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Sep 23, 2018 12:14 PM
Anime Relations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko - Hajimari no Asa, Fairy Tail (2014), Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry, Fairy Tail: Final Series

Written By Nathan (Oblivion X Knight) (^__^)

Real Imaginary Friends Part 4

It Was Now The Forth Day That The Real Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Staying At The Real Oblivion X Knight Nathan's House On A Holiday For A Week

An Imaginary Nathan Was Daisy Froggy Kisses Imaginary Friend And An Imaginary Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Nathan's Imaginary Friend..., And So They Both Had 2 Imaginary And 2 Real Life Counter Parts Mirroring The Exact Same Person

It Was A Lovely Tuesday And Nathan Was Getting Ready 2 Go Out With His Support Worker Ashley

Daisy Froggy Kiss Was In The Spare Bedroom Pretending 2 Cast Magic Spells With Her Toy Magic Wand

Nathan Opened The Spare Bedroom Door And He Happily Said "Good Morning Daisy Miracle Froggy Kiss"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Run Towards Nathan And She Gave Him A Big Hug And She Happily Said (In A Burst Of Excitement) "Howdy Honey..., Your My Hero"

Nathan Started Jumping Up And Down Happily And Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Oh Look..., One Of Our Oblivion X Bats Just Landed On Your Shoulder"

"Hello" Said Nathan While Looking At Both Shoulders

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Our Special Bats Are Telling Me That You're Support Worker Is On His Way..., And They Have Also Told Me That Our Oblivion X Dinosaur Is Coming 2 See Us Both Later"

Nathan Happily Said (While Jumping And Spinning In A Burst Of Happiness) "YAY YAY YAY...., What Shall We Ask Him 2 Do?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I Think We Should Ask Him 2 Find Us Some Dream Food That Nobody Ever Cooks"

Nathan Happily Said (In An Excited Voice) "Like White Chocolate Curry?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done A Back Flip And She Happily Said "Exactly..., Or Strawberry Chicken Or Mushroom Cheese Cake Or Christmas Dinner Flavoured Bubblegum............., But Seriously Though Nothing Beats A White Chocolate Curry"

Nathan Happily Said "My Daddy Says It Would Taste Gross..., But I Think It Would Be Totally Perfect Just Like You"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Gently Said (In A Sweet Childlike Voice) "Awww...., You Are Perfect Too..., Your My Perfect Sweetheart..., Listen..., Please Could You Brush My Hair With Me Hanging Upside Down Like You Did Yesterday?..., Please?"

Nathan Happily Said "Okay Then" And Daisy Froggy Kiss Hung Upside Down From The Gymnastics Bar In The Spare Bedroom And Nathan Brushed Her Hair With Her Daisy Duck Hairbrush

Nathan Happily Said "I Absolutely Love Your Daisy Duck Hairbrush....., It's So Cool..., Disney Is The Best"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I Also Have A Kingdom Hearts Hairbrush Which I'd Love 2 Show You Someday..., It's Awesome"

Nathan Got Super Excited And He Happily Said (While Jumping And Brushing Daisy Froggy Kisses Hair As She Hung Upside Down) "WOW..., I Wanna See It..., I Wanna See It"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Energetically Said "Nathan Dear.., Sit On The Floor Right Under My Head"

"Why" Asked Nathan

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "You'll See Honey...., I Wanna Tickle You With My Hair"

And Nathan Sat Right Under Her And Daisy Froggy Kiss Shook Her Head And Her Long Hair Moved Along Nathan's Face...., And Nathan Giggled And He Happily Said "Hehe...., That Tickles Slightly"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Hehe..., I've Tickled My Mother Like That Too"..., And She Climbed Back Down Happily

They Then Both Ate Their Bowl Of Fruit For Breakfast And Nathan's Support Worker Ashley Knocked The Door

A Support Worker Is Basically A Carer Who Gets Paid 2 Look After You Outside Instead Of At Home..., Nathan Was Autistic So He Had A Support Worker Twice A Week And His Name Was Ashley

Nathan Happily Opened The Door And Ashley Happily Said "Hello There"

Nathan Happily Said (While Jumping Up And Down In Excitement) "This Is A Real Life Version Of My Imaginary Friend, Daisy Froggy Kiss..., She's From France And She Has The Exact Same Imaginary Friends As Me...., Including Myself..., And She's Autistic And She's A Witch In Training"

Ashley Happily Said "That's Awesome..., High 5 Then" And Nathan Happily Gave Ashley A High 5 And Daisy Froggy Kiss Gave Him A High 5 Too

Ashley Said "So What's The Plan Today?"

Nathan Happily Said "Um..., I'll Get My Mam" And Nathan Run Upstairs Into His Mothers Bedroom And He Happily Said "Mammy..., Ashley's Here"

Nathan's Mother Happily Said "Alright.., I'm Coming" And She Went Down The Stairs

Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother Had Gone Shopping 2 Look At The Town Centre Where Nathan Was From

Nathan's Mother Happily Said "Hello Ash"

Ashley Happily Said "Alright...,What Should We Do Today"

Nathan's Mother Happily Said "He Wants 2 Know If You'll Take Daisy Miracle Too"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Thought In Her Head "That's Froggy Kiss"

Ashley Happily Said "Of Course I Will"

Nathan Happily Asked "Are You Still My Friend?"

Ashley Happily Said "Yeah.., Of Course I'm Your Friend"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Took One Of Her Toy Magic Wands And She Waved It At Ashley And She Happily Said "I Am Casting A Magic Spell On You So That You'll Attract Ninja Monkeys"

Ashley Laughed And He Happily Said "Hahaha.., That Sounds Awesome..., She's Lovely Aren't She?"

Nathan's Mother Said "It's A Miracle That They've Found Each Other"

"I Know" Said Ashley

Nathan's Mother Happily Said "Nathan Would Like 2 Go 2 The Festival Park 2 Have An Hot Chocolate With Daisy Miracle And Then Play In The Playground And See The Owl's In The Owl Sanctuary"

Ashley Happily Said "Yeah..., No Problem"

Nathan's Mother Happily Said "Then Tomorrow Would You 2 Like 2 Go 2 The Trampoline Park?"

Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Both Got So Excited That They Both Jumped Up And Nathan Jumped In The Air And Daisy Froggy Kiss Back Flipped In The Air And They Both Shouted (In A Burst Of Hyperacytive Excitement) "Yes Please..., Yes Please"

Ashley Happily Said "She Might Have 2 Wear Trampoline Socks There Mind Or They Won't Let You Go In"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Spoiled Voice) "But I Go Bare Feet Everywhere"

Nathan's Mother Gently Said "It's Only For An Hour Dear...., Think Of The Fun You'll Have"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Looked At Her Feet And She Sadly Said "Alright I'll Wear Trampoline Socks"

Nathan Happily Said "The Trampoline Park Is So Much Fun..., I Love 2 Jump Into The Foam Pit Or Do Somersaulting-Rolls Or Play Gladiator Sword Fights...., And There Is Even Trampoline Basket Ball And You Can Practice Doing Flips And Even Teach Me How 2 Do Flips"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I'll Teach You How 2 Blow A Loving Kiss While Halfway Though A Back Flip"

Nathan Happily Asked (In A Shocked Voice) "How Can You Do That?..., Your Amazing"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Awww..., Thanks Honey..., But It's Easy..., While Your Upside Down In The Air In The Middle Of The Back Flip You Put Your Fingers On Your Mouth And Kiss Your Fingers And Then Blow Your Fingers At The Person You Love...., It's Fun 2 Imagine Magical Kiss Dust Flying From My Fingers Into Your Heart Dear"

Nathan Happily Said (While Jumping Happily) "Yeah..., Your Right"

Ashley Happily Said "Right..., Are You 2 Ready 2 Make A Move"

"Okay" "Okay" They Both Said Happily..., And They Both Went Into Ashley's Silver Car

Ashley Drove 2 The Festival Park Which Was About A 30 Minute Walk From Nathan's House..., And When They Got There Ashley Happily Said "So What Would You Like 2 Do First..., See The Owl's Or Go 2 The Park Or Go In The Cafe For An Hot Chocolate?"

Nathan Happily Said "Lets See The Owl's First" And The 3 Of Them Walked And Skipped And Hopped 2 The Owl Sanctuary From The Car Park

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Can These Owl's Deliver Letters?..., Because I've Seen Witches Give Owl's Letters For Delivery?"

Nathan Happily Said "I Hope They Can"

As They Walked Inside Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Awww..., Look At That Baby Owl..., He's So Cute..., Why Is He In There"

Ashley Happily Said "These Owl's Wouldn't Survive In The Wild Sweetheart..., Some Of Them Have Been Abused Or Injured So The Owner Keeps Them Here 2 Look After Them"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Look Their Eyes Are So Majestic And Magical......, Nobody Should Ever Harm These.., Our Oblivion X Bats Will Protect Them Won't They Honey?"

Nathan Happily Said "Yes They Will Zap Anyone Who Hurts Them"

When They Went Up 2 The Owner He Happily Said "Hi Nathan...., Who Is This?..., Your Friend?"

Nathan Jumped Up And Down And He Happily Said "She's My Best Friend In The Whole Wide World"

The Owner Said "Would You Like 2 Hold This Owl?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Yes Please..., I'd Love Too"

The Owner Said "Put On This Glove..., And Hold Out Your Arm Straight..., Are You Right Handed Or Left Handed?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Right Handed"..., And Daisy Froggy Kiss Put Her Right Hand Into The Glove And The Owner Happily Said "Come Here Boy" And The Owl Spread His Wings And Flew Right Onto Daisy Froggy Kisses Hand

Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Worried Voice) "Wow..., He's Heavy..., His Claws Are Strong"

The Owner Said "He Won't Hurt You Darling"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said (While Gently Stroking The Owl) "Hello Sweetie..., Hello..., Awww..., Your So Cute Aren't You Honey"

The Owl Then Flew Off Her Hand And She Removed The Glove And The Owner Said "Would You Like 2 Hold Him Today Too?"

Nathan Happily Said "Yes Please"..., And After Nathan Had Had A Turn Of Holding The Owl The 3 Of Them Went 2 The Playground

On The Way Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Asked "Is This Playground Fun?"

Nathan Happily Said "Yeah..., I Love It.., Sadly There Is No Monkey Bars Though"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Oh..., Well..., I Hope Swings Are Here At Least"

Nathan Happily Said "Yeah..., Swings Are Here"

In The Playground They Both Run Over 2 The Swing And Started Swinging As High As They Possibly Could..., Daisy Froggy Kiss Suddenly Done A Back Flip On The Swing.., And Nathan Happily Said "WOW..., My Old One 2 One In College Rhys Use 2 Be Able 2 Do That"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "It's Super Easy For Me..., Hey..., Lets See Who Can Swing The Highest.., 123.., Lets Go"

They Both Swung On The Swings As High As They Could..., After 5 Minutes Of That Nathan Happily Said "UH., OH....., Look Who's Here..., Our Dinosaur"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done 3 Cartwheel's And She Playfully Said (While Pretending 2 Hug The Imaginary Robotic T-Rex) "My Honey-Dino..., Are You Drunk?..., You Look Scary With Your Sharp Teeth My Sweet Little T-Rex Monster".., She Smiled At Nathan

Daisy Froggy Kiss And Nathan Both Imagined Him Saying (In A Grumpy Voice) While Respectfully Bowing "What Are Your Orders My Master And My Mistress"

Nathan Happily Said "Search The World For White Chocolate Curry"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "And Strawberry Chicken"

Nathan Happily Said "And Blueberry Bubblegum Sunday Dinner"

Nathan Imagined The Oblivion X Dinosaur Saying (In An Angry Voice) "But The Bats Would Be Better Suited For That Job"

Nathan Shouted In Playful Anger "Do We Have 2 Make You Babysit Ninja Monkeys"

They Both Imagined Him Saying "No..., Forgive Me..., My Masters" And They Both Imagined Him Drinking A Big Gulp Of Alcohol

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Alright Dear.., Off You Go"..., And Then They Both Played A Game Of Tag And Had A Sword Fight With Some Wooden Sticks

Ashley Then Took Them Both For A Hot Chocolate In The Cafe And Then He Took Them Both Back Home

Ashley Said 2 Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss..., "I'll Pick You Both Up Tomorrow At 10-O-Clock 2 Go Trampolining"..., And They Both Gave Ashley A High 5 And Then Ashley Went Home After A Short Talk With Nathan's Mother And Daisy Froggy Kisses Mother

Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Both Eaten Dinner And Had Some Fun Watching Star Wars The Clone Wars Episodes On DVD...., And They Also Both Played A Game Of Hide And Seek Around The House..., And They Also Played Some More Of Kingdom Hearts 3 And Had Toy Sword Fights

It Was The Most Magical Week Of Their Whole Lives :D
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