voluntiered: „I‘m by far the best climber of all of us!“
„And we will get the Reindeer! Come on Sarah.“ Said Jenny.
Everyone set into motion, and they each did what they had to. Jenny and Sarah got the Reinderrs to retreat to the house slowly, the bear still stalking closer.
Leo climbed onto the small houses roof, and Toby and Florence gave him a big net that seemed heavy enough to keep the bear in place, even if just for a few minutes.
The Bear didn‘t care for the elves, because the Reindeer seemed like such a more filling and tasty meal to him. That was his biggest fault.
When he reached the house, Leo yowled a war cry, and threw the net. The Bear roarded loudly, and trashed around, caught in the heavy net. But he couldn‘t get free. Rage made him fight the net even harder. It wouldn‘t hold forever. Maybe even for a minute.
Leo jumped into the high now piled beside the house, and ran towards the others, and the Reindeers.
One of the Reindeer had gone onto its knees, to let him onto its back. The other elves were already seated each on a Reindeer.
As the bear slowly managed to bite through the net, the Reindeers started to gallop away, to safety. When the bear finally got out, and started to chase them, they head a good few hundres metres lead.
As soon as they entered the streets of Santa Town, the Bear skidded to a halt, and roared once again. He wouldn‘t chase them any further. Santa Town was out of limits for the Polar Bears, and they knew it..
„We… We did it! Guys we did it!“ Toby cried!
„Hoooray!“ Jenny shouted: „We tricked a Polar Bear!
„Wow! Wow! That was… scary! But awesome too!“ Leo ginned, but he looked a bit shaken up from the close encounter.
„Do you think we‘ll get punished? We took the Reindeers pretty far to the edge of Santa Town after all. Is it our fault that we got attacked?“ Sarah asked.
„I don‘t think so.“ Said Florence. „After all, we were still in Santa Town, and didn‘t break any rules. But we better go to bed silently for now… You never know.“
The elves hugged each other, then they made their way back to the Workshop. They were tired, and had never needed a cup of hot chocolate more than now.
When they had put the Reindeers into the stable, and given each one a big big load of treats they stumbled into the workroom. They had to cross through it, to get to their bedrooms.
„Hey, wait up!“ they heard Marvin shout, when they were halfway to their rooms.
„What is it?“ Florence asked.
„Don‘t you want some hot chocolate after your adventure?“ Marvin asked, smiling gently: „Come on, lets go to my office.
The office was a lovingly decorated warm room, and four other overseers were inside it too, looking at the group of elves when they came in.
The five elves looked around carefully, and shifted from one foot to the other. Finally Leo asked: „Are we in trouble Marvin?“
„What? No! Of course not! Why whould you be? You saved Santas Reindeers from a Polar Bear today! You are far from trouble!“
„Really?“ Jenny smiled carefully: „Thats a big relief!“ Her friends nodded.
„Then why were we called here?“ Toby asked.
„First off. Here is hot chocolate for all of you“ said one of the female overseers, and they gave each elf a hot cup of chocolate.
„And secondly“ said Marvin: „Even though it is a bit early to name the winner of the best workgroup award, we have decided that already.
You five deserve the award 100% surely. You work hard and lovingly in the workshop, you make some of the best toys. But also, when you were attacked today, you reacted perfectly. An elf who was close by told us what you did. In a matter of seconds, Florence had a plan ready! Everyone did what they could do best, and together, you won a fight with a polar bear using each ones strong points! I am so proud of you all! Come here, I want to hug all of you!“
The five friends started to cry from happiness, and all ran to Marvin to give him one big group hug. They all started laughing, and hugged each other, and jumped up and down. No one had ever seen elves, as happy as they were right now.
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