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Sep 29, 2018 1:16 PM
Anime Relations: Renai Boukun, Little Witch Academia (TV), Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho, Made in Abyss, Aho Girl, 18if
This is mainly for myself, so it'll probably not be too interesting. I didn't really understand seasonal anime at first, so I don't have many entries for Spring and Summer of 2017. I started watching anime at around the beginning of Spring 2017.

Seasonal anime for Spring consisted of Little Witch Academia and its movies, The Grimoire of Zero, and Renai Boukun.

The Grimoire of Zero was just picked up randomly, but was enjoyable. I wouldn't usually have picked a fantasy series like that, so I am glad I did. That's one of the reasons I watch seasonal anime. It's only an episode a week, so I am more willing to watch something different.

Renai Boukun was also enjoyable. I tried the first episode when it only four had aired and couldn't wait for the fifth.

Little Witch Academia was picked up at this time despite it began airing during Winter 2017. I preferred the first half, but the show overall was good.

Seasonal anime for Summer 2017 consisted of 18if and Aho Girl. I believe I dropped 18if after the "Idols don't go to the bathroom" episode. A bunch of men got gender bent or something. Anyhow, I didn't care for either series so they were both dropped.

The anime Made in Abyss aired during this season. I watched the first episode a little late and didn't continue with it as the fanservice was kind of wierd (though I did watch and enjoy Fate/kaleid). This show would later be picked up and finished.
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